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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on February 29, 2024

How Much Does a Good Fortune Teller Cost in 2024?

How Much Does a Good Fortune Teller Cost in 2024?

The insights of a fortune teller can give you direction and a sense of optimism for your future. But if you’re new to the practice, you may feel lost with much a good fortune teller should cost. While cost isn’t always reflective of quality, it can certainly play a factor in the search for a reputable fortune teller you can trust.

While it’s not uncommon to see gifted and experienced fortune tellers with high rates, it’s important to get what you pay for. And as a psychic myself, I want to make sure you get the answers you’re after at an affordable price. Based on my experience, I’ll give you a breakdown of how much you should expect to pay for a good fortune teller.

In case you’re short on time, I’ll get into the rates on my go-to site, California Psychics. As a newbie, you can get a session with a credible fortune teller for anywhere between $1 to $4/min. Regardless of the rate you choose, you can rest assured each fortune teller on the site has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed.

Connect With a Credible Fortune Teller

How Much Does the Average Fortune Teller Cost?

The average rate of a fortune teller will range because there are many factors that can influence the price. Rates will fluctuate depending on location, so expect to pay more in larger cities compared to smaller towns. For a good fortune teller in a big city, you can pay anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour.

The advantage of online fortune telling services is that rates tend to be standardized and even across competitors, you can expect around the same rates. Additionally, most fortune teller sites offer discounted packages for newcomers so you can save a considerable amount. On average, an online session with a reputable fortune teller can cost $60 to $150 an hour.

It’s important to note that the correlation between cost and service quality isn’t always straightforward. Some exceptionally skilled fortune tellers opt for lower rates for reasons such as client base building, beliefs about accessibility, or promotional periods. When selecting a fortune teller, the key is to trust your intuition and establish a genuine connection.

Why Do Fortune Tellers Vary in Price? — The 5 Common Reasons

Like with most services, fortune tellers can have a variety of rates that may leave you wondering why. Here are some of the most common reasons why there isn’t a set price for fortune telling.

1. Years of Experience & Popularity

In the realm of fortune telling, the pricing structure often mirrors the reader’s experience and popularity. Established fortune tellers with years of honing their craft and building a loyal clientele typically have higher rates. As a fortune teller’s reputation grows, so does the demand for their services which enables them to make adjustments to their pricing.

Therefore, it’s important to consider not only the cost but also the fortune teller’s track record, testimonials, and the depth of their skills. However, most reputable online platforms will run promotions that allow you to test a higher-ticket fortune teller for less. These can be great opportunities to see if you connect with the fortune teller without spending a lot.

2. Varying Price Structures

Price structures vary depending on where you go for your fortune telling. In-person readings can range considerably since it’s typically up to the fortune teller and many will charge a flat rate. For instance, you may not have a choice for a shorter session and instead have to pay the flat rate for an hour with that fortune teller.

Alternatively, online fortune tellers tend to have per minute rates that grant you more financial freedom. You can opt for a 15 minute session if that’s your preference and control how much you spend on a given fortune teller. This can be helpful when you’re still testing your options since you can limit your interactions with less insightful readers.

3. A.I. Generated vs. Genuine Sessions

With the development of A.I, there has been an increase in A.I generated fortune telling. A.I generated readings are general and meant to reach a large audience, so they’re not the most reliable for accurate predictions. And while A.I readings may be more cost effective, they lack the intimacy and legitimacy of a genuine fortune teller.

On the other hand, sessions with live fortune tellers will be more costly. Basically, any service provided by a human rather than a machine or computer will always be more expensive. Although A.I readings may be suitable for tight budgets, a genuine fortune teller is far more trustworthy.

4. Duration of Reading

The length of a fortune-telling session directly affects the cost. Longer sessions generally come with higher fees, reflecting the additional time and energy invested by the fortune teller. A 30-minute session may cost $50, while a 60-minute session with the same fortune teller could be priced at $90, illustrating the proportional increase in cost based on time.

The same can be said about the types of fortune telling sessions available. For instance, some multi-talented fortune tellers may charge more depending on the complexity of the reading. If that’s what you’re after, an online fortune teller is always ideal because they typically charge per minute rather than per skillset.

