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How to Do Telekinesis in 5 Easy Steps — A Beginner’s Guide

How to Do Telekinesis in 5 Easy Steps — A Beginner’s Guide

Telekinesis is a phenomenon you’ve likely seen in Hollywood films or magic shows. However, you may wonder if it’s possible to develop telekinesis yourself, especially with the lack of scientific evidence. If you’ve tried it before, you’ve probably been frustrated by your progress or felt isolated due to a lack of support.

The good news is that several case studies have shown that you can do telekinesis with proper practice. To save you time and confusion, I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide showing you how to do telekinesis. If you combine it with the tips I recommend, then you’ll get even better results.

Regardless of your dedication, developing your telekinesis without guidance can be difficult. If you’re in this situation, you should consider connecting with a psychic on California Psychics to guide you through your psychic development. Their tailored advice can significantly assist your spiritual journey.

How to Do Telekinesis in 5 Easy Steps — A Quick Overview

  1. Cultivate a Belief. If you have even the slightest doubts, you need to overcome them and trust your abilities. Find tips on how to do that here.
  2. Choose an Object. Pick the item you want to manipulate or move. Check out the easiest objects to manipulate.
  3. Focus Your Thoughts. Knowing how to get in the right headspace increases your chances. See how you can focus your energies.
  4. Visualize Your Attempt. You need to develop a clear image of what you want to achieve. Discover the best visualization techniques here.
  5. Try to Move the Object. The last step involves combining everything and attempting to move the object. Find out how to give it your best shot.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Do Telekinesis

While telekinesis is challenging to master, your process doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a practical plan and sticking to it can make the difference when trying to develop the ability. It takes time and effort, so make sure you remain patient.

1. Cultivate a Belief

It’s said that believing is half the battle when it comes to developing psychic abilities. Especially with a gift like telekinesis, you could struggle to believe you’re capable. Before attempting telekinesis, I recommend you work on your mindset, as this can be a big obstacle for many.

Believing that you can make your desires a reality is crucial in basic manifestation work. If you’re battling with limited beliefs or skepticism about being successful with telekinesis, you should work on clarifying this. Writing down and reciting positive affirmations can help you overcome mental limitations.

Ultimately, if you can expand your perception of what’s possible, you’ll be several steps closer to mastering telekinesis. Once you realize everything in the universe is made up of atoms and thus energy, you can begin to see telekinesis as a real possibility.

You can also benefit from learning about other people’s experiences with telekinesis, especially if they have been successful. This may inspire you to believe you can and help you overcome subconscious mental limitations. Also, speaking with an experienced psychic can help you get in the right mindset.

2. Choose an Object

Selecting your object is another essential part of being successful at telekinesis. If you’re just starting, it’s best to stick to things that are easier to manipulate energetically, such as small or light items. Many people begin with candle flames and incense smoke before moving onto solid objects.

You’ll want to connect energetically with the flame or incense smoke and manipulate its behavior. This can look like making the flame move in a particular direction or changing the smoke patterns of the incense.

By getting the hang of energy manipulation with lighter objects, you can familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of telekinesis. Once you feel comfortable with light items, you can gradually move to other objects. Some items that are beginner friendly are feathers, tin foil, or small pieces of paper.

Remember that energy manipulation can look like different things, and it doesn’t have to be limited to trying to move physical objects. You can learn to manipulate energy by setting intentions, creating energetic spheres, and strengthening your aura. Some popular ways to practice energy manipulation are through manifestation and reiki.

3. Focus Your Thoughts

To adequately focus your thoughts, you’ll need to find a quiet space that’s free from distractions and interruptions. If you can’t access a quiet environment, you can use headphones and listen to third-eye frequency music. This will help you concentrate your energy, giving you a stronger chance of doing telekinesis.

It’s always best to approach energy with a specific intention when you’re working with it. When you direct your energy to an object, it has a course of action and a purpose to fulfill. You can say your intention out loud or in your mind, but make sure you are specific about what you want the object to do.

For example, determine if you want to lift the item off a surface or slide it in a specific direction. Once you’ve decided, set the intention and ask the universe or your guides to help you maintain your focus. In this step, your goal is to zone out from any distractions around you so you can direct all your energy to the object.

If you’re getting stuck on this step, try incorporating mindfulness techniques before your next attempt. I suggest trying meditation because there are accounts of Buddhist monks levitating while in deep states of meditation. This demonstrates that focused states obtained through meditation can help with telekinesis.

Since meditation allows you to transcend the here and now, it’s a way to strengthen your energy so you can tap into the quantum field. The quantum field is said to be the atomic foundation of our reality, and anything can be manipulated and manifested by tapping in.

