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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 06, 2023

Guides vs Angels: Is There a Difference?

Guides vs Angels: Is There a Difference?

If you’re like me, you often turn to the spiritual realm for guidance and help and believe in the power of angels and guides. However, is there a real difference between them or are they one and the same?

I am a big believer in knowing who I am connecting with and the best way to connect, so I am sharing my knowledge here.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are souls that have evolved enough to be able to help your soul achieve its greatest potential while here on Earth. We all have at least three different guides at any given time, with new guides taking their place depending on where we are in life.

Some of your spirit guides may have been with you before you were even born, while others only stick around to help you through different stages and lessons.

Spirit guides were humans at one point – or other physical beings, like animals. After transitioning into the afterlife, their souls chose to remain there. Since most spirit guides were humans at some point, they easily relate to the human experience, making them compassionate and non-judgmental when we seek their help.

There are also different kinds and levels of spirit guides. For instance, great spiritual teachers like Buddha are classified as Ascended Masters – guides with vast experience, deep spiritual growth, and influence.

Relatives who have passed on could also be spirit guides if they gained great spiritual growth during their lifetime and chose to be a guide to those they love.

There are also animal spirit guides that are sent here to help us. They can even appear in the form of a past pet.

We’ve all received messages from our spirit guides before, even if we don’t realize it. Remember those gut feelings that turned out to be right? That inner voice giving you great advice? That marriage counseling commercial that pops up on your car radio right after having a fight with your partner? Those are all possible examples of your spirit guides sending messages to help get you back on the right path.

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What are Angels?

Angels are also there to guide and protect you throughout your life, but they do so in a different way. Unlike spirit guides who were once human, angels are hardly ever former humans, especially archangels. They’re also more likely to be mentioned in spiritual texts.

Angels can communicate with you in a number of different ways, including numbers, songs, and through animals. However, they cannot intervene in your life unless you ask them to. Like spirit guides, angels are there for you, and they do so without judgment and conditions.

Another difference is that while a particular spirit guide could remain with you throughout your life, angels move around and help multiple people.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I connect with an angel, they often appear more in the form of energy or light than human form..

There are also different types of angels, mostly classified based on their purpose. Archangels are of the highest rank – you’ve probably heard of the popular ones like Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel. We also have guardian and helper angels..

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How to Connect with Spirit Guides and Angels

Guides and angels are with you even if you don’t believe they exist, but I’ve found that being open-minded increases the number of connections you have, so that’s a great tip to start with.

There are a number of ways you can connect with your guides and angels, but here are my top 3:

1. Get a psychic reading

If you’ve never tried connecting with angels or spirit guides yourself, you might want to get some help from a spiritual advisor the first time around. A reputable psychic website like Keen can connect you with experienced advisors who use a number of tools to communicate with your guides and angels. 

A psychic can provide you with answers that can help steer you in the right direction in life, your relationships, and your career. You can ask a psychic to provide you with messages from your angels using angel cards or channel your spirit guides for advice on a particular situation..

2. Meditate

If you want to try connecting with your angels and guides on your own, there is also meditation. It might take some practice at first but it’s highly effective. You can even combine your meditation with tools such as angel or tarot cards. Once your mind is quiet enough, you can ask questions and receive accurate guidance. I would also advise you to pay attention to your intuition to receive additional guidance. There are even special guided meditations available online that help put you in touch with your guides and angels.

3. Write

Another way that I love to connect with my guides and angels is through automatic writing. For this, you will also need to relax and clear your mind in order to channel messages. Create a safe space for yourself and tune into your intuition. Have a pen and paper ready to receive your messages. Once you feel calm and your mind is open, write down whatever pops into your head. You may want to ask your guides and angels some specific questions before you begin this practice.

Bottom Line

Your guides and angels enjoy helping you find your way, but always remember that you’re in control of your own destiny. It’s entirely up to you to listen and use the guidance from your angels and guides. But with the tips I’ve provided here, you should have an easier time connecting with your guides and angels should you ever need to.

About the author
Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.