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Best Free Astrology Resources Online in 2024: Full List2024

Best Free Astrology Resources Online in 2024: Full List2024

Divinatory arts have experienced a massive boom in popularity in recent years. Loads of fledgling psychic believers are eager to learn more about the occult practices, and may even want to provide and receive divinatory forecasts themselves.

So, what better time to compile The Ultimate List of Free Online Resources for Astrology, Tarot, and More?

Here, you can find websites, apps, content creators, books, online courses, and other resources across a range of occult practices and methods of divination: astrology, Tarot, tasseography, Lenormand, Oracle, and more!

Why Should I Look for Divination Resources Online?

A psychic reading can provide you with a clear sense of direction, giving you the foresight to consider your future choices. Psychic readings are a valuable source of spiritual healing that can help one comprehend events in their life. Best psychics give the most accurate predictions based on their intuition and psychic abilities. You can learn to conduct psychic readings yourself with the resources featured in this article.

The online psychic industry has grown considerably since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. People have looked for guidance online amidst the fear and uncertainty of a global virus. For others, Covid brought tragedy and turmoil to their front door — lost loved ones, bankrupt businesses, ruined finances, and deteriorating mental health. Many people have found comfort in online psychic readings.

While some people use divination as a spiritual guide, others access psychic resources for fun. You can find resources for every purpose in this article, including websites and apps that offer personalized one-on-one readings and others that use software. There are even online “pick-a-card” websites and apps that use your personal information and mouse clicks to generate an answer. Elsewhere, you’ll find psychic resources to inform, educate, and entertain.

Are There Any Free Psychic Reading Sites?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no, not really.

Only two online psychic reading websites claim to offer free services, and they’re both incredibly limited. They are:

Mediumchat: You get one free introductory chat. After that, you have to pay.

The Online Medium: Send your questions via email, and you’ll get a free response. However, as the website’s host, Monica, states: “The free email psychic reading is meant for short and quick questions. As you may understand, offering a free psychic question via email is a service that gets a lot of activity and many psychics don’t do it. I do my best to answer as in-depth as possible, and am always open to follow-up.”

For more complete psychic services, I suggest signing up for a paid platform. Fortunately, for everything else related to the divinatory arts, there are plenty of excellent free resources to choose from.

Free Astrology Resources

Along with Tarot, astrology is among the most sought-after psychic practices online.

Astrology lends itself particularly well to online tools, apps, social channels, and blogs. Many of them offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings for free.

There’s a ton of online information you can use to learn about astrology, and we’ll show you where to find it all.

The best free astrology resources

Astrology & Horoscope Websites

Plenty of websites give you quality horoscopes and free readings for each zodiac sign.

  1. Astrologyzone.com

Astrology Zone is a leading astrology website. That should come as no surprise as it was created by the world-famous astrologer Susan Miller.

Susan’s monthly horoscopes are comprehensive and some of the most high-quality you can find anywhere on the internet. She writes several pages of content for each sign, including daily forecasts. She also checks in with daily readings too, and you can easily browse Susan’s content on your mobile via the AstrologyZone app.

  1. Horoscope.com

Horoscope.com provides loads of free daily horoscopes and zodiac readings for any area of life. The site features many other things to do, including Tarot readings and games.

  1. Zodiacfire.com

With a tagline like “brutally honest astrology,” you ought to be prepared for the worst on Zodiac Fire. Though, it’s all in good faith. Zodiac Fire is a fun, free, and not-so-serious place to get zodiac readings on various topics.

  1. Astrology.com

Astrology.com is a classic website with a domain name that’s the envy of the astrological community. The site’s quality owes to its popularity: it’s the biggest monthly readership of Tarot and astrology content.

The website has a massive selection of readings and astrology reports that are completely free. It’s a great place to learn as well. The site has resources on the basics of each zodiac sign, plus access to a free birth/natal chart report.

  1. Cafeastrology.com

Cafe Astrology offers free astrology reports, birth charts, horoscopes, and forecasts, plus loads of learning resources on key astrological topics. You can even create a chart of your own.

  1. Astrologyanswers.com

Astrology Answers is a great place to get free top-notch horoscopes. You can even get a free reading from clairvoyant and Tarot reader Adrian Ross Duncan.

  1. Lovelylanyadoo.com

If weekly horoscopes are your thing, then check out lovelylanyadoo.com. The site is run by Jessica Lanyadoo, an award-winning psychic and astrologer. Her weekly musings are high-quality and excellent for those who don’t want to read page after page (most are just a paragraph long).

  1. Horozo.com

Find daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes across a multitude of topics on Horozo.com. You can also get a Pythagorean square, a natal chart, and more for free.

  1. Astrostyle.com

Astro Style is run by the Astro Twins: Ophira and Tali Edut.

The site provides visitors with free daily, weekly, monthly, and love horoscopes. Daily horoscopes are around a paragraph long, weekly and love horoscopes are a little longer, and monthly horoscopes are full-length reads. There’s a wealth of learning resources too.

  1. Astrowin.org

AstroWin is a website containing loads of free astrology software for PC and Android. It helps you make and receive astrological predictions, and includes natal interpretations and horary calculations. You can also download various charts, planet maps, solar arc maps, and more.

  1. Astrologykingdom.com

Astrology Kingdom offers a whole bunch of free astrological readings and content.

You can get a detailed report straight to your inbox for free when you enter some personal details. Within the free report, you’ll get a birth wheel chart, love life predictions, social life breakdown, information about your will and purpose, and some ultimate guidance about your life goals. You’ll even get to ask a free question of your choice to the site’s psychic!

The ancient Babylonians created astrology

Free Astrology & Horoscope Apps

You can find loads of free apps that provide zodiac readings and horoscopes on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  1. The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope app (available on Google Play and Apple) is simple. You can find daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each sign. Plus character breakdowns, compatibility reports, Chinese horoscopes, and Druid horoscopes. All for free.

  1. AstroMatrix Horoscopes

Horoscopes, birth chart analysis, Tarot card readings, and a past life report. AstroMatrix is free-to-use and available to download on Google Play and Apple.

  1. TimePassages

TimePassages is an astrology app that offers a great platform for beginners. The app uses each day’s transits to calculate an accurate astrology reading, which is then organized into short-term and long-term influences. The site also contains free birth charts, daily horoscopes, transits, and progressions, and it’s full of informative content.

You can get TimePassages for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. TwinFlame

TwinFlame is a social community that focuses on providing personality insights to teach you about yourself. You can even input your family and friends’ information to learn what makes them tick — great for trying to understand someone else’s viewpoint.

TwinFlame is available on the Apple App Store for free.

  1. iHoroscope

Get daily, weekly, and yearly horoscopes. iHoroscope has excellent options to chat with experienced psychics as well. Available now on Google Play and Apple.

  1. The Pattern

The Pattern app is so good it’s been featured in huge publications like Vanity Fair, Time, TechCrunch, Vogue, and Men’s Health.

The Pattern is a social networking space that offers insights into your personality and the traits of those you love. It provides users with ridiculously accurate readings based on the natural cycles of life — past, present, and future. Everything is written in layman’s terms, so this app is perfect for the casual astrologer!

You can find The Pattern on Google Play and Apple today.

  1. Cosmic Insights Astrology

Get a free birth chart, horoscopes, transits, a Hindu calendar, a remedies report, and more. Cosmic Insights Astrology is one of the best apps for Vedic astrology.

Available now on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Time Nomad

Time Nomad is a fantastic astrology app that offers endless features for free. The unique thing about the app is that users can choose between tropical and sidereal zodiac systems.

