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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 03, 2022

How to Reveal Your Past Life in 2022 — A Reincarnation Guide

How to Reveal Your Past Life in 2022 — A Reincarnation Guide

If you’ve felt out of place in your life or experienced intense deja vu, there’s a good chance that you’ve been reincarnated. However, reincarnation is a broad and in-depth topic that is difficult to grasp, especially if you aren’t an expert in spirituality.

But with proper guidance, you can shed light on your identity and reveal your purpose in life when you connect with your past life. It enables you to experience the world in new ways as you view your surroundings through a different lens. Fortunately, there are many signs to look out for and steps you can follow to learn more about your past life.

If you’ve made an effort to learn about your past life and haven’t had the breakthrough you were hoping for, or you’re just curious about how the universe has placed you, you can speak to a past life psychic on California Psychics to get the guidance you need.

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How to Identify Signs of a Past Life

Most connections to your previous incarnation come from present-day events, feelings, and experiences that feel entirely out of place. The signs below are the most common signs of reincarnation. Still, if you’ve had other experiences that you think provide a glimpse into a previous version of yourself, you should seek personal guidance from a past life psychic.

1. Think About Whether You’ve Experienced Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is the surreal feeling that you’ve experienced the exact same set of circumstances before. If you are triggered by a specific conversation you’re having, or your senses, like taste and smell, are set off, you could be recalling a past life. Sometimes, you may even feel like a place you’ve never visited is somehow familiar.

2. Consider Whether Your Memories Feel Unfamiliar

While this indicator is more prevalent in children, it can signify a past life in anyone who recalls lives they’ve never lived. Typical signs include mentioning things that sound nonsensical and having memories that are out of place. Also, consider whether you persistently remember things to which you don’t presently have a valid connection.

3. Confirm If You Strongly Identify With Another Culture

Reincarnation is not limited to race, culture, or even species. If you feel strongly connected to a specific culture whose heritage is entirely different from your own, you may be recalling a past life. In fact, you might even be drawn to a particular period of time in history, as there is no limit to the number of times you may have been reincarnated.

If you also find stories, literature, or other media about another civilization or period fascinating, you should introspect it further.

4. Test Your Affinity for Languages

If you used a foreign language as your mother tongue in a past life, you could expect it to come naturally to you in this life. If you’ve been able to pick up a new dialect without many challenges, then there’s a good chance you spoke this language in a previous incarnation — whether as a first language or otherwise.

This phenomenon is called xenoglossy and may also enable you to understand the tidbits of a foreign tongue when you hear it in passing.

5. Ponder Whether You Feel Older Than You Are

Being called “wise beyond your years” is a possible sign that you’re harboring knowledge from past life experiences. If you identify as an old soul and often share the interests of your seniors, then you should look further into reincarnation. You may even recall relatives or events that have no connection with your current life.

6. Recall Any Irrational Fears

Phobias, or inexplicable fears, are often linked to a past life. They represent traumas we’ve faced in a previous incarnation, which is why most people who experience them can’t pinpoint why that particular thing terrifies them.

A form of hypnotherapy called past life regression is effective in helping uncover the basis of these fears so you can let them go. Consider engaging in this therapy to discern whether you have links to past lives.

7. Identify Any Recurrent Dreams

Having vivid dreams where you feel trapped on more than one occasion could mean you’re trying to process trauma from a past life. The people, places, and events from these dreams may accurately depict things that have happened in real life as a form of retrocognition. Decipher your recurrent dream for insight into your past life.

8. Recognize Inexplicable Body Pains

Experiencing incessant pains that modern medicine can’t explain may reveal areas of your body that suffered from injuries in your past life. It may even indicate the wound that caused your death. Similar to the hypnotherapy performed for phobias, past life regression can be incredibly helpful in releasing you from these pains.

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How to Find Out Who You Were in a Past Life

Encountering your past life involves preparation and a willingness to step into the unknown. However, you may not get very far the first time you try. If your first time doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t give up. By practicing the following steps in order, you’ll be able to delve further and further into your past with each attempt.

1. Prepare for the Encounter

You must feel completely comfortable throughout this process, so prepare your room by ensuring it isn’t too hot or too cold. Ambient light will enhance the experience, so turn off any bright or flashing lights, but don’t sit in darkness. Lastly, rid your surroundings of distracting noises that may detract from your peace.

