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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On April 01, 2023

Interview with Heather Anderson - a Psychic specialized in communicating with animals

Interview with Heather Anderson - a Psychic specialized in communicating with animals

Today, we had the opportunity to talk with Heather Anderson – a psychic with the ability to communicate with animals. We discussed how Heather first realized that she has a gift to speak with animals, dove into her special techniques for communication with pets, and explored her relationship with customers.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how did you start communicating with animals?

Heather Anderson: From a very young age, I was very emotional about animals. At the time, I didn’t understand, nor did my parents, about being an empath. My mom would get irritated with me for seeming to have more compassion for animals than humans. All I really knew was that I felt so deeply for them. I would become inconsolable if I saw a deceased animal on the side of the road. When one of my own animals became ill, I didn’t think I would be able to continue living after she passed. But during the months of caring for her, I clearly received a message. Her message validated what I had been feeling all along, that there is so much more to our animal companions than many people know or understand. One day, out of the blue, I heard “animal communication” in my head. It was a message from my dying cat that I needed to find a way to harness this ability and use it to help others. That is really where my animal communication journey truly began.

What is the most popular type of service that customers are looking for? What are the most common topics that interest them?

HA: Lately it seems that there has been a lot of loss in the animal world. I have many clients requesting readings for animals who have just passed, or those getting very near their end. People ask for help in seeing the signs or knowing when it’s time for their animal to transition. With pets that have already transitioned, people often have questions surrounding how they left, whether it was too soon, or whether they waited too long. People often express guilt over their animal’s passing and whether they did enough. The messages of unconditional love and comfort from their animals help them process their grief and know that what they did was exactly what the animal needed. It allows them to begin the healing process. It doesn’t take away the pain of their absence, but it brings them a sense of peace and many people tell me that they feel like they can breathe again.

Could you give us an example of one of your sessions? Could you tell us more about the way you communicate with an animal?

HA: In one of my animal communication sessions, I begin the reading by connecting to the energy of the person who is on the call. I take just a minute or two to bring them into my space and get what I refer to as an “energetic first impression”. Since the reading really isn’t just about the animal, but also about the relationship between the person and the animal, it serves as a “bridge” to the animal connection. Then I bring the animal into my space, introduce myself and ask for permission to connect, and allow them time and space to show me and tell me what is of immediate importance to them. They often show me right away a piece of their personalities which is a wonderful validation for their person to be able to verify. I then move into the specific questions that the client has for their animal. During the course of the reading, I will ask the animal to go a bit deeper and share what lesson the animal has been working on with their person. I believe our animals are in our lives to help us learn, grow, and become the best people we can be.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

HA: Transparency. Before I begin a reading, I set an intention that the information that the information I receive, be for the greatest and highest good for those involved. I remind my clients that I am only a messenger for the information their animal wants to share. I explain how I receive the information and share it just as it comes to me, without trying to translate or decipher its meaning, as it is not for me, but for them. It is not always what the client is expecting to hear from their animal, but it is always something meant for their greatest benefit. I do my best to put the client at ease from the beginning of the reading. Often, the way the animal presents himself allows for a humorous anecdote right away and really allows the client to settle in and be able to listen to the messages coming through.

In this field, it is often thought that word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are very important – is this true?

HA: Absolutely. It is helpful for clients to be able to read testimonials from actual clients or hear  from their friends about their own experiences to see if this is something that they are interested in trying. Many of my clients are fairly new to having an intuitive reading and I feel honored to get to walk them through the process and show them what a wonderful and enlightening experience it can be. I am humbled by the number of repeat clients and friends of friends that contact me for readings.

Do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

HA: You’re not alone. Your animals haven’t left you. They will forever be a part of your soul family, your energy field. Talk to them, ask them to visit, and be open to the signs they send you.

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