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Discover The Secrets Of Astral Projection With Florentin Ionita

Discover The Secrets Of Astral Projection With Florentin Ionita

This week we spoke with Florentin Ionita – a successful Astral Projection coach. In this interview, he guides us through the infinite world of Astral Projections and explains how it can help humanity.

When did you first realize you had a gift, and how did it come about?

It is not something that I have been gifted with as a child, I had to learn it, go to many different workshops and retreats. I learned that it was very complicated, the way people were teaching it.

There was a lot of fluffy spiritual stuff, which did not resonate with me. Instead what I did was to sit down and look at the actual science behind what makes these projections possible, and figured out the technology that would help assist with it.

I have created a whole program that would teach other people how to do this, so I would say that I’m gifted in a creative way, being able to use creative tools to create a system that can teach new people how to have these types of experiences. That seems very abstract, but I was able to rationalize them and ground them to a language that would be comprehendible to an everyday person.

What services do you offer?

We help solve a problem that most astral projection enthusiasts have, which is not being able to get out of the body. In some cases, they are able to get out of their body, but it happens randomly, and they don’t know why and how to make it happen on a regular basis. We provide a solution to this problem with a twelve weeks program that is designed to take the total beginner who never had any projections to become somebody that has them regularly. We do that by combining multiple tools of teaching and assisting them with the practice.

Some of those tools include videos we have on the platform that teaches you step by step what you have to do. In this platform, we teach three different methods to be able to astral project, including projections when sleeping, awakening, or via meditation. Your mind has to be awake and conscious to be able to perform specific techniques that would help you separate from your physical body and travel anywhere within time and space.

We provide different technologies that help you achieve these types of experiences and have the tracking tools that help keep a record of everything you do with your practice, as a scientific experiment. It is able to provide you with information on what is working and what isn’t working so that you have clarity of what you need to do in order to be successful regularly. We also provide personal coaching that helps guide you through personal practice and help you solve the different issues that come up.

How would you describe Astral Projection and what are its benefits?

Astral projections are a way to experience reality beyond your physical body. It is your consciousness projecting itself into another dimension. Consciousness is able to project inside and outside of the body. When you are dreaming, your consciousness is projected in your self-created simulation.

So the dream would be the subject of reality that you are visiting. The astral projection would be when you project yourself away from the dream planes and in the Astral plane. You would be in a different dimension, and these dimensions are objective realities.

There are countless dimensions and lifeforms in these other places. People come to these practices to have an experience that shows them that they are more than their physical bodies. That they can continue after physical death. That they can connect with deceased loved ones. That death isn’t the end. That’s a big relief for a lot of people. And it helps spiritual people get a better understanding of a broader reality that’s out there.

What can a person expect from experiencing Astral projection?

Expect to be blown away from the realism of the experience. More senses are active, our intuition is much stronger. We can get downloads of information, usually, telepathic communication takes place. It is an altered state of consciousness, a much wider state of consciousness where physical laws are different. This experience is very liberating, it can make you feel very present and free. It is an experience that every human should have, and I think that it would liberate people from a lot of the suffering that we are going through as humans.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with your customers?

I would say the most important detail is to be able to provide them with the personal guidance that they need to be able to succeed with Astral Projection. When they have a question, you need to provide them with the right answer so that they can move on with their practice and not get stuck. This is something that we can do very well because we provide them with a lot of personalized coaching. That builds a connection and that builds trust, and that makes happy students.

What do you love most about your profession?

Because I am a truthseeker, I wanted to get more knowledge and understanding about the reality I’m in. This profession is the best format that I have found, that can give me answers to what reality is. Astral Projection is the deepest rabbit hole that you can get into. Having my projections every day, and also listening to my student’s projections and researching this regularly, I am immersed in this very interesting world. It is profoundly shaping my reality and it inspires me to understand what the greater reality is.

Our vision is to help humanity become a conscious multidimensional species. We know that there are many dimensions all around us that we aren’t able to tap into. With astral projections, we are able to tap into these other realms, learn from them and bring the information back. That will help us evolve our society and increase our understanding of the universe and our role in it.

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