To optimize your physical state, ensure you are sitting, lying, or standing in a comfortable position that won’t become tiresome after an extended period. Make sure you have a full tummy and empty bladder so that any physical urges don’t press you. Your attire should be loose so that you feel no physical restrictions whatsoever.

Lastly, prepare mentally by completely freeing your mind of stress and distractions while you try to access your past life. Start by letting go of your daily activities and any pressing matters constantly at the forefront of your mind. Go to your happy place, and focus solely on peaceful thoughts that bring calm.

2. Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Because you’ll be opening your being to spiritual energy, it’s essential to take the following steps to protect yourself from negative forces.:

  • Lie or sit comfortably with both hands at your sides, and in your mind’s eye, imagine yourself being enveloped by white light from head to toe.
  • Affirm to yourself that you are breathing powerful protective energy. You can choose to speak these words out loud or simply keep them in mind, depending on which you are more comfortable with.
  • Lastly, focus until you can feel and see the energy, allowing it to shine brighter. A color will likely pop into your head which you should use to tint the light while repeating that you’re comfortable and calm. Be sure not to rush this step.

3. Access Your Past Life

Now that you’re completely protected, it’s safe to begin your journey into your past life using a visualization technique. It’s crucial that you conjure images that are as detailed as possible throughout this process, as this is the key to gaining insight into your previous incarnation.

Begin by imagining that you are in a long hallway with a large door at the end. Colors, designs, and decorations have no relevant meaning but should remain consistent every time you venture down this path.

Then, picture walking down this hallway and opening the door to reveal your past life. You should take every step with purpose while remaining mindful of the images shown. Engage every sense as you’re aware of smells, temperatures, and sounds. This will make it easier to fully comprehend what is before you when you open the door.

Regardless of what happens once you open the door, it’s important to accept what you see because it’s the foundation of your past life. It may be as simple as a color or as complex as a whole scene. You’ll soon be able to build upon it, so be sure to hold the imagery in your mind and focus on bringing more clarity to the scene.

4. Be Patient

If you see nothing when you open the door, you need to improve your focus, which requires patience. You can build patience by thinking about something you’ve always enjoyed doing or narrowing in on a specific destination you’re drawn to. Consider whether any of these are signs of a past life and start pondering your motivations behind them.

As a last resort, you can also use the shoe method by looking down at your feet within the visualization. You may find that when you focus on the shoes, you’re wearing, they don’t match their real-life counterparts. In fact, your entire outfit may be completely different. Explore this possibility in your mind to get further clarity on your surroundings.

If, after a few attempts, you’re still unable to visualize your past life, it may be time to get help from an authentic past life advisor. These psychics have a direct connection to the spiritual realm and can equip you with the tools you need to discover this part of your history.

5. Awaken From the Experience

Usually, you’ll automatically come back to the present when your mind gets too tired to keep up the visualization. When images stop appearing, or your mind starts disbelieving what it sees, let go of the depiction. You can then open your eyes and move back into the present.

Some people can control their departure with practice, which reiterates the patterns, textures, and colors initially seen. Master departure by picturing yourself turning back to the door. If it’s closed, visualize yourself opening it and walking down the hallways. This way, it’ll be easier to reconstruct the images the next time you attempt this technique.

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Best Psychic Sites for Past Life Readings

If you’ve come this far and still need help to understand your past life, or you’d simply like some personal advice from someone well-connected to the spiritual realm, speaking to a past life psychic is a simple way to get the clarity you need.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Past Life Readings

  • 80+ past life psychics to choose from
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Rigorously screened psychics
  • Readings from $1 per minute
  • Karma Rewards program

California Psychics has been around for over a quarter of a century and is home to some of the most gifted past life psychics. Because of its rigorous screening process, you can expect high-quality readings and accurate details about your previous lives. The reviews also make it easy to discern how talented any given psychic is.

You can connect to your choice from over 80 past life psychics via phone call or live chat, ensuring that you are at ease throughout your reading. I enjoyed hearing my psychic’s compassionate voice while listening to the details of my past incarnations. On the other hand, if you prefer getting your thoughts out in writing, you’ll enjoy the convenience of live chat.

Since discovering your past life is often not a quick process, you may need a few readings. California Psychics offers a tiered pricing structure with introductory rates starting from $1 a minute and a Karma Rewards program that awards you for each purchase. The money-back guarantee ensures that you waste no dollar on a reading that wasn’t worthwhile.

