Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On November 26, 2022

Astrology, the whisper of your soul’s intention with Elsa from ElsaElsa – The Astrology Blog

Astrology, the whisper of your soul’s intention with Elsa from ElsaElsa – The Astrology Blog

This week on MysticMag we chat with Elsa, a professional astrologer who has been consulting for over thirty years and shares her insights at ElsaElsa – The Astrology Blog for two decades.

How and when did you become interested in astrology?

My grandfather introduced me to astrology when I was eight years old. I was crazy fascinated from the start.

How would you describe your approach to astrology?

I just want to help people. This is all I care about.  I’m a highly adaptable, open person so I just take each client as an individual and go from there. Full menu. All cultures!

Is there a certain area of preference that you focus on or specialize in?

Yes, my chart is focused on the 7-9th house and my astrology practice corresponds to this.  I’m most interested in relationships and interactions of all kinds.  Sex, trauma, psychology. Also beliefs and philosophy.

What are some of the ways that you have found astrology to be a helpful tool for you in your life?

I have been at this all my life so astrology is sort of baked in at this point. I have been immersed in it for nearly forty years. It helps me help others which helps me!

Do you feel astrology is a helpful tool for self-development?

I believe its value is unparalleled in this regard.  It’s all right there. You can see yourself, naked.

Do you think that over recent years people have become increasingly interested in self-understanding and finding greater purpose than in the past? If so, why do you think that is?

I can’t say that I have seen this. Most things break out about 80/20. I feel roughly twenty percent of people have interest in deeper understanding of anything, including themselves.

How do you see the practice of astrology evolving in the modern world?

It’s become a lot more demanding. I had an astrologer friend who was a double Gemini. She quit consulting about a 15 years ago. She said people were too intense and it was no longer fun to read charts. I think about her a lot. If she was working today, she’d keel over dead!

Are there any significant events taking place in the universe this year that we should look out for?

I’ll say!  The Saturn Uranus square will persist through the end of 2022. Hope you like getting knocked off your game.  The Pluto return of the United States takes place in February. Hey! I think we’ll notice!

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