4. Visualize Your Attempt

Once you feel comfortable focusing your thoughts, you should move on to visualizing your attempt. Close your eyes and try to picture the object, how it would look while it’s moving, and how you would feel after successfully moving it. You’ll need to do this exercise until the mental image feels real and you have no doubts.

When you can picture your successful attempts at telekinesis, you’ll get closer to manifesting it. It’s best to try this technique while you’re deep in meditation since you’ll be tapped into the quantum field, making it possible to manipulate the outcome.

If you’re having trouble visualizing your object, you should gaze at it for an extended period and then close your eyes. Do this until the image of your object appears in your mind’s eye with ease. The goal is to make the visualization as clear as possible, so take your time with this step.

Your next phase is to visualize your energies merging, which is possible once you have a clear mental image of the object. By connecting with the object’s aura, you can successfully move it. Visualize a white light surrounding your body and extending outwards to surround your object. With enough practice, it will come naturally.

5. Try to Move the Object

Last but not least, it’s time to try and move your object. This can be the trickiest step since you have to merge all the techniques covered above simultaneously. Remember, you’re not attempting to move the thing with your mind but rather have the object act as an extension of your energy.

Once you feel you’ve merged energies with your object, you must close your eyes and visualize your energy field moving the object. You can also keep your eyes open if you feel it’s easier. However, remember that this step will look different for everyone, and it’ll take some trial and error to get it right.

If this technique is challenging, you can create a psi ball to have the visual of something moving your object. To create a psi ball, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Rub your hands together until they get warm.
  2. Hold them about an inch apart until you can feel energy emitting from them.
  3. Begin to mold the energy by cupping your hands and moving them around to shape a ball.
  4. Once you feel the energy being molded, begin to make it larger.
  5. Move your hands apart while molding the psi ball to make it larger.
  6. Once the energy of the ball feels strong, direct it in the direction of your object.

Remember that manipulating energy to move objects is difficult and requires a lot of patience. If you aren’t successful after your first try, don’t get discouraged. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Focus on strengthening any of the steps you think you struggle with, as this can make the difference.

5 Tips for Developing Your Telekinesis

If you have experienced difficulties or obstacles while attempting telekinesis or feel like you have hit a wall, it might be beneficial to implement some additional steps. Prior to making another attempt at telekinesis, it is advisable to focus on enhancing your overall abilities. Consider the following suggestions that can assist you in attaining an energetic alignment and eventually enable you to move the object you desire.

1. Stay Consistent

When feeling disheartened, it’s important to remember that telekinesis is not an exact science with established procedures. Achieving success usually entails multiple trials accompanied by numerous failures. Think of it as your private scientific experiment, where each failure serves as a stepping stone towards discovering the correct method.

Creating a routine can be quite beneficial to prevent your development from stagnating. It’s somewhat akin to aspiring for muscle growth in a specific area, necessitating the establishment of a timetable to consistently focus on that muscle. Engaging in telekinesis practice resembles the gradual strengthening of a muscle over time.

If you find it challenging to stay motivated, consider setting small goals and giving them specific deadlines. For instance, if you’re working on improving your concentration, setting a fixed date for accomplishing a small milestone can inspire you to persist. Moreover, when you achieve a micro milestone, you can reward yourself with additional incentives.

To improve your skills, it’s important to consistently maintain your efforts and engage in regular practice. This will increase your familiarity with the energetic states necessary for effective telekinesis learning. Ultimately, dedication and patience are key.

2. Record Your Progress

Maintaining a record of your progress is beneficial in staying dedicated to your goal and providing motivation to continue. Without it, you may lack awareness of your improvement and lack guiding signs to adjust your method. Logging your attempts allows you to spot any elements obstructing your progress.

Numerous individuals will record the duration, method, kind of item, and any form of metric assessment to monitor actions. You can also document your emotional condition and any environmental factors to examine if changes impact your success rate.

If you like keeping physical records, you can get a notebook to log your progress. Alternatively, if you dislike writing, you can keep voice memos on your phone and listen back to them as needed. For those who are more social, you could upload videos and share your attempts with like-minded people.

If you usually try telekinesis with your eyes closed, it might be better to record videos. Making videos can assist you in monitoring any movements that might be missed when your eyes are shut and could provide proof of telekinetic occurrences.

3. Take Breaks

You want to ensure you’re taking adequate breaks when attempting any energetic practice.
Without proper rest, you can make yourself frustrated and lose your cool. Since telekinesis requires focused and intentional energy, becoming angry can create energetic chaos. Once you feel the irritation coming, take a break and try again another day.

