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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on September 27, 2023

How To Tell If I Have Karmic Debt and Completely Clear It

How To Tell If I Have Karmic Debt and Completely Clear It

Not knowing if you have karmic debt can have you feeling out of control in life and even keep you stuck in unwanted karmic cycles. Determining if you have karmic debt can feel ambiguous and confusing, but there are clear-cut signs that can help you conclude if you do in fact owe it.

When you understand the main telltale signs of karmic debt, you can begin taking proactive steps toward clearing it. Doing so can help you receive insight into unclear themes in your life. And with this newfound awareness, you can live consciously without the heavy burden of your previous life’s karma.

But for the best results and tailored advice, I recommend you consult with a past-life psychic who can identify your karmic debt. They will save you the frustration of figuring it out yourself and guide you in the right direction, which helps you get out of karmic cycles.

Identify Your Karma

5 Signs You Have Karmic Debt

Identifying karmic debt is crucial as it has the potential to hinder your ability to have a truly enriching experience in this present lifetime. It is common for individuals to harbor concerns regarding karmic debt, as it is a matter that impacts numerous people. Developing an awareness of your own karma can be instrumental in removing obstacles and enabling you to align with the path that best serves your highest potential.

1. You Have Experienced Painful Lessons

If you carry karmic debt, it is probable that you have encountered painful lessons. During those moments, you might have questioned the reasons behind the difficulties that came your way. Although you may not have been fully aware of it, your soul recognized the necessity of undergoing painful experiences to balance out its karma.

You might think that you wouldn’t have willingly chosen to experience the challenging lessons you’ve faced. However, in reality, your soul may not have been fully aware of how these karmic lessons would unfold before your incarnation. Nevertheless, it did consent to undergo specific lessons linked to the concept of karmic debt.

In essence, karmic lessons serve as a way to balance the circumstances of your past life. For instance, if you were born into a wealthy and avaricious family previously, your current incarnation might be in a low-income family, offering you an opportunity to overcome your attachment to money and address that emotional aspect.

People grappling with karmic debt often experience difficult situations, like passing through phases of financial hardship, managing the passing of a parent, confronting legal issues, struggling with persistent health conditions, or assuming the responsibility of a caretaker. As you reflect on your life, you will begin to realize that these karmic incidents seemed preordained and unavoidable.

2. You Have Been in Karmic Relationships

A telltale sign of bearing karmic debt is being in difficult relationships, painful, and evoke inner responses. Such relationships are alternatively termed karmic relationships. These can materialize within your family, romantic partners, friendships, and work dynamics.

They manifest because the karma from a past life could have involved multiple people and affected their incarnation as well. Prior to incarnation, you and another soul made a contract that you would incarnate together in a challenging dynamic to trigger growth and healing.

For example, in my past life, I was indirectly killed by my now father who was my sister back then. In this lifetime, my father was absent for 15 years, and my lesson was to forgive. On the other hand, his lesson was to learn to heal the guilt of not being in my life. This is what karmic dynamics look like.

Karmic relationships are purposeful and are intended to help you build up strength. The ultimate goal is to help you and the other soul forgive each other for any wrongdoings from previous lives together. As you forgive and release the relationship, it doesn’t have as much control and influence over your life.

It’s important to note that while you may feel an extreme attachment to your karmic relationships, they are only meant to be in your life temporarily. Once you learn the lesson, it’s important to let go so you can close out the karmic cycles from past lifetimes. Doing so will help you avoid repeating these dynamics in future lives.

Sometimes healing karmic relationships can be extremely difficult and not achievable in only one lifetime. For these reasons, I recommend you connect with a reputable psychic that specializes in past lives, so you can get advice on healing the karma sooner than later.

3. You Feel Stuck in Continuous Karmic Cycles & Patterns

Karmic cycles and patterns refer to behaviors and mentalities that keep you in a loop and prevent you from breaking free. Karmic cycles can manifest as addictions, limiting beliefs, and other unconscious behaviors that play negative roles. These patterns are often difficult to break due to their subconscious influence.

Such cycles can even happen within relationship dynamics, especially if you’re in a karmic one. The typical characteristics of these cycles always thrive off of toxicity and codependency. This can manifest as a romantic relationship that causes you distress and holds you back but you can’t seem to let go of it.

An important fact is that you can inherit karmic cycles and patterns from past lifetimes and your lineage. Sometimes they can both be at play, and you may have to deal with more than one karmic debt at a time. Doing so can be very challenging and painful if you’re unaware of the why.

