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Written by Michelle Cardillo | Updated On October 21, 2021

A 2021 Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Birds

A 2021 Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Birds

Birds have held a special meaning for decades and can be a powerful spiritual message. But, what do different birds mean and are you truly receiving a sign from the Divine?

In this guide, I will take you through the meaning of some of the most spiritual birds and help you figure out what the universe might be trying to tell you.

Can Birds Be Spirit Guides?

In many cultures all over the world, birds are believed to carry the souls of the dead. When you couple this with the fact that many people’s guides are the very spirits of loved ones who have passed on, it makes perfect sense that birds can be spirit guides.

A lot of people have experienced an animal suddenly coming into their life, when they’re least expecting it, and notice that it behaves as if it recognizes them. This sort of behavior leads you to the conclusion that the animal holds the spirit of a deceased loved one. While this experience is very common with dogs and cats, it also happens with birds.

On the other hand, birds can also simply be signs sent by spirit, appearing to pass on a specific message. 

Can Birds Foretell the Future?

Birds have been known to exhibit various “intelligent” behaviors, such as extensive communication skills, a memory of the past, and planning for the future. They have the uncanny ability to sense danger from a far and can alert others to it too.

It’s also been theorized that their behaviors are omens or predictors of the future. For example, it’s been said that if a bird flies into your home, it indicates an important message is being delivered.

If a bird flies into your window and dies from the impact, then this foretells death.

A bird heard chirping at night is said to indicate that a loved one who has passed is trying to communicate with you.

If you think that you’ve encountered a spirit guide in the form of a bird you should consult with a psychic that specializes in dealing with spirits to discover what the event might mean for you.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Birds

There isn’t a culture or civilization out there that hasn’t hypothesized about what different birds represent, and what events they foretell. While some of these have long been dismissed as superstition, others based in truth have had a more lasting presence. Here are 7 birds and their commonly accepted spiritual meanings:

1. Doves

Doves have become a global symbol of peace, but beyond this, they are considered to be messengers of the heavens. They represent simplicity and purity, as well as faithfulness in love because they’ve been found to be monogamous birds that mate with a single partner. If a spirit guide is visiting you in the form of a dove, then they’re sending peace and prosperity into your life.

2. Owls

Since ancient times, owls have represented wisdom and knowledge. As such, these spiritual guides can be called upon when you’re experiencing times of confusion and uncertainty. Their necks allow them to rotate their heads up to 270 degrees, which links to their ability to lend a fuller perspective and understanding of unclear situations.

3. Cardinals

Different cultures have assigned different meanings to cardinals, but they have been generally accepted as symbols of love, devotion, and passed-on family members. Hence the saying, “When cardinals are near, angels appear”. If you’re struggling with a difficult event in your life and you see a cardinal, your spirit guides are encouraging you to stay strong and keep pushing ahead.

4. Bluebirds

Bluebirds represent hope, joy, and happiness, and are symbols that keep negative energy away. When you see a bluebird it means that your spirit guides are keeping bad energy away from you and are sending vibes of prosperity and good fortune your way.

5. Crows

Crows have gotten a bad rep from movies and the media— they aren’t the demonic creatures they’ve been made out to be. You should, however, be careful not to mix up the spiritual meaning of crows in dreams versus reality. When you see a crow in real life they are said to represent transformation and change. They also represent mystery and mischief, either that you’re planning or may be coming your way.

6. Swans

Swans are generally associated with loyalty, fidelity, and grace. They have been known to travel and live in pairs, which is why they have come to symbolize soul mates and twin flame connections. Being approached by a pair of swans might be a predictor that you’re on the path to finding your soulmate.

7. Hummingbirds

Across almost all cultures, hummingbirds represent happiness and joy. But beyond this, hummingbirds can be spirit guides that encourage and propel you to live your life to the fullest. With their wings beating so rapidly they aren’t’ visible to the human eye, they can fly up, down, forwards, backwards, left, and right. If you see a hummingbird then your spirit guides are likely telling you to seize the moment!


While birds can be spirit guides, not every single bird you come across will be a spirit guide or message. That’s why it’s important to take note of the setting and context that you see a particular bird to better figure out if it was just chance or a message from beyond.

And since you shouldn’t leave these things up to chance, my advice is always to consult with a psychic expert to gain clarity. A reader that specializes in communicating with spirits and helping you establish a connection with your own guides will be able to tell you if what you saw was just another bird or a warning to watch your step!

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