5. Geographical Location

As previously mentioned, the location of the fortune teller plays a role in pricing. Those operating in major cities or high-demand areas may charge more to offset elevated living costs and meet the demand for their services. Online fortune tellers also tend to be more affordable because they have less overhead costs.

Additionally, online sessions allow you to connect with fortune tellers from all over the world. This gives you the ability to select more renowned fortune tellers and you’re not limited in choice based on your location.

Different Types of Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is an umbrella term for any practice that aims to predict the future. Although not everyone that uses the following tools uses them to read into the future, they can be used for that too.

A deck of cards with symbolic imagery to interpret past, present, and future events. The reader draws and interprets cards to offer insights into different aspects of life.
Examines the positions of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth to provide insights into their personality, behavior, and potential future events.
Analyzes the lines, mounts, and shapes on an individual’s palms to reveal information about their personality, relationships, and destiny.
A practice that uses a variety of numerological calculations based on birthdate and name. Each number reveals one’s personality, destiny, and life path.
Involves casting or drawing symbols from a set of runic alphabets onto a surface, with each symbol carrying specific meanings related to various aspects of life.
A practice where the reader gazes into a crystal ball or another reflective surface to receive visions or symbols that are interpreted as glimpses into the future.
Tea Leaf
Interprets patterns formed by tea leaves at the bottom of a tea cup. The shapes and symbols in the leaves are analyzed to reveal insights into a person’s life and future.
Focuses on perceiving and interpreting the energy fields of an individual. Different colors and patterns within the aura are believed to convey information about the person’s emotional and spiritual state.

How Can a Fortune Teller Help?

While many people have stereotypical perspectives on fortune tellers, they’re not as otherworldly as you think. You should look at a fortune teller like you would any other spiritual practitioner. Psychics, tarot readers, and even healers can be coined fortune tellers if they focus their practice on predicting potential future events.

With that in mind, fortune tellers aren’t there to scare you or reveal your deepest and darkest secrets. A fortune teller is there to counsel you on decision making and to offer support in navigating difficult situations. When you can’t get objective advice from those around you, a fortune teller can be the best unbiased confidant.

Since the future is ever changing, nobody can predict it with 100% certainty. However, skilled fortune tellers can get glimpses into potential future events so you can navigate them with anticipation. A fortune teller can even give you confirmation about certain feelings you’ve had and give you the spiritual tools to navigate your journey with more confidence.

Best Sites for Reputable Fortune Tellers in 2024 — Full List

I’ve tested the most reputable fortune teller sites of 2024 and want to share my top picks with you. All of the platforms have long-standing reputations, affordable rates, and a generous selection of high quality fortune tellers.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Reputable Fortune Tellers

California Psychics

  • 350+ available readers
  • $1, $2, or $4/min
  • Chat and call readings
  • Karma rewards program
  • Satisfaction guarantee

California Psychics is the top site on my list because it has a good reputation and more than 25 years in business. The site has a strict vetting process where it only accepts 2% of all applicants and it has some of the best fortune tellers I’ve seen. Therefore, it’s a great choice if it’s your first online reading and you want to ensure you get quality predictions.

Aside from its impressive fortune tellers, I appreciate that you can get a worthwhile session with one of its introductory packages. I connected with one of the fortune tellers in the $1/min rank and definitely got my money’s worth. And if you have a little extra to spend, you can get insights from higher ranked fortune tellers for $2 or $4/min.

It’s helpful that each fortune teller’s profiles are so detailed because you aren’t left with lingering questions. Each profile includes types of tools, psychic gifts, topic expertise, and even reading style. Personally, I like knowing the reading style in advance because I prefer more straightforward fortune tellers.

While I’ll admit that the offers on California Psychics aren’t the cheapest, the quality predictions you get are worth it. My fortune teller didn’t ask me for any information and yet got so many details in my life right. That aside, I could tell my fortune teller wanted to establish a connection with me and that she was passionate about her work.