Ancestral karma manifests as a karmic loop that is generationally inherited. Your ancestral karma could be that you’re responsible for breaking limiting patterns so that you can liberate your past, present, and future bloodlines from the same karma. When you heal ancestral karma, you relieve your entire bloodline of a cycle.

An example of this type of karma would be if all the women in your bloodline held themselves back from pursuing their passion. They were overly selfless and put everyone else’s passions ahead of their own. Therefore, your karma is to pursue your passions despite others calling you selfish and doubting your potential.

4. You Have Karmic Indicators in Your Astrology Chart

When looking at your natal chart, the most important influences that determine heavy past-life karma are heavy Saturn placements, many planets in the 12th, 8th, and 4th house, and the position of the South Node. You can also look to the North Node to see the direction your soul is moving towards to free itself of past karma.

The placement of your Saturn is important to study because Saturn is the planet that represents karma and our karmic attachments. The energy of Saturn is of delays, frustrations, patience, mastery, and repetitive work. Ultimately, this is the same energy often present when undergoing karmic debt and cycles.

The house placement of Saturn and any difficult aspects of other planets should be studied to determine the impact. Your karma is especially heavy if you have Saturn in your 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 12th house. However, a complete evaluation of the birth chart is needed to determine the severity and effect.

Having Mars, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto in your 12th, 8th, and 4th house also highlights your karma. 12th house placements indicate suffering in isolation, 8th house placements bring painful endings and sudden chaos in joint ventures, and 4th house placements indicate ancestral turmoil and disruption.

The lunar nodes are primarily used in karmic astrology to determine karma from past lives and the movement away from that karma. The sign and house placement of your south node indicate the energy you need to clear from your past life. Look to the energy of the North Node to know how to move away from it.

Karmic astrology can be highly nuanced and intricate, so it’s usually best to consult with an experienced astrologer to get the most out of your chart. Doing so can provide accurate insight into your chart’s karmic indicators.

5. You Notice Karmic Numbers in Your Numerology

Calculating your numerology chart can help you determine karma and how it will manifest in your life. While all numbers reduce to one digit in numerology, the karmic numbers to look out for are 13, 14, 16, and 19. Therefore, numbers 4, 5, 7, and 1 anywhere in your numerology chart mean karmic debt.

Karmic number 13 or 4 denotes that you may have been somewhat lazy, disorganized, and pessimistic in your past life. Therefore, your karma requires focus and building solid foundations in this lifetime. You may have even grown up in a dysfunctional household, which will push you to seek stability in this lifetime.

The number 14 or 5 can indicate that you previously abused your freedom and will experience a lack of it in this lifetime. As a result, those with this karmic number tend to fall victim to escapism and can deal with addiction issues. Finding balance and avoiding risky behavior is important, as this will help you develop your talents.

If you have the number 16 or 7, you may have been very egotistical in a past life. So in this lifetime, you will experience constant death and rebirth as a means to humble yourself. You learn to transcend the ego through constant destruction and connect with your intuition to develop powerful psychic gifts.

Seeing the number 19 or 1 means you may have abused power and been hyper-independent in a past life. In this lifetime, you are tasked with learning to use your power for a good while learning to accept help from others. Accept that you will be challenged and must stand up for yourself.

Identify Your Karma

How To Successfully Clear Karmic Debt

Once you have identified that you have karmic debt, it’s essential to take steps toward clearing it from your life. Doing so will help remove delays and painful lessons from your current and future incarnations. Ultimately, clearing your karmic debt allows you to evolve as a soul.

Identify the Karma & How it Manifests

Even if you’re aware of your karma, you will still need to pinpoint the specific karmic energy to understand the patterns and dynamics you’re dealing with. By becoming conscious of how your karma manifests, you can take control of your reactions and implement a course of action to clear it.

To identify karma, you need to sit with yourself and reflect on the most troubling aspects of your life. Try to understand the patterns and dynamics that trigger you to feel hopeless and in a constant cycle of pain. I suggest you take up journaling as it allows your subconscious to reveal relevant hidden information.

For example, I have karma regarding my family and self-worth. These two are highly correlated based on my experiences from my past lifetimes. I identified this karma and how it manifested by reflecting on my life’s most notable negative energies and how they played out.

However, identifying my karma did not happen overnight, and I received a lot of insight by speaking with a psychic. I recommend you chat with a psychic who specializes in karma so you can get detailed insight without any doubts.

Find Ways to Counterbalance It

Once you have identified the type of karma you are working with and can clearly see how it continues to manifest, you have a better chance of finding a solution to heal it. With that in mind, stay patient with the process and accept the fact that clearing karma does not happen overnight.

That said, the best way to clear karma is to counterbalance it with routines, mindfulness, and inner work. You need to focus on the patterns that are causing you misery and find ways to break them.