Elsewhere, you can use a planetary hours calculator, a planetary hours alarm, and planetary days of the week tools — all of which can be accessed in astrological widgets. Time Nomad calculates extremely accurate birth charts and comes packed with various other training resources to make it the perfect app for newcomers.

Time Nomad is available for free on the Apple App Store.

  1. Sanctuary

Sanctuary provides free daily and monthly horoscopes created by humans, rather than an algorithm. You get access to educational astrology content and an “astrology news” section, plus on-demand access to psychic readings when you pay.

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Co-Star

Co-Star is one of the most impressive astrology apps on this list. Some may even say Co-Star is “revolutionary,” given its completely left-of-field approach.

The app offers “hyper-personalized” astrology readings with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It uses a calculated map of the sky at your exact time and date of birth and NASA data to track planets and build you the perfect horoscope.

Co-Star is available for free on Google Play and Apple.

Ancient farmers used the zodiac to track their agricultural calendars

The Best Astrology & Horoscope YouTubers

Astrologers who provide free content to viewers on YouTube.

  1. KRSchannel

Kapiel Raaj of KRSchannel uploads Vedic astrology videos daily to his 421,000 subscribers. Interestingly, Kapiel claims to be a “truth seeker,” highlighting his desire to look deep into matters rather than give general astrological thoughts. KRSchannel focuses on signs, houses, planets, and degrees and has some useful educational content outside of readings.

  1. Michele Knight

Michele Knight is a psychic, astrologer, and a Sunday Times bestselling author. She’s appeared on TV and was voted the UK’s Favorite Female Psychic several years in a row. Her YouTube channel is similarly impressive, with 188K subscribers and 48 million views.

  1. Bracha Goldsmith

Bracha Goldsmith is another famous UK astrologer with undeniable popularity on YouTube. Bracha uploads detailed horoscope readings each month for every star sign, not to mention fantastic yearly horoscope forecasts.

  1. The Quietest Revolution

Amber Kahn is an empath, Tarot reader, and astrologer focusing on readings that provide healing and empowerment.

  1. Astrology Answers

Debra Silverman is the brains behind the Astrology Answers website and app. Her YouTube channel provides daily horoscope readings, interviews, and how-to videos that are entertaining and packed with information.

  1. Kelley Rosano

Kelley covers all bases with her horoscopes and has one of the most popular astrology channels, with over 320,000 subscribers.

  1. Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott is perfect for you if you enjoy experiencing other psychic readings alongside astrology. Scott posts daily Tarot readings, monthly and yearly horoscopes for each sign, plus the odd vlog or numerology video. His channel focuses on providing solutions and advice for issues and bad energies.

Free Astrology Podcasts

From conversational talk shows to horoscopes and informative how-to guides, here are the very best astrology podcasts from around the internet!

  1. The Astrology Podcast

Expert astrologer Chris Brennan discusses a range of topics on The Astrology Podcast, including informative episodes about the signs, the planets, forecasts, horoscopes, interviews with guests, and even fun discussions around astrology and pop culture.

Better still, Brennan’s show isn’t just a podcast. It’s a vodcast too, and every episode is free to view on YouTube.

  1. Horoscope Today

Horoscope Today provides bitesize astrology for the stargazer on the move. These daily horoscope readings are just a few minutes long — perfect for commuters and people in a rush.

  1. What’s Your Sign

What’s Your Sign is a conversational and often funny astrology podcast that covers a range of everyday astrology topics and some deeper issues.

  1. Holes to Heavens

Astrology & Hermetic Arts: Holes to Heavens (once called Exploring Astrology) is hosted by Adam Sommer. It’s the perfect place to learn more about astrology. Adam has an engaging style, and his super-informative episodes cover key astrological concepts in-depth.

  1. Ghost of a Podcast

Ghost of a Podcast is a weekly advice podcast from the previously-mentioned astrology YouTuber Jessica Lanyadoo. Jessica calls upon 25 years of industry experience to provide listeners with practical and insightful astrological guidance.

  1. Mary English Astrologer Blog

This podcast dives deep into astrology to teach listeners everything there is to know. A perfect place to start learning.

  1. The Luminaries with David Odyssey

David Odyssey’s podcast is entertaining, informative, and excellently produced. With discussions about the astrological makeup of celebrities and musings on the latest blockbuster films, the Luminaries is the place to get your pop-culture fix through the lens of astrology.

"Zodiac" is an ancient Greek word that means "circle of little animals"


Free Astrology Documentaries

Learn more about astrology with one of these free documentaries.

  1. Strictly Supernatural: Astrology

Famous actor and occultist Christopher Lee narrates part two of the Strictly Supernatural series with an episode on astrology. The documentary covers the history, practices, and modern popularity of astrology.

  1. Astrology: Riddle of the Zodiac

This show covers the history of astrology, from its Babylonian roots to the astrological predictions of the modern world.

  1. BBC Horizon: Behind the Horoscope

This 1980 episode of Horizon is another old British astrology documentary that you can watch for free. It evaluates the evidence for and against astrology from a scientific perspective, and, although some of the content is outdated, it’s an interesting watch nonetheless.

Free Astrology Books

Want to learn how to read the stars yourself? Here are a few free astrology eBooks to help you do just that. From the basics to advanced techniques, all is revealed below!

  1. Introduction to Astrology

Introduction to Astrology does exactly what the title suggests, giving you the low-down on everything astrology-related. The eBook covers the meanings of key terms and the basics of astrology lore, the zodiacs, horoscopes, signs, houses, planetary keywords, and more. This is an excellent book for beginners.

  1. Astrology, Its Techniques & Ethics

This is a book earmarked for its cultural significance. Astrology, Its Techniques & Ethics was published in 1917 by C.A. Libra. It stands out as one of the best astrology books available. It covers everything from the laws of karma, reincarnation, and free will to the signs of the zodiac and techniques and practical applications of astrology.

  1. Astrology: How to Make and Read Your Own Horoscope

This highly rated book from Sepharial will teach you the ins-and-outs of horoscopy, all for the grand price of $0.

  1. You and Your Birth Chart

This next free resource is going to walk you through your birth chart. Namely, the basics of birth charts, what they can tell us, and how we can read our birth charts to extract meaning.

  1. Ogilvies Astrological Birthday Book

This is an old astrology book all about the importance of your birthday. Across over 250 pages, author Leo Bernart gives a general horoscope reading for every birthday of the year. The book is good fun, at the very least. At best, it’s a useful resource full of character delineations for each day of the year.

  1. Encyclopedia of Astrology

Nicolas deVore’s highly-rated astrological reference book is one of the best of its kind. It contains terminologies for natal, mundane, electional, & horary astrologers, not to mention some important articles on astrological matters.

  1. Studies in Astrology

You can read Elman Bacher’s Studies in Astrology volumes for free. These works cover every facet of astrology imaginable across 11 in-depth volumes.

  1. Astrology for All

Alan Leo is considered one of the most influential figures in modern astrology. This manual, published in the early 20th century, covers the basics of astrology. It was wildly popular in its day and contributed to a subsequent craze for reading horoscopes.

US President Ronald Raegan consulted an astrologer

Free Online Courses & Resources to Learn Astrology

What better way to learn astrology than from the comfort of your own home? And for free too! Here are some of the best free astrology eLearning resources.

  1. Astrology42.com

Astrology42 has a comprehensive “learning hub” that will help you brush up on all things astrological. The portal is well thought-out, with key topics broken up into digestible chapters and easy-to-understand lessons.

  1. Star School

Star School is an extensive eLearning hub on thetarotlady.com. It’s designed to take complete beginners through every aspect of astrology. In the Tarot Lady’s own words, Star School explains astrology “in plain English,” without overly esoteric language and complicated diagrams.