2. Purple Garden — Find the Best Fortune Tellers With Its Badge System

Purple Garden

  • 250+ fortune tellers
  • $10 credit for joining
  • Chat, call, and video sessions
  • Journeys community feature
  • Refunds for technical issues

Purple Garden is a solid alternative because it has many features that help you find the best fortune tellers. One of them is the badge system, where there are badges on the profiles of readers with outstanding strengths. The badge I always look for is the “Top Accuracy” one because I know that particular fortune teller gives accurate predictions.

I’m also a fan of Purple Garden’s Journeys feature because you can get first-hand recommendations. Since it’s in thread-board style, you can post asking for the best fortune tellers and other users will reply. It even serves the function of creating a sense of community, since you can connect with others that are going through similar situations in life.

When it comes to affordability, Purple Garden’s $10 credit is one of the few that let you test a fortune teller for free. So while there is no satisfaction guarantee, there’s less risk in trying one of its readers when you use the credit. That way, you can see if you feel a connection with the fortune teller and extend the reading if things go well.

3. Keen — Narrow Down Your Ideal Fortune Tellers With Detailed Filters

Best Sites for Reputable Fortune Tellers in 2024 — Full List

  • 200+ fortune tellers
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • Chat and call readings
  • Mail fortune tellers for free
  • Satisfaction guarantee

When it comes to finding the best fortune tellers, Keen stands out thanks to its detailed search filters. Since fortune tellers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can tailor your search for the types of skill sets you’re after. I wanted a fortune teller that was skilled in tarot and also clairvoyant which was possible to find in under 5 minutes with the filters.

Additionally, I feel Keen is a budget-friendly option for fortune telling because of its accessible regular rates. As a newcomer you’ll qualify for 5 minutes with any fortune teller and only pay $1. But even after the 5 minutes are up, you won’t break the bank if you wish to extend your session since many readers charge around $2/min.

While 5 minutes can feel like a short time, you can make sure you’re choosing the best reader with its free mail feature. I use this feature when I feel torn between choices because I can contact all of my top fortune tellers without a booking. I typically ask follow-up questions to learn more about their experience and get a feel for their vibe.

4. Psychic Source — Browse Fortune Tellers of 30+ Years Experience

Best Sites for Reputable Fortune Tellers in 2024 — Full List

  • 250+ fortune tellers
  • $1/min plus 3 minutes free
  • Chat, call, and video readings
  • Audio messages on profiles
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Psychic Source has been around the longest out of all the sites on my list and with that, comes experienced fortune tellers. You can easily find readers that have been on the site for 30+ years and more impressively, 40+ years of reading experience all together. Because of that, you’ll find more nurturing fortune tellers that make you feel cared for.

My favorite thing about Psychic Source is that it offers chat, call, and video sessions at the same price point. There are no extra fees for call or video sessions and you get the advantage of freedom of choice. This guarantees your comfort while you connect with your fortune teller, especially if you prefer a face-to-face interaction.

You’ll notice that Psychic Source’s interface is not as eye-catching as the other sites on my list. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking there are no practical features. Take the audio messages on profiles as an example. The audio messages save you time and give you the opportunity to hear your fortune teller’s voice.

5. PathForward — Enjoy a Lengthy Session With It Generous Offer

Psychic Source

  • 50+ available readers
  • $0.83/min & up to 5 minutes free
  • Connect via chat and call
  • Callback feature
  • Peace of mind guarantee

One of the most enticing things about readings on PathForward is the competitive introductory rate. You can unlock its rate of $0.83/min and if you purchase the 30 minute package, you’ll get an additional 5 minutes free. Basically, you can get a 35 minute reading for $25 which means there’s no need to rush and you get more time with your fortune teller.

I’m glad that despite the low rates on PathForward the majority of its fortune tellers have 5 star ratings. Even if you look through each fortune teller’s testimonials you’ll be impressed by the raving comments left by other users. After having my own session, I understood why since my fortune teller was very sincere, honest, and helpful.

Since there are less fortune tellers on PathForward, sometimes you have to wait in a queue for your reader. But, when this happened to me I used the callback feature and could go on with my day without waiting around. You can program the hour you’ll be available until and get a call from your fortune teller when they’re free to chat.

Comparison: What’s the Average Cost of a Good Fortune Teller?

