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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 28, 2022

Were You Reincarnated & Who You Were in a Past Life? (2022)

Were You Reincarnated & Who You Were in a Past Life? (2022)

It’s easy to see reincarnation principles everywhere you go. You can see the cycles of day and night, nature, the earth, sun, solar system, and moon. It’s also possible to see these principles reflected every day around you.

Reincarnation is just the rebirth of life or energy, and it occurs every day in different forms and shapes. Many people believe that reincarnation is intuitive and resonates with nature and might very well be the essence of life.

It’s also possible to see that everything in our lives and around us follows a specific pattern (change, transformation, growth, and evolution). Life always tries to mature, but things go at various rates and velocities. Therefore, for most of us, maturation for the soil happens through reincarnation, which is also instinctive and correct.

Some people have experienced extraordinary memories, feelings, and sensations that can point to the fact that reincarnation is legitimate and real. We’re going to explore many signs that you’ve been to the ‘other side,’ as well as how to find out if you’ve been reincarnated.

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Your Soul and Past Lives

Reincarnation and the ‘past life’ is called transmigration and metempsychosis. These concepts have been around for many centuries and span back to ancient Indian, Asian, Greek, and Celtic traditions. Roughly 51 percent of the world currently believes in an afterlife, with 7 percent thinking that everyone gets reincarnated.

One of the intrinsic beliefs for reincarnation focuses on the fact that most people have lived multiple lives before and might even remember them. Our past ‘selves’ can identify with current situations.

Keep in mind that there are two identities that are dwelling in two different bodies at different times throughout history. While the identity might change, something still stays the same. Something inside you is constant and allows for pure awareness. This can help you experience and observe life in new ways, and it’s what we can call the ‘soul.’

While you or your friend might not have experienced a past life or reincarnation, there is still a soulful essence that’s ever-present, and within us that has.

Your soul and past lives

Signs That Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated in the Past

If you believe reincarnation to be a maturation process or evolution of your soulful energy, it stands to follow that you’ve probably had some different things that happen in life, reflecting that age or energy. It’s believed that most of our personal experiences, characteristics, and capabilities of life review whatever we’ve lived through or endured before while on earth. It’s thought that as we mature more, we are gifted in various areas of our lives to go through a spiritual awakening experience.

The truth is that we’ve all probably been reincarnated, though some of us go through the cycle more often than others and experience these characteristics:

Recurring Dreams

A dream is a reflection of your unconscious mind. Sometimes, repetitive dreams can be from fear, trauma, and other issues your brain can’t process called unfinished business. However, repetition in your dreams can also be a reflection of your past life and those experiences. You may have seen certain people, went to a particular event, or gone to a specific place in your dream. It all feels familiar and recognizable, but you’ve never actually been there before that you can remember. For example, you may dream about a castle from the 15th century and feel that you know it or see the rooms within while outside, even though you’ve never been there.

Strong Intuition

Intuition is just the ability to balance your unconscious and conscious mind while tapping into some deeper innate knowledge or primal wisdom. As you mature more soulfully, you are getting close to returning to that source from where the soul comes. This is where the collective unconscious exists, which is the body of universal knowledge.

Memories Seem out of Place

Young children often have out-of-place memories that were recorded at the time. Later, they’re accurate in almost every detail. These memories could be fantasies or a misunderstanding, but evidence suggests that out of place memories could reveal a connection to a past life.

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Déjà vu

Everyone has experienced a Déjà vu moment before. It’s that near-crazy feeling that you have already lived or experienced a moment before. Usually, it happens spontaneously, which means you don’t know it’s going to happen, and then it hits you. It can be triggered by sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and many other things. Some people believe it is just a neurological dissonance, but others claim that it reflects the notion that there are different dimensions (such as a parallel universe. Still, there are some that think it reveals an experience you did have in a past life.

Precognition and Retrocognition

Precognition is called second or future sight, and it’s the ability to gain information about future events that aren’t likely available. You can experience it through a vision, physical feelings, and sensations, or dreams. Most people believe that it isn’t science-based, but others think that it’s a real experience and part of the maturation process for soulful energy.

In opposition, you’ve got retrocognition, which refers to your ability to get information about past events that aren’t often available. They can be anything that happened in your lifetime or the very distant past. This isn’t easy to verify or prove because, if you experience it, you can’t easily ask someone because those people are likely gone. However, if you do have retrocognition, it can also be a signal of soulful reincarnation.