  1. Astro.com

Astro.com (otherwise known as Astro Dienst) has a helpful “Introduction to Astrology” section, which offers a bitesize overview of key astrological topics.

  1. Alwaysastrology.com

Alwaysastrology.com has a great 10-step blog series that takes you by the hand and guides you through everything needed to begin your astrology journey. The site even features printable exam sheets to test and consolidate your skills.

It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s effective!

  1. Thedarkpixie.com

The Dark Pixie is another site that could do with a makeover. That being said, the free learning resources you get here are some of the most extensive on this list.

The site covers everything from beginner lessons to advanced topics, not to mention many PDFs that you can download to learn specific areas of astrology.

  1. Astrolibrary.com

Astrolibrary.com contains a “Free Astrology Lessons” section that’s incredibly useful. These are in-depth blog posts organized into 18 lessons — one long-form post for each topic. The site covers essential areas of astrology, not to mention less-common topics such as compatibility and synastry.

  1. Benebell Wen Astrology Downloads

Benebell Wen‘s site features an extensive all-around resource for learning astrology with several free eBooks, including a 26-page eBook on learning the houses and a 16 page eBook about astrological signs. Plus, there are cheat sheets, blank chart templates, and step-by-step checklists that you can print off and use in your everyday practice.

  1. London School of Astrology Freebies

Similarly, the London School of Astrology has a selection of free documents that explain key topics like the sun, moon, ascendant signs, the four angles, and the retrograde planets.

Scorpio is the most common zodiac sign in the US

Free Astrology Webinars

Free informative webinars about astrology.

  1. Nightlight Astrology Free Speaker Series

The “Speaker Series” is a collection of webinars hosted by Acyuta-bhava Das of Nightlight Astrology. Each talk features a guest astrologer and covers topics in a fantastic level of detail. You can sign up for (or rewatch) the webinars on Nightlight Astrology’s website, and many of them are available on Acyuta-bhava Das’ YouTube channel.

  1. Plutoschool.com

Mark Jones of plutoschool.com is the author of several books on astrology. You can access some of his podcast episodes, webinars, and in-depth explainer videos for free on his website.

  1. Mayo School of Astrology

You can find a handful of free webinars at the Mayo School of Astrology. One of the site’s ongoing (and free) biweekly webinars, The Current Climate, tackles the COVID-19 pandemic from an astrological point of view. Certainly worth a look!

Astrology Cheat Sheets & Printables

Here are a few sites that offer blank chart templates and cheat sheets — printable resources that can help supplement your astrology practice.

  1. Astrolibrary Resources

There is a “printables” section on astrolibrary.org that you might’ve missed. It contains free cheat sheets, worksheets, and calendars that you can print off at your leisure.

  1. Advanced Astrology Resources

You can get an astrology cheat sheet containing zodiac signs and planets at advanced-astrology.com. The page also has a printable empty astrological chart that you can use, plus an astrology guide eBook for good measure.

  1. Auntie Moon Free Downloads

Auntie Moon has natal chart templates and cheat sheets that you can fill in during your practice. The site even has a colored natal chart template, plus loads of printable Tarot resources.

  1. Dummies Cheat Sheets

This zodiac reference sheet and planetary symbols cheat sheet makes astrology simple. Save the images, print them out, and pin them on your wall.

  1. Crystal B’s Learning Tools

You can get your hands on loads of printable content at crystalbastrology.com. Several PDF cheat sheets cover everything from houses to elements, planets, modes, and more. There’s an astrology wheel wall chart, too, and all of this is available to download in a single 16-page eBook.

Nostradamus' supporters believe he predicted several key world events

Free Tarot Card Reading Resources

Now we’ll turn our attention to free Tarot resources. These apps, websites, creators, and books will give you free psychic readings and resources, and some of them even teach you how to conduct psychic readings yourself.

The best free Tarot card resources

Free Tarot Card Reading Websites

These Tarot sites use an algorithm to generate a reading. Psychic reading software is not as accurate as one-on-one consultation. At the very least, psychic reading software is good fun, and these programs can throw up some interesting interpretations.

  1. Nexttarot.com

NextTarot is one of the best places to get a completely free Tarot card reading. You can find an endless array of different Tarot readings here, including Celtic Cross readings, love Tarot, career Tarot, and more. The site also provides extra information like explanations of each deck, history lessons, and descriptions of the cards.

  1. Tarotgoddess.com

Tarotgoddess.com is a free Tarot card reading site that features loads of different pick-a-card readings, including past-present-future readings, burning question readings, and higher purpose readings.

Elsewhere, there are daily Tarotscopes, daily goddess lunar scopes, daily numerology readings, and Oracle readings for you to enjoy.

  1. 7tarot.com

7Tarot is a free card reading website that features the most popular types of Tarot. It’s a highly interactive environment with great card animations and an attractive design.

  1. Evatarot.net

On Evatarot.net, you choose an initial 10 random cards from the deck. You then select 3 cards while thinking about something specific to the reading (i.e., for Tarot, you’re asked to “think about your strengths”). Eventually, you receive an extensive and in-depth prediction.

Evatarot keeps things interesting, and there’s a large selection of decks, including Angel Tarot decks and psychic reading decks. Check it out!

  1. Salemtarot.com

This site is full of simple Tarot readings, including 3-card and 10-card readings. You can also pay for a psychic consultation over the phone.

  1. Freedivination.com

Free Divination offers simple pick-a-card readings that appear instantly with keywords to guide your day. The site also features less-common readings such as rune casts, I Ching, and Mah Jong.

  1. Tarotmoon.com

Tarot Moon is a clean, well-designed interface that will give a no-frills reading based on the cards and deck you choose.

The site is also a good resource for learning the meanings behind the cards and different decks. There are entire pages dedicated to interpreting the nuances of Tarot, a great place to start if you can see yourself learning to read cards.

  1. Free-tarot-reading.net

Free-tarot-reading.net contains several different categories of free Tarot readings, including a universal 6-card spread and a Major Arcana card of the day reading. You can connect with paid psychics through the platform too.

  1. Trustedtarot.com

Trusted Tarot offers an extensive collection of Tarot decks and readings to help you get your Tarot fix for free.

The free Tarot reading is a standard 10-card Tarot with meanings and interpretations for each card you choose. I love the way Trusted Tarot presents each card’s meaning. You’ll get a long paragraph followed by a bulleted list of the key takeaways—perfect if you’re in a rush.

Tarot decks originated in 15th century Italy

Free Tarot Apps

Apps that contain free Tarot readings and resources.

  1. Tarot

The Tarot app is a great, simple Tarot reading software featuring several different Tarot spreads. You can read the meaning of each card you pull, while Tarot will also generate an interpretation. The app also contains explanations for each of the 22 arcana. Tarot’s simplicity and comprehensive library of resources mean this is a good place for beginners to start.

  1. Golden Thread Tarot

All of the free readings you receive through Golden Thread Tarot will be recorded in a log which means you can identify patterns in the cards you pull. The app also contains an illustrated lessons section, a Tarot database, and gives users the ability to conduct guided readings.

You can get Golden Thread Tarot for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Tarot Divination

Tarot Divination has a bunch of different readings to choose from and provides insights on loads of common areas of life. One cool and unique feature allows you to customize meanings on cards and even add cards from elsewhere on the web.

  1. Mysterious Tarot

Mysterious Tarot orates your readings in full when you’ve picked your cards, which gives the sense of a live reading. The app also calls itself a “Tarot encyclopedia;” you can use it to find out about anything Tarot-related.

  1. Visual Tarot

Visual Tarot is professional software that you can download for Ubuntu or Windows 10 OS. You’ll be able to get free Tarot and oracle readings.