Explore California Psychics

2. Keen — Quality Past Life Readings Backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 236+ past life psychics to choose from
  • Your first three minutes are free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Helpful past life blog posts
  • Readings via phone call or live chat

Keen is a popular site for past life readings for good reason. The site boasts more than 236 past life psychics with a plethora of experience on its panel, so you have the flexibility to choose someone that best matches your energy. You can use the psychic matching tool to save time and filter your search to meet your affordability.

Once you’ve settled on an advisor, your first three minutes are free, allowing you to leave the session early if you aren’t getting the right advice. If you aren’t happy with your reading, you can contact customer support to use the site’s satisfaction guarantee. Based on the agent’s review process, you’ll likely be fully credited for the minutes used.

The site also offers loads of free resources before you create an account. I found loads of helpful information on past lives and reincarnation on the blog. This made me more prepared for my session with my psychic, as I could prepare questions pertinent to my personal circumstances.

Explore Keen

3. Psychic Source — Face-to-face Video Past Life Readings

Psychic Source
  • Readings via phone, chat, or video
  • 31+ past life psychics to choose from
  • Detailed blog posts on past lives
  • Introductory rate of $1 per minute plus three minutes free
  • 24/7 customer support

Psychic Source allows you to choose your preferred reading style and schedule an appointment with your favorite past life psychic at a suitable time. The site offers chat, phone, and video readings so that you can learn about your past life in the format you feel most comfortable with.

I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of information available on past lives when I browsed through its blog. And because the site’s psychics write the articles, you’ll get a good sense of which psychic you’re drawn to by reading their blog posts. Ultimately, this will save you time and money trying to find the right fit.

Nevertheless, connecting with an authentic psychic isn’t difficult since the site features detailed psychic profiles that include an audio introduction, customer reviews, and a lengthy bio that outlines their experience. And If you have any questions, you can send a direct message to a psychic to enquire about their skills and talents.

Explore Psychic Source

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the belief that a person’s soul can be reborn into another body after they die. It originates from Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism but has become more widely accepted by those who are spiritually enlightened in Western society.

If you want to explore reincarnation further, seeing a past life regression therapist can help you remember your past lives through regression therapy, a type of hypnosis. You may discover things about yourself that you never knew before, which can help you better understand your current life situation.

How is My Next Life Determined?

Just like your deeds in your past life determined this life, your next life is defined by your actions in this life, according to the law of karma. Karma is believing that what you put into the world will return to you. So if you do good deeds, you will be rewarded in your next life. Conversely, if you do evil deeds, you will be punished.

You can also choose to be reincarnated into a different life situation to learn specific lessons. For example, if you were a wealthy person in your previous life, you may choose to be reborn into a life of poverty to learn how to be humble.

How Does Soul Transmigration Work?

Soul transmigration is the belief that a person’s soul can be reborn into another person or animal. This is different from reincarnation in that the soul does not necessarily take on a new form but rather inhabits another body.

If your soul is transmigrated, you will retain the memories of your previous life. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how your previous life ended. For example, if you died in a car accident, you may not want to remember that.

Does Reincarnation Ever End?

No, reincarnation does not end. It is a cycle you will continue to go through until you reach nirvana, a state of complete enlightenment. Once you reach nirvana, you will no longer be subject to the cycle of rebirth and will be freed from the suffering of this world.

You can aim for nirvana by following the path of Dharma, which is the path of righteousness. Dharma and other spiritual practices can also help you to remember your previous incarnations, so you can learn more about them by speaking to a past life psychic.

Are Past Life Psychics Trustworthy?

Most psychic reading sites are trustworthy because they do their due diligence when screening applicants. Prospective psychics are often subjected to rounds of tests and interviews to gauge their experience and natural talents. To gauge trustworthiness, you can also look at the site’s screening method.

With that being said, not every psychic will connect to every client the same way, so it would be wise to choose a psychic reading site with a satisfaction guarantee. This gets you a refund if your reading doesn’t work out.

Bottom Line

Reincarnation is a vast topic, and, as such, venturing down the road to discover your past life may not be easy, but it can be highly fulfilling. It may take a little practice, but once you’ve identified the signs in your own life, it becomes easier to find clues about your previous incarnations.

Regardless of whether you experience success or failure in discovering more about your past lives, it’s helpful to be able to talk to someone who is spiritually enlightened about your experiences. A past life psychic from California Psychics can provide support and advice through this journey and lead you toward nirvana sooner rather than later.

To summarize, the best sites for past life readings are…

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