Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On December 03, 2022

Siddha, Psychokinesis, and Pyrokinesis With Ernst Veter

Siddha, Psychokinesis, and Pyrokinesis With Ernst Veter

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Ernst Veter from Mind Power Kinesis. We discussed the development of his supernatural gifts, how he acquired Psychokinesis and Pyrokinesis abilities, and what he loves most about his job.

When did you first realize you have the supernatural gift, and how did your career develop after that point?

I first realized it when I met Arne San Jestin and he showed me his gifts. I was really lost of words, and I thought it was some sort of witchery, but with time he taught me many things and able to see and differentiate interdimensional beings with the power of the mind, that is when I realize how we can use the mind and power our visualization for better connection. That is when I decided that I must learn this not because of Telekinesis and Siddha levitation, but for something mankind can benefit from.

What services do you offer?

I mainly teach Siddha and its connection. I teach in a proper schooling system to develop the mind for and body for proper balance and to gain achievements of the soul such as Psychokinesis, Levitation, and working with the Inner Fire.

How would you describe Siddha?

Siddha represents an achievement of the mind and soul. Just as when healers feel the highest realms of enlightenment and understand their soul’s purpose in its lifetime; then sages go beyond to develop the self to achieve so-called “higher abilities” such as levitation, Quantum healing, and teleportation.

What supernatural skills do you possess, and is it possible to teach other people how to use them?

Everything that I learned from my teacher and his insights into my dreams, basically. I have achieved, Telekinesis, Levitation, Teleportation, and Pyrokinesis; I also engage in healing and removal of possession of bad entities.

And, throughout my experience,  I bring all this to my students and teach them so they can evolve and learn to be in higher states. As we can learn not only to change the past, present, and future, we can achieve greater heights of the mind and body where we can eliminate all diseases just thought through and learn to live a harmonious life as we create our desire for settings in life.

But how far can a practitioner go, it depends on himself through his dedication to practice and development of his visual energetic channels and how much they apply the practice to it.

We are a vector to show and guide you the direction, but you have to walk in and experience it to learn. Practice & belief is the key to any manifestation.

How did you acquire Psychokinesis and Pyrokinesis abilities?

When you learn how to understand how it operates, as you put it to practice to feel and see through the mind’s eyes. And when the universe starts to accept you, then it starts to unlock its secrets with calluses blessings/information to you as you intuitively grow.

With my techniques passed down by my teacher, there are great simple ways to develop the manifestation of fire energy or use the power of the mind to levitate or move objects. Nothing happens overnight, but like everything in this life, it requires practice.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love to teach, and seeing many loved ones from different parts of the world with their own similar path as mine makes me pleased that it is still good in this world and we are able to help others in this path. Many teachers and colleagues come to learn and advance their studies.

This is a blessing to me from higher beings and the Almighty creator to help me guide all in this way of life. Just like Pakman is my friend and great teacher who now achieved such great heights of my and my teachers’ knowledge and brought more knowledge in the English language.

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