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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 28, 2022

How Do I Know If I Have Karmic Debt? (and How to Settle It)

How Do I Know If I Have Karmic Debt? (and How to Settle It)

Does it seem like you’re always in a bad situation? Do you notice a pattern of negative outcomes in your life? If you find yourself in recurring bad relationships, financial troubles, or negative emotional states, then you might have some karmic debt.

This isn’t a bad thing though. When I realized my karmic debt and began to embrace and repay it, my knowledge of self and the universe improved, and my life path and destiny became much clearer.

I’ll give you some tips on how to calculate and settle your karmic debt so that you too can lead a positive and fulfilling life. Or you can speak to a past life psychic who can provide you with guidance.

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What Karma Is (and Isn’t)

Most of us have an idea of what Karma is. The popular definition has to do with reaping what you sow – what goes around comes around. While this does a decent job of capturing the principle of Karma, there’s a lot more to know.

Karma isn’t the ominous shadow that threatens revenge for every bad thing you might have done. Instead, karma could be seen as a teacher giving you lessons and rewarding you based on your performance.

Karma isn’t always bad; karma could also be good, pouring a bounty of great rewards into your life for living according to its lessons.

The principle of karma is rooted in Buddhism, where reincarnation is a key part of the cycle of life. Therefore, whatever lessons karma has in store for you could last beyond your current lifetime, or be the result of the actions you took in a previous lifetime.

When you fail to live according to the lessons of karma (by doing something bad, for instance), you rack up a karmic debt. Your karmic debt follows you to your next lifetime after reincarnation if it hasn’t been paid – and the next, and the next, until it gets paid. That way, you’re given as many chances as possible to get it right and complete your spiritual journey.

Also, if you’ve been wronged by someone to the extent that they incur karmic debt, you will continue to reincarnate until you forgive them and that person pays the debt, allowing your spiritual journey to be completed too.

Signs You Have Karmic Debt

Buddhists believe that reincarnation doesn’t mean you must be a human in your next life – you could be an ant or even a tree. The state you’re in when you reincarnate is a sign of your karmic debt – if you have any.

Your “state” applies to the issues you’re facing in your current life. This could involve recurring financial problems, a repeatedly unhealthy love life, or addictive behaviors. Your current lifetime’s state is indicative of whether or not you owe karmic debt.


Karmic Debt Numbers

There are 4 possible karmic debt numbers, each consisting of a pair of numbers – one double-digit number that results in one single-digit number. The double-digit number is key to finding out your karmic debt, as each number describes the character trait that you need to work on in order to repay your debt.

Here’s a quick look at the 4 karmic debt numbers:

  • 13/4 – Number 13 indicates laziness. This could mean you took advantage of others in your previous life, lived off them, or were just lazy overall, taking shortcuts at every turn. If you continue on this path in your current lifetime, your karmic debt will increase and carry through to your next life. Instead, do the opposite – be motivated in your line of work, find the right work-life balance, and be of service to others.
  • 14/5 – Number 14 indicates control. In your previous life or lives, you just had to be in control of everything and everyone. It could also mean you actually lacked control, which could manifest as irresponsible and addictive behavior that let your loved ones down. Find a balance this time around – maintain your personal control while respecting that of others.
  • 16/7 – Number 16 has to do with your ego. You were just too infatuated with yourself in your previous life, which affected others and probably you too. Perhaps you were arrogant, made self-destructive decisions, or ruined your relationships because of your ego. Humble yourself in this lifetime and deflate your ego.
  • 19/1 – Number 19 represents selfishness. You only cared about your personal gain and selfish interests without thinking about others. In this lifetime, think more about others and their needs and avoid being selfish.

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How to Calculate Your Karmic Debt Numbers

Each karmic debt number pair is formed by adding the 2 digits in the double-digit number to come up with the single-digit number – there must be a single-digit number, so you have to simplify until you find it.

For instance, the karmic debt number 13/4 is 1 + 3, which is 4. And the karmic debt number 19/1 is 1+9, which is 10, which is 1 + 0, which is 1.

You can calculate your karmic debt number by adding up the digits in your birth date. There are 3 ways, which might result in one or more karmic debt numbers, or none at all:

  1. Your birthday
  2. Your personality numbers (sum of your birth month and birthday)
  3. Your life path number (sum of your birth year, birth month, and birthday)

For instance, if you were born on October 24, 1984, you can start by adding up the digits in your birthday: 24 = 2+4 = 6.

The number 6 doesn’t produce any karmic debt number, so move on to your personality numbers: 10 (October), 24 (already calculated as 6) = 1+0+6 = 7. This indicates the karmic debt number 16 (recall 16/7).

