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Written by Tracey Copeland Updated on August 27, 2023

How to Attract Virgo Man — 6 Ways to Catch His Eye In 2023

How to Attract Virgo Man — 6 Ways to Catch His Eye In 2023

Virgo men are known to be meticulous, analytical, and intricate, making them quite selective in their preferences. If you’re looking to attract one, then you’ll need a considered and strategic approach, which can seem overwhelming at first.

Luckily, understanding the likes and dislikes of a Virgo man can significantly enhance your chances of success. Based on my knowledge as an Astrologer, I’ve carefully curated 6 tips that help you align with their discerning and selective nature, so you can pursue a Virgo man with greater confidence.

Keep in mind that compatibility and Astrology are complicated. So, while your love interest could have his Sun in Virgo, it doesn’t mean that the rest of his chart is Virgo dominant. This can play a major part in someone’s likes and dislikes, so it’s never a bad idea to get a professional’s second opinion.

Quick Overview: How to Attract a Virgo Man

  1. Let your inner beauty shine — Be neat and clean, but don’t overdo the makeup or glamor. See why a Virgo man prefers a more natural look.
  2. Ask him to fix something — Give him a chance to impress you with his practical skills. Understand why Virgo men love to help others out.
  3. Be in the moment — Show him you can go with the flow and not push for more too soon. Discover how a Virgo man takes the lead in love.
  4. Cook for him — Show off your domestic skills to stand out from the competition. Find out why it pays to let your culinary skills do the talking.
  5. Demonstrate kindness — Virgo man is attracted to kindness, compassion, and a caring heart. Check out why you should let him see you have these qualities.
  6. Opt for dry humour — Since Virgo men tend to be sarcastic in nature, they’ll appreciate a partner with a dry sense of humour. Here’s how to charm his socks off with it. 

What Are Virgo Men Like?

Virgo men are simple yet complex individuals. They’re not flashy or flamboyant but rather selective about their likes. They’re extremely observant men that will notice even the slightest flaw and are always striving to improve in all that they do. Although they could fool the average person into thinking they’re easy going, far more goes on behind the scenes.

Such is largely due to the influence of Mercury, their ruling planet. While it can flavor these men to be a bit nervous, it’s also the reason for their logical, analytical nature. In turn, making Virgo men one of the most considerate, meticulous, and detail oriented men of the zodiac. One things for sure, you won’t have to worry about them forgetting your birthday.

As a Mutable Earth sign, Virgo men are self-proclaimed realists that love to problem solve. They take a grounded and practical approach to life but aren’t the type to stay stuck when things aren’t working. They’re proactive men that are the first to switch things up when needed but like to do it on their own terms.

Traditionally ruling the 6th house in Astrology, a Virgo’s love language is acts of service. And while he may not be the most expressive lover, he’ll show he cares by spending time and energy helping. Virgo men are the type to research the best protein powder for you to buy or quietly fix your disorganized draws. It’s their subtle way of saying that they’re into you.

However, a Virgo man’s perfectionistic nature can become their worst enemy in love, making them prone to idealizing the notion of a “perfect partner”. This can backfire on them too, since they’re even harder on themselves than they are on others. But, don’t let this scare you off, as Virgo men are gentle lovers that have a lot to give to the right partner.

How to Attract Virgo Man and Keep His Interest

Attracting a Virgo man takes patience, social grace, and a certain amount of steely inner strength. He may appear to be a simple man, however, he likes to take the lead while needing a strong guiding hand in his partner. Follow these tips to stand out above the rest.

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Virgo men like simple, so they prefer women that are classically beautiful rather than overdone. These men love the effortless, natural vibe, so make sure you don’t go too heavy on the makeup and try to accentuate your natural features. Since Virgo men are detail oriented, pay attention to refining the delicate touches of your appearance.

You should aim for understated, yet clean, classy, and chic. Pay special attention to personal hygiene and opt for light, floral, or natural perfumes. Make sure you look well-groomed and put-together without looking fake or tacky. Virgo men tend to go for the girl next door type, so think Blake Lively when looking for inspo.

Ask Him to Fix Something

When a Virgo man is into you, he’ll perk up anytime you need a hand. They love to feel useful and will do an exceptional job to receive your praise. So to get this instinctual desire met and ask him to help you fix something you’ve been putting off. It doesn’t have to be big, just a simple task that will make him feel like he’s making a difference in your life.

Now, don’t act like you’re incapable or like you’ll be overly reliant on him all the time, as Virgo men like self-assured women. But, working on a task together or asking for his support will help him bond with you and show him you’re a good team. Just make sure to thank him and make him feel appreciated after, since this is a big thing for Virgo men.