Empaths usually absorb the emotions of those around them during times of physical pain. They directly experience and feel what others do. Though some people believe that this is a way for those people to avoid their own problems and put the blame on others, authentic cases of empaths are seen as the sign that the soul has been reincarnated many times and is now refined so that it can transcend its own self and problems, moving on to other’s problems.

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Affinity for Environments/Time Periods/Cultures

Are you attracted to a certain time period or culture that is unexplainable? If so, then, it might be some residue from your past life of that particular place or time. For example, you may get excited when you see Celtic artifacts, watch movies about the 1950s, or go crazy about Asian culture.

You Feel Older

Of course, you’ve always got those people who are young at heart, so they could be 80 and still run and sing and act like a child. However, others are born with an old soul. This means that they feel older or act more mature than their years. That might mean an 18-year-old getting his or her Master’s degree. The experience of you feeling older than your specific age is often associated with the fact that you’ve reincarnated multiple times throughout your years. For example, if you’ve only reincarnated a few times while on earth, this is reflected in your energy’s age. You’re going to appear more child-like and primitive. If your soulful energy has been reincarnated many times, you’re going to display more wizened and mature characteristics.

Unexplainable Phobias and Fears

Since experiences, memories, and certain time-frames can leave a residue on your life from the past, it’s no wonder that it can leave fears and phobias that you have no business having. For example, you might experience an echo of a past trauma that shows itself as an unexplainable fear. Examples of this can be the fear of drowning, being scared of certain animals or places, or fearing specific objects, colors, or numbers.

Most people who fear drowning had a bad experience as a child. If you never did and never almost drowned, it’s irrational to fear it. You may, though, stay away from bodies of water and have issues cleaning yourself in the bathtub or shower stall.

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Earth Isn’t Home

Finding home is a reflection of your desire to return to your source (divinity, consciousness, or oneness). Most people believe this to be similar to an athlete running for a long time and desiring to reach that finish line. Souls can reincarnate many times and express that need because the cycle still isn’t complete, and it hasn’t returned home. If you feel in your bones that earth isn’t home and have other feelings of life on earth, such as wariness or tiredness, this could be a sign that you’ve been reincarnated.

Accessing Your Past Life

Now that you know the signs of reincarnation, you understand what it means and might feel that you have been reincarnated yourself. It’s possible to try a specific process to help you remember your past life. This is going to help you on your journey in your life and that after your death.

Prepare the Room

Ensure that you’re comfortable. Make the temperature at the right coolness or warmth so that you’re not hot or cold. The room shouldn’t be too bright, but you shouldn’t sit in shadows, either. If you’ve got a cell phone, radio, or television, turn it off so that you can sit in the quiet and meditate. Background noise is okay and can include white noise or something that relaxes you. Just make sure it isn’t so loud that it’s distracting.

Relax the Mind

Find your inner calm. Sit in the room that you’ve prepared and make sure you’re comfortable. Make sure you’re alert, but your body and mind can be calmed down. Ensure that you’re not going to get distracted and eat something so that you’re not hungry. It’s hard to focus when your tummy rumbles.

A man relaxing his mind

Relax the Body

You can choose to lie comfortably on the bed, sit in a chair, or be on the floor. Unwind and relax now so that you can start your journey comfortably.

Protect Yourself

You must always take this step when trying to find out about your past life. You’re opening your mind and body to spiritual energy. Therefore, your guard has to be up to keep away any negative forces that might come or be summoned. Start by closing your eyes and being comfortable. Lie on the back or sit up straight, keeping your hands at the sides. Protect yourself by visualizing light.

Imagine that you’re there, enveloped in white light. See it in the mind’s eye and watch while it moves from your feet to cover your full body. Focus on it going to the feet and legs, then the knees, thighs, and stomach. It reaches the arms and neck while then covering your face and enveloping your head. This white light is what protects you from the negative forces.

It represents enlightenment, warmth, and love while being a dazzling mist around you, cocooning you and protecting you. It’s warm, so let it wash over you. Repeat to yourself that you are breathing in this powerful and protective energy. It’s building a protective aura around you, which is going to protect you in every way at all times. You may choose to say this out loud or think it clearly. Inhale deeply and say those words a total of five times.