There are many ways to decompress after an attempt, such as walking, hanging out with your pet, hopping in the shower, or reading a book. Anything that clears your mind and grounds your energy will be helpful to your progress. Maintaining a self-care routine outside of telekinesis attempts also helps keep a balance.

Since telekinesis is energy manipulation, you need to ensure your energy levels are high to strengthen your chances of success. Constantly being low in energy from overdoing it can make your energy too weak to create any physical movement. This could be discouraging and cause you to give up prematurely.

Becoming obsessed with telekinesis can leave you energetically depleted and even create energetic resistance. If you have no energy, your attempts will be pointless, and you could even create a block by trying to force it.

4. Strengthen Your Aura

As mentioned above, having low energy levels can affect your chances of developing telekinesis. Low energy levels can indicate a weak or unhealthy aura, which is likely the cause for failed attempts. If your aura is weak, the likelihood of being able to manipulate an object with it becomes low.

Thankfully, strengthening your aura is quite straightforward and can be achieved in many ways. To improve the state of your aura, focus on self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can do so by eating a colorful diet, incorporating wellness routines, practicing energetic hygiene, and getting adequate rest.

In addition to these routines, you can use Labradorite to prevent auric leakages. Labradorite is a protective crystal that keeps your aura intact and helps to repair any energetic tears. This can help you maintain a strong aura, so you have better luck with telekinesis.

5. Develop Other Psychic Gifts

While this tip may come as a surprise, it might help you unlock your telekinesis. Since it’s a rare gift, it doesn’t come easily, even to successful psychics and mystics. However, telekinesis has been observed in people who had no intention of developing it but did so while attempting to open up to other psychic gifts.

A fine example is Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman who accidentally discovered her telekinesis abilities while attempting to develop other psychic powers. She became one of the most controversial mystics and was said to be able to move heavy objects like chairs.

I believe you can develop telekinesis alongside other psychic gifts because they open you up energetically. If you haven’t tried to develop more basic psychic gifts, you may need to work your way up before you can become telekinetic. Therefore, I suggest undergoing spiritual training and psychic development if you haven’t already.

Best Sites for Psychic Advice

Developing a psychic gift like Telekinesis can feel isolating and make it hard to know where to turn to for support. The psychic platforms below are a great way to receive trusted insights and guidance, regardless of where you’re at on your psychic journey.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Telekinesis Advice & Guidance

Editor's Choice
Career Reading
Career Reading
Life Questions
Life Questions
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • Strict criteria for its psychics
  • 350+ advisors to select from
  • Introductory offer of $1 per minute
  • Karma rewards program
  • Accessible customer support

California Psychics is my tried and true option for psychic advice because of its large selection of readers. When looking for telekinesis mentorship, having many options to choose from will help you find a psychic that nurtures your energy. This means you’ll enjoy receiving their advice and value the connection.

When I was first looking into California Psychics, I was impressed to learn about its rigorous screening procedure. You’ll feel comfortable using its services because it’s one of the few platforms that accepts only 2% of all applicants. With that acceptance rate, you won’t have to worry about receiving false telekinesis advice.

Considering the quality of its services, California Psychics is still affordable as it’s tailored to different budgets. If you want to keep your costs low while receiving sound telekinesis advice, you can select its affordable package for only $1 per minute. This is useful if you want continuous guidance on psychic development at a reasonable rate.

You’ll usually need more than one session if you’re looking for mentorship in developing telekinesis. Luckily, California Psychics has its Karma Rewards program, where you receive a $20 credit, earn points, and get money back on quarterly purchases. I recommend signing up so you can save money in the long run.

California Psychics can’t guarantee complete accuracy during readings, but you can safeguard yourself with its satisfaction guarantee. If you connect with a psychic and don’t enjoy your experience, you can connect to another one without paying extra. This is a great way to get guidance on telekinesis without worrying about the risks.

2. Purple Garden — Transparent Rating System for Telekinesis Advisors

Career Reading
Career Reading
Life Questions
Life Questions
Love Reading
Love Reading
Past Life
Past Life
  • In-depth advisor profiles
  • $10 credit
  • Transparent ratings
  • Journeys community feature
  • Chat, call, & video readings

I enjoy Purple Garden because of its transparent rating system, helping you avoid psychics outside your criteria. Its rating system summarizes the amount of positive vs. negative reviews, allowing you to find a compatible telekinesis guide. I prefer this because it makes the browsing process straightforward.

When you’re ready to chat with an advisor, it’s essential to get adequate information about their experience with telekinesis. Purple Garden stands out because of its in-depth advisor profiles and how this makes it simple to decide which psychics are a right fit. You won’t need to rely on blind faith when looking for telekinesis support.

