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Re-define What Reality Means to You With Greg Doyle

Re-define What Reality Means to You With Greg Doyle

This week, we had an opportunity to speak with Greg Doyle, an Astral Traveler, Energy Healer, and Reiki practitioner. We discovered what Astral traveling is, how do one-on-one astral consultations look like, and what is important in maintaining a good relationship with customers.

When did you first realize you have a gift for Reiki, Energy Healing, and Astral Traveling?

Well, it all started for me with a bang, or rather light, around 22 years ago. I was fast asleep one night, until around dawn when a bright, pulsating, white light appeared in my forehead and woke up my mind while my body remained asleep.

The energy of the light also infused into my heart making me feel really, really good. The light then turned into a tunnel, taking my energy body on a high-speed voyage to an alien planet. The sights and sounds were hyper-real, which became the hallmarks of the many astral experiences to follow.

These experiences led quite directly to discovery and fascination with energy healing and reiki which remain with me to this day.

Could you describe how your sessions look like, and what can a person expect from them?

My one-on-one astral consultations consist of sitting with and tuning into the experiences of the client. I then take them through a series of guided meditations and introduce certain exercises, to help activate their astral body into conscious awareness.

This can sometimes be enough to trigger an astral experience during the actual session, but most times clients will take and practice these techniques home with them to explore in their own time.

I also teach these methods in group workshop settings, and online. A Reiki session with me begins with a chat about the client’s state, followed by a hands-on healing treatment on the table.

I offer distant healings, PandoraStar light sessions, and general meditation guidance. I’m now bringing in sessions on a vibrolounge, which incorporates sounds and frequencies being directly experienced through the body.

How would you describe Astral Travel?

It’s the ability to have conscious awareness in the astral body. It’s sensed as a ‘leaving’ of the physical body (hence the term ’travel’ is often used). In this higher vibratory state, you’re able to access other dimensions, times, places, and have conscious memory/recall of the experience. A characteristic of the astral experience is an extremely heightened sense of awareness.

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person. What about you? How has your work been affected by the pandemic?

I’ve actually experienced a surge in clients since it began, both in person and via zoom and remote sessions. It seems more people are questioning their values during this shift.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Letting them know there are no absolutes; that I don’t, of course, have all the answers. Empowering them instead, so that they begin to recognize their own innate healing potential, whatever that may entail and wherever that may lead them.

In this field, it is often thought that word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are very important – is this true?

Yes, I think it is. It’s not everything, but it definitely plays a major role in attracting new clients.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love that I work for myself in a field that I’m utterly passionate about. I love that I can choose my hours and can work from my studio at home. And I love to witness the positive changes in people that I’ve helped. I do see it all as a blessing indeed!

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