Once you’ve done this, concentrate your mind to feel and see the energy, allowing it to get brighter and ultimately more powerful as you think about it. A color is likely to pop into your head right now. Take that color to tint the light, repeating that until you’re comfortable and calm. Please don’t rush this step.

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Create a Hallway

Now, you are ready to start the journey. You’re going to use the visualization technique. Imagine that you are in a long hallway, and there is a big door at the end. See as much detail of the hallway as possible. Your mind is going to do this for you, so just let it come. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of, the colors, design, or decoration. Build it all in your mind and remember every single detail. You must use this design every time you seek out your past life. Focus on the hallway with that expectation that – at the end – you’re turning the knob and opening the door onto your past life.

Move Down the Hallway

Every step should count while you are walking down this hallway you created. Each one has to have a purpose and make sure you’re focusing on them, too. See your feet hit the ground, visualize each aspect of this journey while you’re working to approach the door at the other end. Envision the place with every sense. Consider the smell of the room, the sounds within this environment, and what you see. Once you get to the end (and you’ve taken your time without rushing because there’s no hurry here), you can grip the doorknob. Watch yourself doing it with your arm and hand gripping it. Focus on every single action. Feel the texture of the knob and the sounds of turning it. Is it warm or cool? As the bolt disengages, take a deep breath, and push gently on the door, allowing it to open onto your past life.

Welcome the Past Life

Regardless of what you see once you open the door, accept it because it is part of your previous life. It doesn’t matter what there is, and it could be something as simple as a color or as complex as a full scene. Just note that this is the foundation. You can build upon it and feel it. Hold that imagery in the mind and accept whatever else arises. That single color could form an object, such as a wall or blanket. From there, that scene evolves more as you’re deeper into the vision. This gives you more clues as to where and when you are. It’s easy to feel that you’re imagining stuff right now, but believe that you’re remembering your past life and your spirit guides are going to help you see what is true and real.

Be Patient

At the moment you open the door, you may see nothing at all. That’s okay, and you can refocus the mind more. Think about something you’ve enjoyed doing your whole life or focus on a destination. Ask yourself why you like them and if they’re past-life related.

If you still have nothing, the shoe method can be beneficial here. Within the visualization, look down at your feet. Focus on the shoes that you see. They might not be what you are physically wearing. From there, you might realize you’re wearing a different outfit. Keep going with that visualization.

When you remember something – even just the pair of shoes – make sure that there’s truth to it and start the next part of the journey from there.

It might take several sessions to give you all the answers you seek. Begin every session by going through the hallway and what you’ve already seen from previous ones. Start with the known and go into the unknown.

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Accept What Is Shown

Acceptance here is vital. It is easy to doubt what your brain picked up. You may wonder if you’re truly experiencing your past or making stuff up. Some occasions might have you create things for yourself out of the blue. However, that’s just part of the process. Most visions are going to have a shred of truth in them. You can only know for sure once you’ve done multiple past-life meditations. This helps you see the details and patterns over and over again to ensure that they’re authentic.

Some people dislike what they see. It’s a past life, so it’s already done and over with. You can’t change it, and you should be honest with yourself so that you can achieve enlightenment.

Until you can be sure, you’ve got to choose belief. If you can’t do that now, you’re never going to get anywhere and achieve your goals. The analytical part of your mind is going to turn down every image you get as your imagination and nothing more.

Come Back to Your Present Surroundings

Usually, you automatically come back to the present when your mind gets too tired to keep up the visualization. If you feel it all starting to fade, just let it go. Don’t force it to stay. Often, this begins when images stop appearing, or your mind starts disbelieving what it sees. At that point, you can open your eyes and move back into the present.

Some people can control their departure with practice. If you want to leave the past life right then, picture yourself turning back to the door. It might be closed now, but you can visualize yourself opening it and walking back down the hallways as you did at the beginning. This is often the best thing to do because it helps to instill those patterns, textures, colors, and designs that you initially saw. The next time you practice this technique, it’s going to be easier to reconstruct the hallway and door, allowing you to move further into your past life.

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Understanding about past lives is the first step. Then, it’s important to find out if you’re feeling something from another lifetime. Of course, you can also visualize it all and take steps to learn what you did and why it might have happened.

This gives you more insight into yourself and your characteristics. It can also help you ensure that you’re on the right path.

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