Introduction Offer Starting Rate Number of Fortune Tellers Satisfaction Guarantee?
California Psychics $1, $2, or $4/min $4/min 350+ Yes
Purple Garden $10 credit $0.99/min 250+ No
Keen 5 minutes for $1 $1.99/min 200+ Yes
Psychic Source $1/min plus 3 minutes free $4.99/min 250+ Yes
PathForward $0.83/min & 5 minutes free $4.99/min 50+ Yes

Tips on Selecting the Best Fortune Telling Site

  • Research and Reviews: Look for sites with positive reviews and satisfied customers to ensure a reputable experience. There’s nothing more telling than the types of reviews being left under various fortune tellers on a site. Take a thorough look to make sure you’re getting a balanced perspective of people’s experiences.
  • Reader Profiles: Check out the quality of information being provided on each fortune teller’s profile. Make sure you can clearly find their years of experience, amount of readings completed, star rating, expertise, tools, psychic gifts, etc. Clear photos of each fortune teller and detailed written bios are signs of a legitimate site.
  • Pricing Transparency: Choose a site with transparent pricing to avoid hidden fees and surprises. Any promotional and regular rates should be clearly displayed on the homepage and on each fortune teller’s profile. Before you begin your session, make sure you get a payment summary to avoid any surprises.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Opt for a site with an intuitive interface for a seamless experience in selecting and scheduling with a fortune teller. It shouldn’t be complicated to browse for fortune tellers or get started on a call. An extra bonus is if you can join the site in under 5 minutes.
  • Privacy and Security: Prioritize sites with strong privacy policies and secure payment options to protect your personal information. Any legitimate site will have a clear privacy policy stating that your personal information will not be shared with fortune tellers. Check for a lock or key on the URL bar to make sure the page is secure.

FAQs on Fortune Tellers

How do I know I’ll get my money’s worth with my fortune teller?

Most fortune tellers and fortune telling sites don’t guarantee accuracy. However, if you get a reading on a reputable site with a satisfaction guarantee, you can get a refund if your reading is below par. You can avoid this from happening by doing your due diligence on the fortune teller you choose by reading through their reviews.

More importantly, make sure to browse for fortune tellers on reputable platforms that vet all applicants. This serves as an additional safety net because you have a higher guarantee of connecting with legitimate fortune tellers. Any sites that test their applicant’s skills would have already weeded out any questionable readers to begin with.

Do fortune tellers have money-back guarantees?

Some of them do. From personal experience, it’s much less likely to find an in-person fortune teller with a money-back guarantee. That’s because they usually have higher overhead costs and any sessions they must refund comes straight out of their pocket. Because of that, they usually have a strict policy against refunds once the session is complete.

Alternatively, you will often find satisfaction guarantees on the majority of reputable fortune telling sites. Keep in mind that this doesn’t equal a money-back guarantee as you’re more likely to be credited back to your account or be connected with a new fortune teller for free. That said, you can find sites with a money-back guarantee; you just have to double check.

How accurate are fortune tellers’ predictions?

Reputable fortune tellers can be very accurate. However, it’s important to approach fortune telling with an understanding that the future is not set in stone, and fortune tellers offer insights rather than certainties. The accuracy depends on the skill, experience, and intuitive abilities of the fortune teller, as well as the openness of the individual.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a fortune-telling session is to gain guidance and perspective. Approach the experience with an open mind, understanding that the value lies in the insights gained and the potential for personal growth rather than rigid predictions. However, it’s equally as important to get your money’s worth so opt for sites with satisfaction guarantees.

Bottom Line

Connecting with a good fortune teller can make a difference when you want objective advice and insights into the possibilities of the future. That said, nothing is worse than walking out of a service to find out you’ve overpaid. Having an idea for how much a good fortune teller costs will save you from buyer’s remorse and get you the support you’re needing.

For a balance between cost and quality, I suggest checking out the fortune tellers on California Psychics. I’ve had some of my best readings on the site and am always impressed by the selection of experienced fortune tellers. Its introductory packages are helpful when testing out an online fortune teller for the first time since you can get started for $1/min.

To summarize, the best sites for reputable fortune tellers are…

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