  1. Labyrinthos Tarot

Labyrinthos Tarot is a top-quality Tarot reading app with loads of functionality. There are 27 different Tarot spreads across six categories, and the vast number of decks on Labyrinthos explains the app’s popularity. These include a daily reading deck, a Celtic Cross deck, and a Full Moon deck. Labyrinthos Tarot is the best app for people obsessed with every type of Tarot.

You can download the Labyrinthos Tarot app for free on Google Play and Apple.


Labyrinthos Tarot

The Best Tarot Card YouTubers

Tarot is particularly popular on YouTube, with loads of big channels providing free content to the community. Find out some of the best Tarot YouTubers below!

  1. Nicholas Ashbaugh

Nicholas is a clairsentient who makes predictions through the use of Tarot cards. He’s super well-known and an excellent resource for self-healing and guidance. He practices empathy and leads his viewers to raise their collective conscience.

  1. The Gem Goddess

Gem describes herself as a “mystic and manifestation” coach. Her channel focuses on the law of attraction, spirituality, and philosophy, while Tarot is the primary vehicle through which she spreads her teachings. Gem is an astrologer and is very popular, with over 50 million video views and 780,000 subscribers.

  1. CancerMoons Tarot

Don’t let Anthony’s fresh-faced appearance fool you — he’s an excellent psychic who provides readings for each zodiac sign.


EAT READ LOVE INC is the psychic channel you watch to hang out and have fun. It’s a self-professed psychic entertainment channel with a constant stream of daily Tarot content.

There are readings for each sign, and the videos are beautifully edited, well-presented, and of a high quality overall — it’s easy to see why EAT READ LOVE INC has amassed nearly 700,000 subscribers.

  1. Ali’s Tarot

Ali’s Tarot is an extremely popular YouTube Tarot card reading channel with 750,000 subscribers. Ali’s style is forthright, and her readings are really intuitive. She uploads a weekly reading for each zodiac sign and, importantly, her predictions and advice resonate with a lot of people.

  1. Joanna The Healer

Joanna is a spiritual healer with a genuine professional background as a registered hypnotherapist, counselor, and spiritual medium. Joanna’s readings are high quality, and they don’t just cover Tarot; she provides a range of content about how to overcome specific problems in life.

  1. Sarah Vrba

Sarah specializes in love and relationship readings, and her Tarot covers all 12 signs every month. Her delivery is gentle and soothing, and her readings are super in-depth.

  1. Ivana Tarot

Ivana is a Tarot card reader with a reputation: she’s a published writer and a lecturer on Tarot and spirituality. On Ivana’s channel, you’ll find daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Tarot readings from a top-quality psychic.

  1. High Vibrations

Lissette reads Tarot to motivate her vast subscriber base. She claims Tarot helped guide her own life, and now she provides guidance to others.

  1. Soul Whispers Divine

Karen specializes in love and relationship Tarot card readings. She’s also a spiritual medium, and she uses her connection with spirit guides to lead her readings.

  1. 303 High Priestess Tarot

303 High Priestess Tarot, a.k.a Diane, offers Tarot card readings for each day, week, and month for all 12 Zodiac signs. She’s another psychic who wants to help you overtake the obstacles in your life through the guidance of Tarot. Her readings focus on love, wealth, and matters of the spirit.

  1. Water and Fire Tarot

Jennifer of Water and Fire Tarot openly claims she is not a psychic reader. She merely uses her gift of intuition to read Tarot cards and guide you past problems in your life.

Her powers of intuition are evident in her Tarot readings, which cover love, general topics, and all 12 Zodiac signs.

  1. The Gypsy’s Tower Tarot

The Gypsy’s Tower Tarot is for those who love a straight-talking approach to psychic reading. This Tarot diviner prides herself on making honest and motivational predictions when reading the cards.

  1. Tyler Tarot

Tyler Tarot is a channel that’s not for the faint of heart. Tyler’s style is extroverted, often brutal, and downright hilarious. Warning: his content is not safe for work, but if you’re looking for a Tarot reader to make you laugh, Tyler’s the one for you!

"Jeu de Tarot" uses a traditional Tarot deck

Free Tarot Podcasts

The very best free podcasts that talk, teach, and read Tarot cards.

  1. Easy Tarot Lessons!

Easy Tarot Lessons! is your one-stop podcast for learning more about the world of Tarot. These are professional tutorials from paid psychics on topics including “Tarot Card Meanings” and “How to Make Money Reading Tarot Cards.” Plus, there are fun games, exercises, and quizzes thrown in to keep things interesting.

  1. Tarot for the Wild Soul

Lindsay Mack teaches listeners how to use the Tarot as a self-help tool in her podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul.

  1. Fortune’s Wheelhouse

Hosts Susie Chang and Mel Meleen cover Tarot meanings and conduct card readings from an esoteric perspective.

  1. Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds

Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds is one of the best all-around Tarot podcasts. It’s a chilled-out chat show vibe featuring special guests, interviews, group discussions, and tutorials, along with some Tarot news and events thrown in for good measure.

  1. Tarot Bytes

Short and sweet Tarot lessons for the time-poor Tarot beginner. Hosted by Theresa Reed (AKA “The Tarot Lady”), Tarot Bytes is worth listening to.

  1. Wildly Tarot Podcast

Wildly Tarot is another popular podcast covering the whole spectrum of Tarot topics, including real-life experiences, Tarot history, live readings, tutorials, and more. Extroverted, conversational, and entertaining, Holly and Esther will take you on their Tarot journey.

  1. The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

This podcast features Tarot with a slice of psychology and modern mythology. Join hosts Cyndera Quackenbush and Julienne Givot as they talk about the archetypes of the Tarot.

  1. The Biddy Tarot Podcast

The Biddy Tarot Podcast teaches listeners how to intuitively read and interpret Tarot cards for their own benefit. Perfect for beginners, aspiring Tarot readers, and experts alike, host Brigit Esselmont will teach you how-to guide, empower, and enlighten your life with Tarot cards.

Free Tarot Documentaries

Here are a couple of free documentaries, movies, and TV shows about Tarot cards.

  1. Strictly Supernatural: Tarot

Narrated by the legendary actor and famed occultist Christopher Lee, this hour-long documentary covers the history and uses of Tarot cards in great depth. Some of the information is outdated, but the documentary is still packed with good stuff. At the very least, it’s a fun watch.

  1. Secrets of the Playing Card

Secrets of the Playing Cards covers the occult origins of the everyday pack of cards we know and love. It includes a section on Tarot cards, their origins, and their meanings.

Free Tarot Books

Do you love Tarot so much that online readings aren’t enough? You can learn everything there is to know about Tarot for free with the following eBooks!

  1. Tarot for Beginners

Tarot for Beginners helps you easily get to grips with all things Tarot. The book is free on barnesandnoble.com and Kindle.

It covers everything from the history of Tarot to Tarot meanings, major and minor arcana, beginner Tarot spreads, and the dangers of Tarot, plus lessons on the basics of reading Tarot for yourself and others.

This is a fantastic all-around resource that would normally set you back $10+. Check it out!

  1. 5 Simple Steps to Read Tarot With Confidence

5 Simple Steps to Read Tarot With Confidence is another professional Tarot guide you can get for free. Created by Biddy Tarot, 5 Simple Steps will walk you through what’s needed to become an excellent Tarot reader. It even includes daily practices and writing exercises to help you hone your skills. Certainly worth a look!

  1. Easy Guide for a Rider-Waite Based Tarot Card Reading

Rider-Waite decks are the most popular Tarot decks by some distance and, for this reason, Rider-Waite is always an excellent place to start your Tarot journey.

