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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 27, 2022

9 Easy Steps to Master Telekinesis (Updated for 2022)

9 Easy Steps to Master Telekinesis (Updated for 2022)

If you want to learn how to do telekinesis, then you know how difficult it is to start and stay on the right path. Even though it takes time to develop evelop and is not real, there’s certainly no harm in trying. In fact, giving it a go provides many benefits. 

After much testing, I have crafted a step-by-step guide that shows you how to practice telekinesis properly. As long as you have enough patience and belief in yourself and the process, you’ll come out with improved benefits like a clearer mind and stronger discipline. 

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How to Do Telekinesis – A Practical Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you can scientifically prove telekinesis or not, the fact of the matter is that some people have telekinetic power. 

Learning how to do telekinesis takes practice, dedication and patience. It might be months or even years before you see any results. But if you want it enough and believe in it, you can hone your abilities.

Step 1: Choose an Object to Move

It might sound obvious, but the best way to learn how to do telekinesis is by choosing your first movable object carefully. I really recommend something very light and easy to physically move, such as a feather or sheet of paper.

After all, think about it as if your mind is a physical muscle – just as you wouldn’t be able to lift up an elephant without training a lot beforehand, you wouldn’t be able to lift up something heavier with your mind without some serious practice.

Once you’ve selected your (lightweight) object, it’s time for the fun part!

Step 2: Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate

Concentration is a tricky one, with any psychic practice. Unless you’re concentrating, you’re unlikely to see results – because the other realm prefers clean energy flows, and it’s easier to source your psychic power once you’re entirely focused. Telekinesis is not something that can be performed under pressure after all.

You need to keep focused, no matter what, because if you lose concentration, you’ll have to start all over again. Some ways to make sure you stay focused include –

  • Meditation before practicing telekinesis
  • Clearing your practice area of distractions – objects, people and noises
  • Deep breathing before practicing telekinesis

Although meditation isn’t required for learning how to do telekinesis, it is a really good tool to have for daily life, as well as for psychic reading and abilities.

Step 3: Visualize and Concentrate Your Energy

This step is a little tough for those of us who don’t have very visual imaginations, so I’ll try to break it down as easily as possible.

You need to imagine that you have a ball of energy, and that you use this ball of energy – in its most concentrated form – to move an object.

If you have a hard time literally imagining a ball of energy, try this: imagine a force of pure light and energy that appears as a ball in your hands. Just as you would a tennis ball, hold that ball of energy and light, and keep focused on it.

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Step 4: Become One with the Object

Hear me out – this is easier than it sounds.

Telekinesis, and learning how to do telekinesis – isn’t about moving objects with your mind. It’s about sharing an energy flow, and then moving that object as if it were a part of you – in the same way that your arm or legs are.

Everything you see in the world around you has its own energy, just as it has its own will: if you’re trying to force your energy onto another object, it’s not going to end very well – just as if you tried to force your energy on another person!

So you’re much more likely to be successful with telekinesis by connecting your energy to your chosen object’s energy. A way to do this is to imagine that you are that object. Think about how it feels, what it sees and what it hears.

Step 5: Try to Move the Object

Once you feel you’re on the same wavelength as the object, and that your energies have merged, it’s time to try some telekinesis!

There are several ways you can do this-

  • Imagine you commanding the object to move, and imagine it actually moving
  • Some telekinesis use their hands to compel their objects. If you want to try this, you can try a waving motion, or even holding your hand still next to the object and imagining your energy coming out from your hand, compelling the object to move.
  • If you’ve created the ball of energy, imagine using it to move the object – you could try thinking about the ball of energy pushing into the object, or rolling over it, forcing it to move.

Whichever approach you try, make sure you’re not forcing the object to move, but instead are working alongside it and treating it as a part of your very being and essence.

Step 6: Patience and Practice

This is the hard part. You are highly unlikely to learn how to do telekinesis from just one try. You need to focus and practice this time and again in order to see results.

Be patient. Keep practicing, but don’t give up, you will see results – I can assure you that your object will move when you least expect it, or are the most frustrated. 

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Step 7: Rest

Your mind, just like any muscle, only gets crankier and more tired when it’s being overused. If you feel like you’re losing concentration, or that you’re mentally exhausted, stop, rest and try another day. 

Step 8: Measure and Keep Track

As with any physical or mental exercise, you’ll never know how far you’ve come unless you keep track of your entire journey!

I really recommend keeping a telekinesis journal, where you write down the date, the object you want to move, and how long you practiced for. For example –

  • March 26th – feather – 1.30PM – 2.15PM

Track your time according to the entire period you spent practicing, not each several minutes of telekinesis attempts.

Over time, as your mind strengthens, you can spend a longer time practicing telekinesis. Once you achieve it, you can look back at how long it took you to move the first few objects, and then know how long it will take to train yourself to move heavier ones.

Step 9: Practice Makes Perfect – Keep at it!

Yes, it can be discouraging if you try something day in, day out, and don’t see results.

Just like anything in life – healthy eating and exercise, psychic ability – consistency is absolutely key. Every day, you’ll get a little stronger and better at learning how to do telekinesis.

I really recommend starting small and light for that reason. Once you manage to reach that stage of telekinesis, you can then move onto larger, heavier objects – and show off your skills!

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The Best Objects for Practicing Telekinesis

As I mentioned above, start small and light – and even in that weight class, there are several tips I can give you.

I started off by using feathers – but the lighter types of feathers. For example, use a light, baby feather, rather than an adult feather, as these are heavier and therefore harder to move with your mind.

With pieces of paper, which was the second object I tried to move with telekinesis, I started off by using a standard A4 piece of paper, which was way too heavy. Instead, use a small 3 inch x 3 inch piece of paper. It might be easier to fold it in half so it stands up like a tent, and so you have something concrete (as in, not flat) to focus your moving attempts on. It also prevents the paper from flying away with the wind, or making you think you moved it via telekinesis when you didn’t. 

Work Alone Until You’re Ready

My best advice, however, would be to start off alone.

Maybe you have supportive friends, or partners or otherwise, but in this case you need to learn to focus and concentrate.

You could be in one of the deepest concentrative states of your life, when suddenly another person in the room sneezes or makes a noise, knocking your concentration off.

Be yourself, try to concentrate and once you have success with telekinesis, you can invite your friends or partner to join you.

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Relax and Have Fun with Telekinesis

The psychic realm doesn’t like heavy heartedness or negative energy – so you need to have fun and keep things light.

If that sounds hard or the opposite of learning how to do telekinesis, then know that it isn’t: you need to be open minded, positive thinking and you’ll see results faster: being serious, intense or frustrated won’t move objects. The universe, like most things in life, responds far better to positive energy!

Of course if you’re still struggling, it’s always worth it to speak to a professional psychic expert, especially when you can purchase 10 minutes for just $1.99 on Keen Psychics. Many of them regularly experiment with telekinesis, and can give you a few pointers to help you out.

Have fun with telekinesis, good luck and happy moving!

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Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.