Check further to know if you have any debt by calculating your life path numbers: 1984, 10 (already calculated as 1), and 24 (calculated as 6). Start with the year 1+9+8+4 = 22. Simplify the double-digit result until you get a single-digit number: 22 = 2+2 = 4. Add this to your personality and birthday numbers: 4 + 1 + 6 = 11. Simplify further to get a single-digit number: 1+1 = 2. In this case, the life path number doesn’t indicate any karmic debt, so your debt is based only on your personality numbers above, 16/7.

In the event that none of your calculations produce any karmic debt numbers, it is possible that you don’t owe anything and you have zero karmic debt. However, this is not absolute.

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How to Repay Karmic Debt

Now that you know what the karmic debt numbers are and how to calculate yours, I’ll leave you with some tips that have really helped me reduce and repay my karmic debt:

First, paying your karmic debt requires acknowledging it, and then living in a way that atones for those debts. However, your repayment should be based on the debt itself, so you’d have to know what you did to incur your karmic debt, and then do the opposite in this lifetime.

If your date of birth doesn’t result in any karmic debt numbers, you can still be proactive. Identify your weak points in life – any recurring failures or bad behavior – and then work to change it. That way, you will pile up karmic credits to reduce your debt and move forward in your spiritual journey.

Take note of the people around you. Do they contribute to your spiritual growth, or are they mostly negative? Cut off negative energy and keep positive people around you to resolve and avoid karmic relationships. This will help you maintain fulfilling relationships, both for you and others around you, which can only do well to repay your karmic debt.

And finally, seeking advice from a professional is always a wise step. You will find experienced psychics on trusted websites like Keen Psychics, who specialize in Akashic Records, past life regressions, and other readings that can help point you in the right direction to clear your karmic debt.

Best Sites for Past Life Psychics

1. California Psychics – Huge Selection of Psychics and Discounted Rates for New Customers

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California Psychics has plenty of psychics to help you with your life endeavors. You can find a psychic that does past life readings using tarot and a past life regression psychic in the same place. Plus, its navigation bar makes it easy to find a psychic because you can narrow your search by reading type, ability, and medium.

Its prices start at $1 a minute for new users, which lasts up to 20 minutes, making it affordable. When this is finished, you can consult a psychic for a rate of $4 per minute. If that’s pricy, you can get a $20 credit and rewards points through the Karma rewards system, which you can use to get a discount.

The site’s navigation system makes it easy to use. Its search bar lets you search for a psychic by name, topic, tools, and skills, whereas most other websites only let you search by name or topic. Also, the menu also makes it easy to choose the best psychic for you.

Since past life psychics is a reading category, you don’t have to hunt for a past life specialist. The only thing I would have liked to see is a way to narrow by topic and medium at the same time through the menu bar.

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2. Keen Psychics – Affordable, Highly Experienced Psychics & $1.99 for your first 10 minutes

  • Tool to match you to your ideal psychic
  • Inexpensive to start- $1.99 for your first 10 minutes
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Keen Psychics has an introductory offer of $1.99 for your first 10 minutes, which makes getting a past life reading inexpensive. This is one of my favorite introductory offers, as 10 minutes is enough to give the site a fair try without shelling out tons of money.

But you won’t be sacrificing quality at those prices, as Keen Psychics has a feature that lets you contact a reader directly. You could use this tool to ask them about their level of experience or negotiate their rates if a psychic you like is outside of your budget.

One of my favorite tools on their website is their “Find a Psychic Tool.” It matches you with the best psychic for you based on your wants and needs, so it’s great if you don’t know where to start. And if you don’t like your reading, you can take advantage of Keen Psychic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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3. Purple Garden – Best Site for Live Readings

Purple Garden
  • Live video readings
  • Rates as low as $0.99 a minute
  • Interactive and intuitive home page

Purple Garden is a great option if you’re after a personified reading. Its live video readings give you that extra bit of person-to-person interaction, which you can’t find on most other sites. I felt more connected to my reader as I could see them live.

Its homepage has categories for the most accurate and trending psychics, which users vote on. I like this feature because it’s a great starting point if you’re struggling to find a psychic reader to consult.

Finally, its rates are more affordable than most of their competitors. You can speak with a psychic for as little as $0.99 per minute, and that’s without any promotional offers. This makes Purple Garden one of the best psychic websites for people on a budget.

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Taking steps to repay your karmic debt will improve your quality of life now and in future lifetimes. Remember, karma is not vengeful; karma is forgiving – giving you chance after chance to live your life the right way and enjoy spiritual growth.

Finding out what your karmic debt is the first step. To get even better advice, get a reading from a reputable psychic website with experienced advisors and lead your life accordingly.

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