This book from askAstrology tells you about the history of Rider-Waite, before showing you how to lay different Tarot spreads. After that, this fun guide will give you in-depth (1-2 pages long) meanings behind each card.

  1. Guide to Tarot Cards

The Guide to Tarot Cards from 7th Sense Psychics is an excellent book that clearly lays out each Tarot card’s meaning, and the meaning of the objects/symbols found within each image.

This book features big, bold writing and images of a card on each page. It’s perfect if you want to quickly flick through a book to learn more about Tarot cards.

  1. The Symbols of Tarot

The Symbols of Tarot is a concise encyclopedia of Tarot cards. You can flick to a specific Tarot card to learn more about its meanings — an excellent resource for Tarot beginners to reference.

US internet searches related to Tarot increased in 2020

Free Online Courses & Resources to Learn Tarot Card Reading

Free eLearning resources to teach you Tarot.

  1. Learn Tarot in a Day

Learn Tarot in a Day is a quick and easy free Tarot course. The resource walks you through Tarot in five simple lessons. Each lesson is a well-thought-out long-form blog post on a different Tarot topic: Major Arcana, Swords and Cups, Wands and Pentacles, The Court Cards, and Reading the Spreads.

  1. Truly Teach Me Tarot

Beginners and experienced readers alike can find lots of great information on Truly Teach Me Tarot. The site has several lessons for each Tarot card category, including the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court Cards.

  1. Trainee Tarot Course

The Trainee Tarot Course is a comprehensive video tutorial series from the YouTuber and astute psychic, Kelly-Ann Maddox. In this 10-part series, Kelly walks you through everything needed to broaden your knowledge of Tarot, from the basics to recommendations of further resources. Each episode is around 30 minutes long.

  1. Tarot Elements

Tarot Elements is a well-presented and structured collection of Tarot tutorials. Learn about card meanings, general topics, and more nuanced Tarot skills.

  1. Learning the Tarot

The Learning the Tarot Online Course by Joan Bunning has stood the test of time, and it’s easy to see why: Learning the Tarot still contains more content than practically any other free Tarot course.

There are 19 in-depth lessons on every facet of the Tarot imaginable, including the basic elements, lessons for readings, and principles of interpretation. The course even tests your knowledge with Tarot exercises for each section.

  1. Tarot Teachings

Tarot Teachings is another learning site that’s chock-full of content. There are several informative blog posts on each Tarot topic, and the site is easy to navigate.

  1. Tarot Tutorials from Ethony

Tarot Tutorials is an informative blog and vlog series from Tarot YouTuber Ethony Dawn. Each post is an extensive YouTube video (some of which are 30+ minutes long) consolidated by a blog post on Ethony’s site. These tutorials cover basic information, advanced techniques, and less common topics like “Dealing with Difficult Clients.”

  1. Benebell Wen Free Courses

There are a few great free Tarot courses from Tarot YouTuber and blogger Benebell Wen. These include an ongoing video lecture series on Tarot card meanings and an intermediate Tarot course.

Of particular note to newbies is “Sightsee the Tarot.” The course takes you through far-reaching Tarot topics, including thought leaders, the history of the practice, and card reading techniques. Sightsee the Tarot also features hands-on Tarot workshops to develop your skills.

Free Tarot Cheat Sheets & Printable Resources

Printable resources that can aid Tarot card reading and learning.

  1. Tarot Meaning Cheat Sheets from Labyrinthos

We’ve already covered the Labyrinthos app, but these printable cheat sheets on the Labyrinthos site deserve mention. Print these cheat sheets and mount them on your wall for quick reference while you read the cards — an effective way to learn Tarot meanings.

  1. Printable Tarot Card Deck

You’re probably thinking: “Awesome. I’ve got all of these free Tarot guides. But now I have to buy a deck of Tarot cards too.” Thankfully, you can keep your money in your pocket. As long as you have access to a printer, you can get a full deck of Tarot cards free!

  1. Printable Rider Waite Deck

If one free printable deck wasn’t enough for you, have another one. Download and print the PDFs, cut the cards out, and laminate them for a pretty classic-looking Rider Waite deck from spells8.

  1. Tarot Oak Printable Resources

You can download and print a whole host of different Tarot resources on tarotoak.com. These include a 78 card Tarot deck, Tarot meanings cheat sheets, Tarot journals, Tarot calendars, Tarot birth calculators, and more. If it’s Tarot-related, you can probably find (and print) it on Tarot Oak.

Over half of US 13-25 year-olds use Tarot or fortune-telling

Free Alternative Card Readings

Here you’ll find readings and resources for various other card decks that aren’t strictly Tarot, including Oracle, Lenormand, and Angel decks. Many of the Tarot card reading resources already covered also provide these alternative readings.

The best free Lenormand, Oracle, and Angel card resources

Free Alternative Card Reading Websites

Websites that provide free Lenormand, Oracle, and Angel card readings and content.

  1. Spiritnavigator.com

You can get 3 card Lenormand readings on Spirit Navigator with full explanations of what the cards mean for you. There are Lenormand spreads across 8 different categories, including future, Zodiac Lenormand, Relationship Lenormand, and more!

  1. Lenormand-reading.com

Lenormand-reading.com is a site fully committed to providing web-based Lenormand readings to its visitors. The site offers loads of different Lenormand readings, including a Grand Tableau spread, a past-present-future reading, and daily, weekly, and monthly Lenormand readings.

  1. Colettebaronreid.com

Colette Baron-Reid is a famous expert on Oracle readings. She’s authored several books, starred in a hit TV show (Messages from Spirit), and has appeared on shows like Dr. Phil and Oprah.

Colette’s website will let you pick a card from one of three different Oracle decks: The Spirit of Animal Oracle, Oracle of the 7 Energies, and Wisdom of the Oracle. The decks are fun to interact with, and provide general meanings, followed by an excellent reading several paragraphs long.

  1. Healyourlife.com

Get simple Angel Tarot and Oracle card readings at healyourlife.com. These cards feature beautiful illustrations. When you pick a card, you get to see its meaning followed by a longer paragraph that provides you with guidance for the day.

  1. Dianacooper.com

Diana Cooper, an acclaimed author, and healer, will let you pick from one of her many popular Angel or Oracle card decks. You can choose from nine decks altogether, with the option of 1, 2, or 3 card readings. The cards are professionally designed, and the meanings on each card are inspiring and superbly written. This is about as good as it gets with pick-a-card decks.

  1. Ask-angels.com

Ask Angels is a website created by Melanie Beckler — a best-selling author and Clear Channel of the Light. Her site has free pick-a-card Angel readings, which provide you with a complete deck of 44 Angel Oracle cards.

  1. Angelwingsholistics.com

You can get a free algorithmic Angel card reading at Angel Wings Holistics. Simply pick the card you want to turn over and read the associated message.

  1. Angelmessenger.net

Angel Messenger provides computer-generated Angel card readings that are completely free.

The site’s basic deck presents you with four cards every time you shuffle the deck: an overall theme, a challenge, a guidance card, and an outcome. The cards give you a short description followed by a full-page explanation.

Marie Anne Lenormand didn't create the Lenormand deck

Free Alternative Card Reading Apps

Free apps that provide Lenormand, Oracle, Angel readings, and related content.

  1. Classic Lenormand

Get free Lenormand readings with the Classic Lenormand app. The app uses a predictive algorithm to answer queries about love, work, health, and the future. The app’s free version gives you a classic small Lenormand deck, 15 layout options, and a gallery that allows users to view card values and different combinations.

  1. Gypsy Tarot Lenormand

Free Lenormand readings with 1, 3, 5, and 12 card spreads.