For example, if you struggle with a scarcity mindset, you’re likely healing money-related karma. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to learn to detach from material items through affirmations and to learn to give back. You can do so through volunteering or even donating to charity. The key is to correct the negative energy.

Additionally, if abuse is generational in your family, you must identify what causes the patterns and seek ways to correct those voids. Doing so can address the root cause of the abuse and never repeat it with those around you. This is especially powerful when and if you decide to have children.

Don’t let the slow process of clearing karma deter you, as it is needed to help you evolve to the next stage as a soul. Remember that some karma is intense and too complicated to heal in one lifetime, so do the best that you can and don’t overthink it. Even if you haven’t cleared all your karma, you can still live a fulfilling life.

Commit to a Spiritual Practice

Sticking to spiritual practice is a great way to accumulate positive karma, which can help propel you out of your karma’s negative effects. However, this can only be done once you’ve identified your karma and balanced it through doing inner work.

But you can still attract good karma even if you haven’t completely cleared your past karma. That being said, you need to be making conscious efforts to continue clearing it away. If you don’t accept that clearing karma will often continue to pop up, you may stop doing the work and block future blessings.

Some of the best spiritual practices to pick up include daily gratitude, affirmations, and meditation. These routines will help you raise your vibration, let you live with more mindfulness, and help you to stick to a code of ethics. Spiritual practices will also help you connect with your soul so you can take inspired action.

By being virtuous and having spiritual practices, you put a stop to collecting more karma. You will help yourself heal from your current karmic debt and create more positive karma for yourself in future timelines. This is ultimately how you break the cycle of karma and transcend into a higher grade of consciousness.

Clear Your Karmic Debt

Best Sites For Past Life Readings

To complement the suggestions above, I highly suggest consulting with an astrologer or psychic specializing in past-life readings and karmic debt. They can help you uncover blind spots that keep you from noticing karmic patterns and provide you with an objective course of action. Plus, their insights will be unique.

I have hand-picked only the best platforms that rank highly on the scale of accuracy, trustworthiness, and reputation. You can get one step closer to clearing out your karmic debt by exploring these sites.

1. California Psychics — Best For Past Life and Karma Readings

California Psychics

  • Less than 2% of readers are accepted
  • Save money with its Rewards Program
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • User-friendly app
  • Accessible customer support

California Psychics gives you access to several free features, such as detailed horoscope reports, compatibility analyses, and one-click tarot card readings. These features are great because they provide straightforward insight into your karma, which can save you from paying for minutes with an advisor.

You can be assured of having some of the best readers to choose from, thanks to California Psychics’ stringent screening process of readers. In fact, the site accepts less than 2% of psychic applicants. This means you have a high chance of having a heartfelt session filled with personal insights, which can help clear your karmic debt.

I particularly enjoyed using California Psychics’ app, which greatly enhances your user experience. The app’s sleek and aesthetic design, combined with its intuitive features, make it easier to find a suitable psychic. Plus, it’ll give you peace of mind as there’s a very low chance of encountering technical issues during your live session.

In addition to reliable customer support, you’ll benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee if your reading falls through. This safety net helps you focus on your reading without fear of losing time and money. If you find it difficult to trust online platforms, you’ll feel comfortable using California Psychics.

Truthfully, I wish California Psychics offered video readings because I prefer eye contact during my sessions. However, its phone readings can be just as powerful and provide added privacy.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Receive Accurate Karmic Advice on the Go

Purple Garden

  • 2% cashback on all readings
  • Affordable rates
  • Video readings available
  • Detailed FAQ section
  • Chat transcripts and call replay option

When you have a tight budget but don’t wish to compromise quality, Purple Garden won’t disappoint. You can find psychics with starting rates for only $0.99 per minute, which is less than most platforms. And since the platform screens its psychics, you won’t need to pay high fees for sound karmic advice.

As I explored Purple Garden, I was relieved to see that it offers you the option for video readings. This is not a feature you can find on every reputable platform, and it’s very useful if you prefer face-to-face interaction with your reader. My live video reading helped me connect on a deeper spiritual level with my psychic.

Perhaps the most convenient part about Purple Garden is its free app, which lets you get a past life reading from wherever you may be. If something comes up while you’re traveling and need instant advice, you can get it on Purple Garden. The mobile app is handy if you’re on the go, as you don’t need to be home to get insight.

I also appreciate that you can go back to old readings and remember what was said. This is important, especially with past-life readings, because the information can be shocking and cause you to forget important advice. Access to reading logs allows you to reflect on what was said to deepen your spiritual understanding.

