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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 26, 2022

How Exactly Do Pet Psychics Speak to Animals?

How Exactly Do Pet Psychics Speak to Animals?

You wanting to know how to communicate with your pet and understand what they’re thinking is not odd – it makes you a loving pet owner.

Forget those inventions that claim to translate your dog’s barks and cat’s meows into English – they don’t work. However, scheduling a reading with a pet psychic who can communicate with your pet, does.

If you’re like me, you’re probably skeptical about whether this is possible. This is what you need to know.

How Do Pet Psychics Speak to Animals?

The first thing you need to know about how psychics communicate with animals is that they don’t use language. A pet psychic doesn’t hear your animal speaking to them, (and if they say they do, then they’re probably not a legit psychic). Instead, pet psychics communicate with animals through images, visions, and energy.

For example— when a psychic establishes a connection with your pet, they may communicate a message to them by concentrating on an image in their mind, so that they can transmit this image to the pet. The opposite also works: your pet may communicate with the psychic by thinking of an image or memory.

Each psychic is different though and uses their unique gifts and abilities to conduct these readings. If your pet is feeling depressed or ill, an energy reader may be able to pick up on this and explain the cause of your pet’s unusual behavior. They can also pick up on positive energies, such as gratitude or affection, especially in pets that are rescue animals.

What Happens During a Pet Psychic Reading?

During a pet psychic reading on a site such as Keen Psychics, it’s very likely that your psychic will ask you to share a photo of your pet. As with photos of people, pet psychics can sense a great deal just by looking at an image of your furry family member. They may also ask you to describe your relationship with your pet, so as to get a better understanding of the energy that exists between the two of you. Really talented pet psychics may not even need more than a photo to be able to tell you a great deal about the connection between you and your pet.

Again, psychic abilities and methods vary, but it’s likely that your psychic may spend a few moments in silence as they establish a connection between themselves and your pet. They’ll concentrate on transmitting images and energies back and forth. After a connection is established, they’ll focus on sharing whatever messages your pet wants to relay and then tell you how your pet responds.

Why Schedule a Pet Psychic Reading

As you might’ve guessed, the primary reason for scheduling a reading with a pet psychic is to finally understand what your pet is thinking. But there are other important reasons aside from satisfying your curiosity.

If you’ve just adopted or brought home a new pet, you might want to solicit the services of a pet psychic on Keen Psychics to ensure your new addition feels happy and safe. Animals who come from difficult circumstances often have a hard time establishing trust with their new owners, and rightfully so. A pet psychic can help immensely with this transition

Another reason why you might want to meet with a pet psychic is if your companion has been behaving unusually. If they’ve stopped eating, are no longer affectionate, or are exhibiting aggressive behavior that’s out of character for them, a pet psychic can help shed some light on this. It’s very common for pets to start acting out or behaving differently when they’re sick or in pain. A pet psychic can help you understand what’s bothering your pet. But of course, pet psychics are no substitutes for vets.

Finally, you might want to schedule a reading with a pet psychic if you know that your companion is approaching the end of their life. Whether your pet is suffering from an incurable condition or is simply up there in age, it can bring you great comfort to definitively communicate with them during their last days. A pet psychic can help you make sure your animal knows just how much they’ve meant to you.

Bottom Line

Our pets have distinctive personalities and undeniable energies. And while they may not speak the same language as us, that shouldn’t stop you from communicating with them. Whether you have something important to tell your pet, are searching for an explanation for their unusual behavior, or just want them to know how much you love them, a pet psychic is a great way to deliver your message.

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