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Interview with a Psychic - Fran Tarot

Interview with a Psychic - Fran Tarot

This week we had the chance to speak with Fran Tarot – a well-respected Tarot Card reader and clairvoyant from London. In this interview, she talks about the development of her psychic gifts and changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to her work.

What inspired you to start your psychic reading/tarot business?

Fran Tarot: I’ve always had a deep fondness for tarot cards. I bought my first deck in the 80s, and I am still using the same deck for my readings. My psychic career basically all started with myself reading tarot for friends and family, that’s when it came to my notice that I had true psychic abilities.

Then I started my career in advertising as an art director for twenty years or so. And again I used to know certain things about people in the agency. Later I had a tenant, who was very interested in tarot and l would do tarot on her, and she thought I was very good, and she mentioned a certain tarot phone line that was looking for readers.

I didn’t think I could do it over the phone, it just seemed strange, but I did an interview with them and I passed with flying colors, after a while they told me that I was the best tarot card reader in the company.

I started to really notice that I had the gift, and I could contact the spirit world as well. At around the same time I dedicated myself to a tarot reading course. It was really interesting, sort of a natural progression. I also thought to myself if you are any good as a psychic you must start your own company which thankfully l did.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for, and what are the most common concerns that interest them?

FT: When I was working for the phone readings company, I used to have a lot of the same questions such as : “Is my man  going to come back” or, “When am I going to meet the love of my life?”. Obviously, the most common questions are about love and work, as well as ones related to family, health, children, big work decisions etc. Plus l do have a lot of clients who want me to contact the spirit world and spirit so often enhances a reading with more clarity and insight.

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person, what about you? How is your work being affected by the pandemic?

FT: I’ve had to change my home, and I used to have face to face clients all the time. On a personal level, I love face to face readings, and I was also doing a lot of phone readings as well. Now, if I was still in my previous home, I probably would be still working face to face, but considering everything that’s going on, it would be a big risk.

I thought if I have to transfer everything to WhatsApp or Facetime, maybe I won’t be so great at contacting the spirit world. But to be honest, there is no problem at all, spirit comes through all the time while l am on the phone.  I’m very fortunate I can perform very well online. With remote readings my customers can see me, they can see the cards, and it’s almost as if they are in the same room with me and the connections are always amazing!

What is the most important detail of maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with your customers?

FT: Everyone wants to know the future, that’s the big test of a very good psychic. I think the biggest plus point for clients is that my predictions for them so often come to fruition. I have had so many customers calling me and telling me readings have come true. That l decided to get them to write me testimonials on predictions that I’ve made, and now there is a special page designated for accurate predictions on my website. People always say to me that they feel so much better after speaking with me, they often come with worries, concerns, pressure, and anxiety. I pep them up, give them hope, it is important to be kind and considerate. I’ve made friends through tarot, occasionally clients send me little messages on how they are getting on which l always answer. It becomes a sort of a small psychic community which l love. I consider myself a very specific reader which my clients really appreciate me for.

In this field, it is often thought that word of mouth and personal recommendations are the most important when being a psychic reader. Do you think that this is true or not?

FT: When it comes to promoting yourself you have to have everything going for you in the way of website, word of mouth, social media and Google. Recommendations are of course are necessary and l do get a lot of customers this way. But then, obviously, Google has so much to do with it, that is the future. I also have a great website on which customers constantly give me compliments on which is also very easy to navigate.

I’ve got to get a bit more into Instagram, I know I am a little bit behind. I’ve got a Facebook business page, but  word of mouth is how I initially made my name.

Do you have any special message for our readers in these difficult times?

FT: Build good relationships with everyone you know as much as possible, more bonding between people, more support. When you can, meet socially. If people are upset and anxious, tarot card readers can really help and give you hope and positive thinking for the future.

I have had people try to get me to predict what Boris Johnson will do, how Covid-19 is going to affect the economy, tarot does not work like that. It works on a more personal level. I think tarot card reading is a very valuable comforter, not saying that I am taking the role of a psychiatrist or therapist, but it is definitely a different way of helping people both mentally and physically.

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