While I feel that Purple Garden is trustworthy, I find that newer clients would feel more comfortable using its services if it offered a satisfaction guarantee. However, you are never obligated to continue with a reading if it’s not going well, as you can hang up whenever you’d like.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Connect With High Rated Advisors and Get Clarity

Best Sites For Past Life Readings

  • The first 5 minutes for $1
  • Earn credits on every dollar spent
  • 200+ psychic advisors
  • Message readers directly
  • Free esoteric articles

Keen has been in business for over 20 years and is one of the most recognized psychic platforms out there. Its strong reputation has attracted over 200 of the most accurate readers to service people like you who yearn for deeper spiritual awareness and want clear insight into past life karma.

When I was browsing Keen, I was happy to see that it offers 5 minutes for $1. I found this to be a great deal because you can test more than one reader without spending lots of money. So if you’re picky with readers, you won’t feel frustrated.

Additionally, its transparent advisor reviews help you make an informed decision on who is best equipped to give you insight. With past life readings, it’s evermore important to feel good about your choice because sensitive information can emerge. This means having the right advisor to deliver insights can make a huge difference.

Thankfully on Keen, you have the option to directly message advisors before you commit to a reading. Contacting readers is a significant benefit because you can ask clarifying questions that may not be readily available on their profile. This will help you squash doubts and make you happy with your choice.

With that said, I think that Keen could improve the response time with its customer support. It can take about 2-3 days to get a response since there is no hotline or live chat, which means you must submit a contact form. However, I appreciate how in-depth its FAQ section is, as it helps you resolve simple issues on your own.

Explore Keen

FAQs On Karmic Debt

What is karmic debt?

Karmic debt typically relates to energy that needs to be balanced out in this lifetime from a past one. Many people have misconceptions about karmic debt and think it’s an uncontrollable force beyond you. However, Karmic debt is actually something we accept before the incarnation and understand to be challenging.

Working through karmic debt allows you to correct your mistakes from past lifetimes so that you can evolve beyond those limitations. Ultimately, karma is neutral because it aims to help you evolve and grow. Due to this, it can manifest differently for everyone and holds a unique lesson for each of us.

Be aware that karmic debt can be good and bad. You can have karmic debt owed to you from good deeds of the past, but you can also owe it to others for your negative behaviors. When you find out how to correctly identify karmic debt, you can prevent it from manifesting the life of your highest timeline.

How do I pay off karmic debt?

Paying off karmic debt can be nuanced, but essentially, you must find a way to balance out the karmic energy. This can only be done by identifying the nature of the karma and noticing how it tends to manifest in your physical or internal reality. It can be tricky because we are often blind to our karmic patterns.

However, you can avoid the frustration of being delayed by blind spots when you consult with an expert who specializes in helping others work through karma. Doing so will get you solid direction and provide you with the support to start working through your karmic debt.

How do I break a karmic cycle?

You can break a karmic cycle by healing the lesson it’s trying to teach you. You do this by cutting the cord to the habits and people associated with the karmic cycle, as your attachment to them keeps you in the cycle. This can be easier said than done, as karmic cycles are typically things of comfort and codependency.

Karmic cycles can sometimes manifest as attachments to addictions, mentalities, relationships, and places. They are pain points that are meant to make you hit rock bottom so you can change your way of being and move upwards. Having a spiritual practice can help bring you clarity on what it is that is no longer serving you.

How can I find my karmic lesson?

You can find your karmic lesson by going within and engaging in deep reflection. I suggest meditating on your karmic lesson and having a notebook handy, so you can write down what comes through. If you believe in spirit guides, ask them to bring clarity during your meditation and guide you toward uncovering your lesson.

If you find this difficult, check your astrology chart to see where and how your karma manifests. Your astrology chart is a powerful tool because it’s the map of your soul and current incarnation, therefore, your karma will be highlighted in it. By analyzing it, you can get straightforward insights into your karmic lesson.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that living your karma out can feel painful, isolating, and never-ending. However, if you are conscious of its influence and take the proper steps to identify it, you can appreciate the journey of clearing it out for good. Trust that karma is forgiving and that you always have the chance to right your wrongs.

By clearly understanding the details of karmic debt, you will feel empowered to tackle the challenges that come with the karma you’re working through. I encourage you to try out the suggestions I’ve highlighted, as I believe they will lead you closer to living the life you’ve always imagined.

That said, if you still feel stuck navigating your karma and would feel stronger with the support of a past-life specialist, I suggest you seek it out. I have gotten great insight from experts on California Psychics, and I feel you would too. You can get in touch with a past life advisor and receive a generous discount on your first reading.

Chat With an Expert

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