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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Tales of an Intuitive Reader; Come Home to Yourself!

Tales of an Intuitive Reader; Come Home to Yourself!

We chat to Heba, an Intuitive Reader from Asheville, North Carolina, who has been able to access the spiritual realm since she was a little girl. We see how she has turned this ‘psychic’ ability into a way of helping others.

When did you start practising intuitive readings and why?

I started tarot reading in 2007 and then I started my current format of intuitive readings a little over a year ago. I’ve always been tuned in to something a little bit deeper and have always been curious about intuitive readings so it came quite naturally to me.

When did you first start to believe or feel that you were ‘different’ from others, in that you could tap into people’s energy sources and make a difference?

When I was about four or five years old, I started seeing a milky white cloud around people, and I could understand what people were feeling without them having to explain. If I touched them on a certain part of their body they would calm down. I thought this to be totally ‘normal’ until much later in life.

I knew that I was feeling more about people and seeing deeper than others did or could and it was as if I had access to a ‘backstage’. I was going behind a curtain of perception. 

Today, because I have spent so much time in peoples’ energy fields, this vision of a cloud has become more refined and sophisticated. I have a better understanding of what I see.

Would you describe yourself as a ‘psychic’?

When I try to describe to others what I do, I feel that the term ‘psychic’ is the only word that they actually understand. I would never have used this word to describe myself before, but it seems to be a broad umbrella term for all aspects of the esoteric/holistic world.

Could you describe to our readers what services/readings you offer.

The most exciting thing for me is when I do an intuitive reading where I am in a trance state and I become part of someone’s energy field. I see what is going on, where that person is looking to focus more attention in their life, where that person is looking to let go of something, what they are avoiding etc. I also tune in to a higher consciousness state. I speak through the voices of guides or a higher knowing namely to obtain more clarity and reassurance for that person’s life. 

Can you do the latter with everybody or do they have to be ‘believers’?

I can access anybody’s higher knowing because at that state everybody is ‘open’. It’s more a question of whether that person will accept what I bring forth and that usually depends on what they want and what they believe. The most powerful feeling occurs when somebody has a very specific question. In this scenario it is much easier to travel along that person’s frequency line. 

Some people are not focused, so I usually help lead people to the clearest question to get to the clearest answer. Sometimes it takes longer to reach that place, depending on how ‘murky the waters are’, so to speak.

Do you work solely with energy as opposed to the use of tools such as the tarot cards?

If I perform an energy reading, I don’t carry anything with me. I use Tarot only if requested and sometimes crystals. Tarot can be quite limiting so it’s suitable for someone who doesn’t want to delve too deeply into the energy world. Working with energy is healing, and working with Tarot is clairvoyance.

You refer to ‘the space where all is known’ and ‘the database of eternal knowledge’. Could you explain in more detail.

We have these different states of consciousness and we can choose to focus either in a very general or specific fashion. The broader we allow ourselves to go, the more we immerse ourselves into the intelligence of ‘all things’ and this is where we all share information with each other. Travelling through broader consciousness is where everything is known. 

Meditation is one of the means of reaching this consciousness and a big part of what I do.  At the beginning of a reading, we go into meditation together before I progress to the energy work. I also do a lot of meditation on my own. 

When you do a reading you describe yourself as being in an ‘expanded state of consciousness’. Could you please elaborate and explain how you transport yourself to this state, what you experience when there.

Throughout my life, I have had this natural tendency to float upwards. During a reading, I am in a completely relaxed, meditative state and I let go of the perception of things around me. I quiet myself. In fact, I focus simultaneously on my breathing and on any noise I hear in the external environment. I then slip in between these two perceptions. It’s not a visual experience but more an experiential experience. I start to feel lighter and lighter to the point where I have to ground myself into my body for fear of floating away. It is at this stage where I start feeling the person’s energy field and relay what I am seeing or feeling.

When we talk of our ‘guides’, are these spirits/people that we have known in our lives?

When I’m in connection with ‘All’, consciousness is a free-for-all. This means that the guides could be people you have known, know currently or people you have never known in the physical sense. We are all in a relation dynamic where consciousness may or may not be attached to your physical being.

Do you think people in general are becoming more open to energy healing and the esoteric, more natural way of life?

Definitely, and I think it’s coming through in a very interesting way in that it is more holistic. Many of my clients are also doing psychotherapy and this blend of a spiritual, intuitive reading intermixed with psychotherapy allows people to reap the benefits of both worlds.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I would love to open a centre where people can come and relax and where different types of meditation would be on offer. I also do group readings where I’m in a trance state which I would equally like to do in this space. I’m very big into connecting to ‘oneself’ and feel the more time we can be silent with ourselves and connect, the more satisfying the outcome. 

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