Be in the Moment

Try and build a friendship first as your Virgo man is in no hurry for a hot and heavy romance. Show him you appreciate the journey, not the destination. He will feel less stressed if he can see that you enjoy your time together and don’t play games. Being an Earth sign, Virgo men like down-to-earth women that know how to take things easy. Don’t boast about why you’re such a catch or try and show off, since this can turn a Virgo off.

Virgo men can overthink their relationships, so you really don’t want to give them another reason to. Let your Virgo take the lead when it comes to the development of the relationship and show that you’re happy to take things at his pace. You can check out my top recommendations for love & relationship advice if you feel he’s dragging things out.

Cook for Him

One great tactic to try is to invite him over for a meal. Keep it simple, but hearty, and show him you have made an effort to make something tasty yet nutritious. Virgo men are very health conscious and want a partner to maintain this lifestyle with. Show you listen to his preferences by having his favorite drink ready and perhaps offer up a walk afterwards.

Although they won’t say it, Virgo men love to feel nurtured and cared for. Since they can be a bit rigid at times, they love partners that help soften them up by taking some stress off their backs. So, by planning a dinner and activity you can allow him to relax and unwind. Just make sure you give him a rundown of your plans since Virgo men like to feel prepared.

Demonstrate Kindness

Let him see that you have a caring, decent, and supportive nature, especially by showing kindness to others. Smile at the waiter when they bring your food over. Show him you have social grace and impeccable manners. Talk about your charity activities and mention things you like to do for others.

These men love individuals with tender, giving hearts. Virgo men are compassionate and thoughtful but can sometimes hide it, so they look for partners that make them feel accepted. While Virgo men can come across as picky and critical, they aren’t really looking for this in their partners. They want someone that can bring a soft touch to their lives.

Opt for Dry Humour

If you’ve ever been around a Virgo, you probably would have noticed that their humour is subdued. You’ll never see a Virgo making a huge scene for comedic value, but rather silently snickering to themselves. Virgo men are observant creatures that find humour in the small things and prefer to make sarcastic remarks to poke fun at others. They won’t be the loudest in the room when you make them laugh, but they will smirk in approval.

Since Virgo men love intelligent people, try to make your jokes witty and clever. Don’t make a joke just to try and make them laugh cause they’ll probably find it more annoying than endearing. But, if you can make keen observations and come up with a funny way of expressing them, they’ll quickly want to spend more time around you. And when he makes a joke, don’t gush over him for it but rather answer with something even better.

When Your Virgo Man Is Sending Mixed Signals

The truth of the matter is that sometimes you’re just not meant to be with someone and you can’t bend their free will. However, it’s no secret that Virgo men can be fussy and hard to read. It’s also common for Virgo men to send mixed signals where one day they’re into you and the next they’re not. So, how are you supposed to know if he’s wasting your time?

Well, you could outright ask him about his feelings. But, we all know it’s hard to muster up the courage and prepare for the potential rejection. Plus, Virgo men are chronic overthinkers that could overcomplicate the question and just shut down. When I’m in these types of situations, I like to get the opinion of an objective third-party.

Getting in touch with a reputable psychic for a love reading can get you answers without the anxiety. Many psychics have gifts that allow them to tap into the spiritual realm for accurate answers. For instance, a clairvoyant psychic can receive images in their third eye that reveal the truth about your Virgo’s feelings.

Best Sites for a Love Reading

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for a Psychic Love Reading

California Psychics

  • 450+ love experts to speak to
  • Connect by phone or chat
  • 3 introductory packages from $1-4 min
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Karma Rewards Program

When it comes to love readings, California Psychics is a great option. You’ll have over 450 love experts waiting to help you win over your enigmatic Virgo man. I like how you can sort them by price, star rating, availability, and experience, making it so easy to find the right one.

California Psychics’ sleek website lets you see how long you have to wait for each psychic. Plus you can create a favorites list, view the psychic’s schedule, and book an appointment. I also like how many of the psychics on California Psychics have introductory messages that tell you more about them.

There is a choice of introductory packages for your first reading, with rates of $1, $2, or $4, depending on the psychics’ experience. Once you have purchased your chosen package, the system assigns a psychic to you.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Choice of Call, Chat, or Video Readings with Top Love Psychics

Purple Garden

  • 100’s of top-rated love psychics
  • Offers chat, video, or phone readings
  • Get 2% cashback on readings
  • Refunds offered for technical issues
  • $10 credit towards first reading

Purple Garden offers love readings from just $0.99/minute, to help you better understand what your Virgo man is thinking. You can get a love reading by video, too, which I find is more personal as I get to see my psychic’s face.