  1. Tarot Madame Lenormand

Tarot Madame Lenormand features free daily card readings with 4 and 8 card Lenormand spreads. With a digital Lenormand deck at your disposal and detailed interpretations of each card, Tarot Madame Lenormand also offers users an opportunity to learn Lenormand in an accessible and easy-to-use application.

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Seventh Sphere Lenormand & Tarot

A free Lenormand card database featuring meanings of each card, lessons, and digital and physical readings for 1, 3, 5, and 9 card Lenormand spreads.

There are 36 cards to browse, and you can pair cards together to see interpretations. You can even upload your own Lenormand decks on Seventh Sphere. This is a tremendous all-around Lenormand resource!

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Your Daily Oracle

An app from the world-famous Oracle reader Colette Baron-Reid. Free daily Oracles, meditations, and affirmations at your fingertips.

Available on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards

A virtual deck of 44 Oracle cards covering a range of day-to-day topics. The images are taken from curated original paintings, and the messages are designed to inspire and invoke self-actualization. Conduct 1, 3, or 5 card readings with this deck of Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards.

Available now on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

If you’re a self-proclaimed animal lover, why not channel the power and healing of animal spirits with this virtual Oracle deck? The Spirit Animal Oracle Cards contain meaningful messages, each with its own energy specific to the card’s animal. Available with 1, 3, and 5 card readings.

Get the app for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Mystical Oracle Cards

A virtual Oracle deck of 56 cards with fantastical illustrations of angels, archangels, animal totems, and fairies.

Available on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Guiding Light Oracle

A virtual Angel Oracle deck with beautiful illustrations and meanings on several topics.

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Spirit Oracle Cards

Channeled by John Cali of the “Spirit” group, this app offers a deck of 48 Oracle cards (though there are fewer cards for free users). Each card has a stunning illustration and insightful meaning. You can get Oracle readings in 1, 2, and 3 card spreads on topics like love and mind-body-soul.

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Ask Angels Oracle Cards

An app from esteemed Angel card reader Melanie Beckler, Ask Angels Oracle Cards hands users a detailed 44 card Oracle deck that contains wonderful illustrations and covers various topics. Conduct 1, 3, and 5 card readings for free and receive guidance from angel messengers as you read the cards.

Available now on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Angel Energy Cards

A deck of virtual Angel Energy Cards to inspire and help you learn their messages.

Available on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Angel Tarot Reading

Use this top-rated app to receive Angel Tarot card readings. The app gives you a free deck of 32 virtual cards with detailed meanings on each. Carry out readings in various spreads to receive unique Angel readings.

Available for free on Google Play and Apple.


Oracle decks can contain any number of cards

The Best Alternative Card Reading YouTubers

Great YouTube channels that create Lenormand, Angel, and Oracle card content for viewers.

  1. Lenormand Reader

One of the only channels completely devoted to Lenormand. There are monthly forecasts and lessons for reading Lenormand.

  1. Colette Baron-Reid Official

Colette uses the power of Oracle to provide predictions to viewers. She uploads astrology videos, plus discussions on various spiritual topics, and all of her videos have excellent production quality.

  1. Amira Celon Psychic TV Live

Amira is one of the top YouTube channels specializing in Oracle card readings. Amira is a psychic medium who also conducts Turkish Coffee Cup readings. Her focus lies within Love Oracle decks to give her viewers valuable predictions.

  1. Secret Shaman Oracles

Another popular Oracle card reading YouTube channel is Secret Shaman Oracles. The channel provides messages and advice for viewers, plus in-depth Oracle card readings for each star sign.

  1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

A fantastic channel from esteemed author Melanie Beckler, Ask Angels has 280,000 subscribers and features loads of different Angel card readings and advice videos.

Free Alternative Card Reading Podcasts

Lenormand, Angel, and Oracle cards feature on some popular Tarot podcasts. Here are a few great podcasts and podcast episodes to check out.

  1. Learning About Lenormand with Emily Chandler

Episode #109 of the previously-mentioned Biddy Tarot podcast looks at Lenormand from a Tarot reader’s perspective: What is Lenormand? How is it different from Tarot? And how can you get started?

  1. Tarot Tribe

I know we’ve already mentioned this podcast above, but it’s worth another mention here. Tarot Tribe is one of the only psychic podcasts focusing on Lenormand. There are Lenormand lessons on card meanings and personality descriptions, not to mention an interview with Rana George about advanced Lenormand techniques.

  1. Basic Witches

Basic Witches is a conversational spiritual podcast hosted by comedians Leah Knauer and GG Sauvage. It features a variety of interviews with artists, musicians, and spiritual enthusiasts. The series is also a great place to get your Oracle card fix, with readings every episode.

  1. Angel Heart Radio

Learn to connect to angel guides and listen to live Angel readings. Hosted by intuitive Julie Robinson.

  1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

Busy angel expert Melanie Beckler is back at it again in her Ask Angels podcast. The podcast isn’t about Angel readings specifically. However, Melanie will teach you how to tune in to angel messages.

A Free Alternative Card Reading Book

A free book related to Angel reading.

  1. Channeling the Guides and Angels of Light

Believe it or not, you can get one of Melanie Beckler’s books for free on Amazon Kindle. In Channeling the Guides, Beckler will teach you how to receive messages from angels and heighten your experience of the world around you.

Anyone can channel angel messages

Free Online Courses & Resources to Learn Lenormand, Oracle & Angel Cards

Learn how to read alternative card spreads with these free eLearning resources.

  1. DonnaLeigh’s Lenormand Lessons

You may know DonnaLeigh from her podcast Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds or her popular YouTube channel. Well, outside of Tarot, DonnaLeigh also loves to read Lenormand cards, and she’s created a pretty extensive list of resources to help you learn Lenormand.

  1. Learn Lenormand

Learn Lenormand is one of few sites truly committed to teaching visitors how to read Lenormand cards for free. The site features loads of informative blog pieces that run through everything you need to become a proficient Lenormand reader: a card index, card meanings, beginner lessons, and advanced techniques. The site even covers the history and origins of the cards and specific lessons for different Lenormand decks.

  1. Downloadable Guides from Lenormand Reader

We’ve mentioned the Lenormand Reader before. Honestly, this page on her site could’ve ended up in many of the sections in this article.

She’s created a list of downloadable PDFs that cover a whole bunch of useful information on Lenormand reading. These include informative eBook guides on Lenormand reading, its spreads, and its concepts, plus printable journal templates, keyword templates, and more!

  1. Card Meanings List from Labyrinthos

A comprehensive list of card meanings and reading advice for each card in the Lenormand deck. Plus, each card has a helpful “cheat sheet” infographic.

  1. Oracle Card for Beginners from Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan’s Oracle card guide is simple, insightful, and professionally written.

  1. How To Read Your Oracle Cards Like A Pro from mbg

Mindbodygreen.com has put together an in-depth guide to reading Oracle cards with great tips and advice. The piece covers the differences between Oracle and Tarot, how to conduct an Oracle reading, plus tips for improving your accuracy and choosing the right Oracle deck.

  1. How to Read Oracle Cards for Beginners Course

This is an extensive free course that you can find on Udemy. It’s an hour-long lecture that will teach you the basic uses, descriptions, and concepts of Oracle cards before showing you how to read Oracle.

  1. Angel Card Reading Guide from Holisticshop.co.uk

There are no real extensive free courses or blog series for learning to read Angel cards, but there are a few informative article pieces that do a good job.

One of these articles comes from holisticshop.co.uk. The site has put together a handy overview of what’s needed to read Angel cards.

  1. The Ultimate Angel Cards Guide from A Little Spark of Joy

If you’re looking for a bit more detail, this article from alittlesparkofjoy.com should do the trick. The piece walks you through the best Angel card decks before taking you step-by-step through the Angel card reading process.