Purple Garden is a unique psychic platform because of its community aspect. Journeys is a thread-board style feature that lets you connect with others for support and advisor recommendations. The best part is you can receive comforting support for your telekinesis journey and first-hand recommendations from the top psychics.

A minor drawback to using Purple Garden is you can’t schedule readings with advisors for telekinesis insights. However, you can get notified when a psychic becomes available, saving you from playing with luck. All you have to do to get notified is click on the bell icon on the psychic’s profile.

3. Keen — Get Tailored Telekinesis Advice, Free of Judgement

Aura Reading
Aura Reading
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • Spiritual readings category
  • Experienced advisors
  • Email psychics before booking
  • First 5 minutes for $1
  • Scheduling available

Keen is a solid platform because it has niche reading categories that provide tailored guidance. It has a “Spiritual Readings” category which is ideal for help with telekinesis since insights are entirely free of judgment. Platforms with specific categories are helpful because you can ensure you get tailored and judgment-free advice.

When I was looking to book on Keen, I was glad to see that it has a scheduling option you can use. You can use it if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to wait on your psychic. I prefer to book ahead because it helps me organize my schedule and set my telekinesis development for certain times of the day.

If you want to ask an advisor general questions before booking a session, you can do so free of cost. Keen allows you to email your advisor so you can clear up any questions they may not answer through their profile. I suggest using this feature to ensure your psychic feels comfortable with telekinesis mentorship.

I enjoy using Keen because of its competitive introductory offer of 5 minutes for $1. You have the benefit of trying out its services before deciding if you’d like to commit to higher rates.

Something to note about Keen is that it doesn’t openly disclose its screening process. However, this is not of concern since most of its advisors have an average of a 4.7-star rating and are highly experienced. Additionally, the hundreds of customer reviews should help you make an informed decision on psychic development.

FAQs on Telekinesis

How does telekinesis work?

Since telekinesis is not a science, it’s difficult to narrow down exactly how it works. However, it’s believed that telekinesis works by emitting intentional energy toward an object to manipulate its position. Many argue that it happens by merging your energy with the object’s, rather than commanding the object to move with your mind.

Telekinesis is a phenomenon that has been documented very few times and is therefore difficult to understand. That and its mystical characteristics, makes it almost impossible to know how it works truly. There are some techniques you can use to attempt telekinesis, which may get you closer to the truth of the matter.

What are some telekinesis training exercises?

Some telekinesis training exercises include the dice, key, and candle methods. When completed successfully, each of these methods is said to demonstrate your telekinesis ability. Aside from telekinesis exercises, there are other methods to help strengthen your telekinesis which can be equally important.

To try the dice method, you’ll need a set of dice, a pen, paper, and the intention for which number you’d like to land on. Keep the same number throughout each roll because otherwise, you’ll be practicing precognition instead of telekinesis.

Roll the dice 50-100 times to ensure your dice are balanced, and write down which number you got each roll. Once you can see which number comes up most often, select a number that falls below the average to ensure you’re not getting the number by chance. Then set the intention and see if you continually get the same number.

Next is the key method, where you’ll only need a key and a string of ribbon. Secure the key to the ribbon and hang it from a fixture. You can use a hanging light or tape the string to the ceiling. Then, you’ll have to try to make the key move from its fixed position.

One of my favorite training exercises for telekinesis development is the candle method. All you need is a lighted candle and your intention. The candle method aims to manipulate the flame to your desired position, and if you’re feeling daring, you can try to extinguish the flame altogether.

How long does it take to master telekinesis?

Mastering telekinesis is unique to each individual and can’t be measured. Because we all have different psychic abilities that vary in strength, some people may take longer to master telekinesis than others. However, staying consistent and applying certain practices can help you master telekinesis faster.

Since telekinesis isn’t a common psychic gift, it can involve more trial and error. Finding guidance and support can also be challenging because it’s not as commonly used and practiced when compared to other gifts.

Bottom Line

Developing telekinesis is far from easy, and the recurring feelings of frustration, confusion, and isolation don’t make it even harder. The truth is that developing any psychic gift can take a lot of patience and dedication, especially a less common one like telekinesis. However, you don’t have to go through your journey alone.

This guide will equip you with the framework to maintain consistency with your telekinesis development. I advise you to review this advice whenever you feel you’ve reached a brick wall and need a refresher. That said, you should notice an improvement in your efforts and be encouraged to keep going.

While I developed my psychic gifts, I often consulted with an experienced psychic for support and direction. If you would benefit from connecting with a mentor, you should consider finding a psychic you resonate with. They’ll provide a safe space and first-hand advice for developing your telekinesis abilities.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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