The psychics have lots of information in their profiles and I like the simple site design, with lots of icons and visual features that make it fun and easy to use. I especially like the smiley and sad faces in the Purple Garden reviews section and the fact you can click on the negative reviews and read them all.

The site filters are not as advanced as some sites, but there’s introductory messages on all psychics’ profiles that help me find the reader I most like the sound of.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Get Love Advice from Love Experts with 20+ Years Experience

Best Sites for a Love Reading

  • 200+ love and relationship experts
  • Get a phone or chat reading
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • Satisfaction guarantee credit
  • Keen Rewards Program

Keen has over 200 love specialists to browse through and it’s easy to find the one you like. They are all strictly screened, which helps me feel more confident they are genuine. I noticed some of them have been giving readings on Keen for over 20 years, so they are highly experienced.

Another good thing about Keen is that once you select the ‘Love and Relationships’ category, the site lets you filter down even more into specialist love areas such as break-ups, commitment-phobia, LGBTQ issues, or infidelity. I find this really helpful when I want to speak to a Keen love advisor who really understands what I’m facing.

There’s no video option on Keen, but you can opt for a call or chat reading and get your first 5 minutes for $1. I like how I can send a ‘ping’ or email to the psychics, too, if I have any questions before the reading begins.

Discover Keen

FAQs on Attracting a Virgo Man

What impresses a Virgo man?

Virgo man is impressed when you are being your true self, he wants a real girl, not a candy copy. He likes an equal partner, someone who is not a boss, nor someone who will let him get away with behaving badly. It will be a tight balancing act, but you must show him you are loyal and supportive, yet prepared to walk away.

He is most impressed by kindness, sincerity, honesty, and morals. He likes a woman with a healthy glow from within and a holistic lifestyle. He will admire you if you are strong in your convictions and the ideals you uphold. Show him you are passionate, virtuous, and motivated to catch his attention and keep it. Use these tips to catch his attention.

What behavior turns a Virgo man off?

Virgo man is turned off by any displays of emotional mess, so keep your deep feelings to yourself and show him you have a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. He will dislike forceful behavior, clinginess, or trying to rush him into anything. Keep your standards high and don’t reveal everything too quickly, he likes to unravel the mystery a bit at a time. Our overview of what Virgo man is attracted to will help you avoid dating disasters.

What are Virgo men looking for in love?

Virgo man seeks an equal partner who lovingly encourages him to be his best self. He is committed to family and being a provider and protector. He tends to wait for his ideal woman to show up, sometimes for a very long time. Your job is to get him to drop his fantasy of the perfect woman and give it a shot with you instead. Find out more about your Virgo love interest.

Which signs are Virgo men compatible with?

Virgo is highly compatible with the sign of Capricorn. Falling into Virgo’s 5th house, their signs form a supportive trine, denoting love and fun times, and soulmate-type energy. Sparks may fly with Pisces, their opposite sign, and these two will attract each other like magnets, but it can be challenging as they also repel, so balance is needed to make it work.

Water signs Cancer and Scorpio are 2 signs apart from Virgo and form a harmonious sextile aspect so there is easy company, and they inspire and soothe the sometimes angsty Virgo, who can be prone to worrying too much. Taurus is another good match, as a fellow Earth sign they are loyal and dependable, and they will probably get along well. A love psychic from a trusted site can help you find your match.

Which sign is Virgo man not compatible with?

Leo isn’t a great match for Virgo as it’s the sign in their 12th house, which triggers his insecurities and makes him feel out of his depth. Leo is just too flashy, loud, and domineering for quiet and reserved Virgo, and he may cringe at their antics.

Sagittarius is another awkward match, as their signs are forming a tense square, leading to potential drama and conflict. Sagittarius is too independent, adventurous, and hard to pin down. They are not consistent enough and probably too outspoken for Virgo’s delicate and refined nature.

Virgo may also find it hard to work out air signs, especially Gemini, as they are too flirty, fickle, and flighty. Aquarius will probably work better as friends. These Frequently Asked Questions can help you understand Virgo man better.

Bottom Line

Attracting a Virgo man is a great feat as they often have unrealistic expectations of their ideal partner. You will need patience, determination, plus a bit of inside knowledge into what warms this complex character’s heart.

Astrology can help you find the love of your dreams, so contact a love specialist on California Psychics to get tailored advice for your situation. With their help, you will soon have your Virgo man clamoring for your love and attention.

To summarize, the best Psychic Sites for a love reading are…

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Read Review Visit Website

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Read Review Visit Website
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MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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