  1. How to See and Hear Your Angels Course

To read Angel cards, you must first be connected to messages from angels and guardians. This free mini psychic course on Udemy will teach you how to do just that.

  1. Connect To Your Angels Course

Connect To Your Angels is another fast and free online course that will teach you how to receive angel messages. It’s highly rated on Udemy and contains explainers and actionable methods that can bring you closer to your guardian angels.

Free Alternative Decks & Printable Resources

Print off these free decks and resources to help with your divination practice.

  1. Instant Lenormand Deck

A downloadable (and printable) free Lenormand deck from wanderingoracle.com. These cards feature a basic black-and-white design and are the perfect starting point for your first deck of Lenormand.

  1. 2 Free Lenormand Decks From carrieparis.com

Carrieparis.com also has two free printable Lenormand decks: a Free Your Heart Lenormand Deck and a Free Holiday Learning Deck. The former contains 36 love-themed Lenormand cards, and the latter contains Lenormand explanations to help you learn.

  1. 2 Free Lenormand Decks From Tarot Oak

Tarot Oak is kind enough to bring you two different decks of printable Lenormand cards: a watercolor deck and an illustrated deck. The first features quaint hand-sketched symbols, and the second contains boldly-drawn Lenormand images.

  1. 3 Free Oracle Decks

Get your hands on three free Oracle decks, courtesy (once again) of Tarot Oak. The first deck contains “Birds of Omen” cards. Birds of Omen cards are great for beginners as they incorporate instantly readable interpretations. The second deck features candles, and the third deck is themed around flowers.

  1. Free DIY Angel Cards

Once you’ve printed and constructed this set of Angel cards, you’ll have a full deck and words of guidance.

The first method of divination for psychics

Section 4: Free Coffee & Tea Cup Reading Resources

Coffee and tea reading is another psychic practice that’s not easy to conduct online. Some platforms offer professional readings, while you can also try out websites with coffee/tea reading software. Elsewhere, there are loads of resources to help you learn about tasseography.

The best free coffee-tea reading resources

Free Coffee & Tea Reading Websites

Websites that provide free coffee and tea leaf readings.

  1. Coffeereadingonline.com

The aptly-named Coffee Reading provides a quick and simple coffee reading software that delivers a short piece of advice. It’s a bit of fun, if nothing else.

  1. Fortune-telling-online.com

Fortune-telling-online.com has one of the best digital coffee cup oracles available. Choose 3 cups and then receive a short sentence or two about the meanings behind each cup. Okay, it’s not a real coffee or tea reading, but it’s fun. Plus, who knows? You may hear something that resonates with you!

  1. Online-fortune-telling.com

Not to be confused with fortune-telling-online.com, this site offers pretty much identical fortune-telling programs.

  1. Astrologycircle.com

Astrologycircle.com’s tasseography software works slightly differently from the others we’ve mentioned. The site generates your reading based on which type of tea you choose. Pretty fun if you’re a tea fanatic!

  1. Master-horoscope.com

Master-horoscope.com offers a bit more choice with its tea and coffee readings than other pick-a-cup websites. The explanations are short and sweet, but you’ll get the choice between 1, 3, 5, and 7 cup readings.

Free Coffee & Tea Reading Apps

Free apps that provide coffee/tea readings and content.

  1. Kaave

There are a few apps out there that use technology to generate a reading or connect you with a psychic who can read your coffee or teacups.

Kaave is the latter. This is by far the most popular tasseography app. On Kaave, you simply send a picture of your coffee cup/teacup to a professional reader, who will then reply with an interpretation. It’s a paid service, though you can get free credits when checking in with Foursquare. You can also get free credits when you recommend the app to a friend.

Kaave is available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Coffee Fortune Telling – Pro

Coffee Fortune Telling – Pro offers a completely free service that uses artificial intelligence to provide a coffee cup reading. You upload three pictures of your finished coffee — two images of the inside of the cup, one of the saucer — and the app will return a reading within 3-5 minutes.

  1. Cezve Coffee Oracle

Cezve Coffee Oracle is an entertaining app that places a virtual coffee reader in your pocket who gives detailed and positive readings.

  1. Faloglan

Faloglan is a coffee cup and Tarot reading app that is completely free. You receive two free readings a day once you’ve created a free account. You simply upload photos of your coffee cup and wait for the app to give its interpretation.

The app is available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Faladdin

You’ve heard of Faloglan. What about Faladdin? This is a super-popular free divination app that contains Turkish coffee readings. It’s a great place to get an algorithmic coffee reading alongside other features, like daily horoscopes, Tarot readings, and more.

Available on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Falgir

Falgir is another fortune-telling app that features coffee cup reading as one of several psychic readings, including Tarot and weekly horoscopes. Think of an intention, take a sip of coffee, and press the on-screen coffee cup. You’ll receive a detailed paragraph outlining what you can expect in the future.

Tea leaf reading was popular in 17th century Europe

The Best Coffee & Tea Reading YouTube Channels

A handful of dedicated YouTube channels focus on coffee and tea leaf readings for viewers.

  1. Cognitive Universe

With daily videos and over 19 million channel views, Maria is a committed intuitive with a heavy focus on coffee cup readings. She conducts a 5-10 minute coffee reading for each star sign every week.

  1. Ancient Universal Love

Like Cognitive Universe, Ancient Universal Love features coffee readings for each star sign. These include weekly and monthly coffee readings, plus a fair share of Tarot content.

  1. The Majestic Tarot

The Majestic Tarot offers weekly and monthly coffee readings for each sign that are around 10-15 minutes long.

  1. One Leaf Tarot

Tea leaf readings are hard to come by on YouTube. However, One Leaf Tarot is providing them in droves to viewers. You can find tasseography content alongside coffee cup readings, plus some niche divination methods like candle wax readings.

  1. StellaWilde

One of the most popular channels that provides tasseography readings to viewers is StellaWilde. Stella reads the leaves in conjunction with her Tarot practice to bring 91,000 followers their expectations for the year ahead.

Free Tea Reading Podcast

Cup reading is covered in the odd podcast episode.

  1. Sit For A Spell: Tea Leaf Reading (Tasseography)

Tasseography is the topic of conversation in one episode of Sit For A Spell — an occult-themed podcast with around 29K followers. In this episode, hosts Jess and James cover the basics of the practice and its history.

Free Coffee Reading Documentary

A cup reading documentary is available for free.

  1. Your Life in a Cup of Coffee

BBC Sounds has an excellent radio documentary that you can access for free. In this 30 minute piece, reporter Nooshin Khavarzamin delves deep into the history and mysticism of coffee cup reading in the Middle East. The show features interviews with a famous coffee reader and a Sufi master.

Coffee reading originated in 16th century Turkey

Free Tea Reading Books

As always, we’ve found a couple of free eBooks that will teach you how to do things for yourself. These books are for people who love tasseography and want to learn to read cups.

  1. Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves is a fantastic introduction to tasseography written in 1920. It covers the basics, correct methods, tips, and various remarkable stories of tea leaf divination. There’s also a dictionary of symbols to use.

  1. Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves

This free book — Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves — covers all bases on reading teacups. Written in 1881, it’s the oldest known English book about tea leaf reading. The book will introduce tasseography, followed by an extensive explanation of the proper processes, rituals, principles, and observations one needs to read tea leaves.

Free Online Courses & Resources to Learn Coffee & Tea Reading

There are loads of great articles that you can use to learn more about coffee and tea leaf reading.

  1. Your Essential Guide to Tasseography

Allure has a great piece that you can use to get acquainted with tea leaf reading. This article will teach you everything you need to know about learning to read the leaves.

  1. How to Read Tea Leaves – the Complete Guide, and Symbols

This article from Tea How offers an extensive guide to reading tea leaves. It covers the process from top to bottom, some dos and don’ts, and a helpful reference list of symbols and their meanings.

  1. How to read tea leaves with Harmony Nice

The British YouTuber and lover of all-things enchanted, Harmony Nice, has created a 25-minute video tutorial that teaches you how to read tea leaves.

  1. Tea Leaf Dictionary

Auntyflo.com has the most extensive A-Z dictionary of tea leaf symbols and meanings. This resource is searchable, easy to use, and visually appealing. There are an endless number of symbols listed for each letter of the alphabet, and each symbol has a full-page explanation of its meanings.

  1. Tea Leaf & Coffee Reading Symbols with Meanings

OnlinePsychic has a helpful A-Z list of symbols and their meanings. You can easily reference this list while conducting tea leaf or coffee cup readings.

  1. Tasseography Symbols for Reading Coffee or Tea Leaves

The Spruce Eats has an article that walks you through the meanings of tasseography. Worth a look!

  1. Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

This instructables cooking article is one of the best online pieces to help you learn how to conduct a coffee reading. The article walks you step-by-step through the correct methods, including sections on preparation, the basics, common symbols, and meanings.

  1. Turkish Coffee Reading – Cup Symbols Telling Fortune

Perhaps the most extensive explainer article in this section, this piece runs through cup preparation, division, meanings, symbols, and even recommended products — all in great detail. The article also features pictures of coffee cups with the author’s associated reading.

The word "Tasseography" comes from French and Greek language

Free Resources for Other Forms of Divination

Free online resources that can help you give and receive palmistry readings, numerology readings, rune readings, and more.

The best free resources for numerology, palmistry, rune reading, and other forms of divination

Free Mediumship Resources

Mediums are some of the most sought-after psychics. Here are free blogs, apps, books, and more related to mediumship practice.

  1. Website: Molliemorningstar.com

Several mediums provide blog content to help you deal with loss without a 1-on-1 reading. Mollie Morning Star is a famous medium that offers loads of content on her free blog. She talks about the spiritual realm and what you can do to heal.

  1. Website: Meetmattfraser.com

Matt Fraser is another world-renowned medium with a selection of free resources on his site.

  1. App: Psychic Medium Reading

You can receive a free three-minute reading on the Psychic Medium Reading app, connecting you with professional online psychics specializing in mediumship. Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. App: Psychic Mediumship

Psychic Mediumship is a similar app. It offers your first three minutes of reading for free.

  1. YouTube: Spirit Connection

Spirit Connection talks about spirit messages and does live medium readings, too.

  1. Youtube: Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen

Susan’s channel includes lessons about the spiritual world, past loved ones, vlogs, Q&As, and live footage from her shows.

  1. Book: An Introduction to Mediumship: Hay House Mediums on the Topics that Matter Most

An Introduction to Mediumship is a brilliant book packed with everything you need to know about psychic mediums and spiritual practice. Available for free on barnesandnoble.com and Kindle.

  1. Book: Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Power

Genuine Mediumship teaches readers about the supernatural forces of the earth. Available on Project Gutenberg and Amazon for free.

Many US adults have felt the presence of a spirit

Free Palmistry Resources

Websites, apps, and a book that give you free palmistry readings and learning resources.

  1. Website: Findyourfate.com

For obvious reasons, palm readings aren’t easily done online. Sites like findyourfate.com ask you questions about your palm to generate a free palmistry interpretation.

  1. Website: Truetarot.com

A free quiz-format palmistry reading with explanations of each line on your hand.

  1. App: Astro Guru

Astro Guru uses advanced image processing to scan your palm and provide you with personalized predictions about your life.

  1. App: Palm Reader – True Palmistry

Palm Reader – True Palmistry will give you unlimited free palmistry readings. Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Guide: A Beginners Guide to Reading Palms

Another handy long-form guide from Allure.

  1. Guide: Palmistry Basics: Exploring Lines on Your Palm

A palm lines reference guide to help with your palmistry practice.

  1. Book: Palmistry for All

Cheiro, one of the most famous figures in 20th Century palmistry, walks you through every stage of reading one’s palm — lessons he says will allow you to know a person’s true character and intentions.

Palmistry originated in India and spread throughout the world

Free Numerology Resources

Resources that give you free numerology readings, charts, and learning resources.

  1. Website: Worldnumerology.com

World Numerology, created by master numerologist Hanz Decoz, will send you a professional, hand-crafted (and free!) numerology reading when you download the World Numerology Collection app.

  1. Website: Numerology.astro-seek.com

Astro-Seek has free numerology tutorials, plus a free calculator that will work out your name numerology, personal year, life path number, and birthday number.

  1. Website: Premastrologer.com

On premastrologer.com, you can get free numerology tutorials, readings, and a numerology report.

  1. Website: Auntyflo.com/numerology

Another free numerology calculator that works out your number along with in-depth interpretations.

  1. App: Numerology – Rediscover Your Life Purpose

Numerology provides users with a free Pythagorean numerology chart, a numerology calculator, and more free content. The app is available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Podcast: Weirdly Cosmic

An astrology podcast with a dose of numerology.

  1. Book: The Kabala of Numbers

The Kabal is an ancient Hebrew mystical tradition, and the book analyzes its relation to numbers and numerology.

Numerology's principles link to Pythagoras

Free Rune Readings

Here are some resources that offer rune reading services and lessons for free.

  1. Website: Nordicrunes.info

Nordicrunes.info is a website that provides information about nordic runes while offering visitors an online computer-generated rune reading service, just for fun.

  1. Website: ifate.com

ifate.com has 1, 2, and 3 rune readings across several categories, like love and past-present-future.

  1. App: Rune reading

Rune reading is an extremely popular app on Android. Its runes can be interpreted individually or in combinations, and the app provides free divination with the optional paid extras.

  1. App: Runic Divinations

Runic Divinations utilizes the classic Elder Futhark Runes to offer users free app-based rune readings. You can also learn the history and meanings behind each rune. Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. Book: The Runes for Beginners

The Runes for Beginners by Sarah Segar is an extensive rune reading guide that’s almost 60 pages long. You can get this book for free on obooko or The Crystal Healing Shop.

Elder Futhark contains 24 runes

Free Crystallomancy Resources

Free resources to help you conduct and receive crystal readings.

  1. Website: Horoscope.com

A free computer-generated crystal ball reading. Ask a question and receive a yes, no, or maybe answer!

  1. App: Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball offers free computer-generated crystal readings on life’s greatest challenges. All you have to do is touch the crystal ball!

  1. App: Psychic 4U – Fortune Teller

Psychic 4U’s crystal ball will instantly predict your life over the next few days. Available for free on Google Play and Apple.

  1. App: Crystal Ball Fortune Teller

Crystal Ball Fortune Teller will help you answer questions and see situations more clearly with its insights when you rub the in-app crystal ball.

  1. Guide: Free Crystal Guides

A list of valuable learning resources for using crystals, including a crystal encyclopedia and a meanings guide.

  1. Book: The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones

This is one of the most important resources you can find about crystals, gemstones, and their significance in folklore. Available for free on Project Gutenberg.

John Dee consulted Queen Elizabeth I using a crystal ball

The Bottom Line

We’ve found some of the best places you can learn about the divinatory arts, and receive free forecasts and other free content online.

What’s more, you can find free resources for loads of psychic practices on our list — whether that’s popular arts like astrology and Tarot, or niche practices such as rune reading, crystallomancy, and numerology.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get stuck into the resources above and see what you can uncover. You might just find your new favorite place to hang out online!

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