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Written by Jeff Williams | Updated On September 27, 2021

How to Read Minds in 4 Easy Steps (Updated for 2021)

How to Read Minds in 4 Easy Steps (Updated for 2021)

Telepathy and psychics powers are one thing, but when it comes to mind reading, there are other, more psychological ways to read minds. .

For the sake of this blog post, I’ll be talking more about how you can easily learn how to read minds from a psychic, sensory point of view.

A Quick Overview to Mind Reading

Most of us attempt to read minds daily; what with the huge range of communication that doesn’t rely on being face-to-face with someone (instant messaging, phone calls, emails and more), so when it comes to actually meeting someone in person, your mind is constantly intuiting, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Whether that’s via body language, guessing someone’s feelings or anticipating their reactions, you do it everyday without even noticing.

But, when it comes to how to read minds from a psychic point of view, there’s a lot to be taken from our usual daily type of mind reading. 

Which is a great thing – it means that learning to read minds is actually one of the easiest psychic abilities you can master!

Here’s how you do it, in a few easy steps.

How to Read Minds, in 4 Easy Steps

As with most psychic abilities and tools, it takes time, dedication and patience to learn how to read minds.

Another top tip I can give you: really focus on honing your skill of mindful thinking. Once you learn or master how to reflect on your surroundings, and other people and their mindsets, learning how to read minds becomes a lot easier.

Step One: Be Open and Receptive

First thing’s first: you need to let your guard down, stop thinking judgmentally, and just let someone else’s energy wash over you.

Learning how to read minds is also learning the skill of accepting and responding to othersthis is about them, not about you.

You need to open your energy to receive energy from those around you to connect with, while also staying present in the moment and aware of your surroundings.

As I mentioned above,  the skill of mindfulness really can help here, as can meditation or even yoga.

Step Two: Choose Your Subject

As with most things in life, it pays to be focused on one person to practice on. Once you have that person in mind, really focus on them,

Imagine their face in your mind, their features, the way they stand, behave and talk. Try to really capture their essence and remember everything about them.

The next step is where things get trippy: you need to separate the person you’re seeing from their surroundings – you will suddenly be aware (even reading this sentence) that you’ll be imagining other things around the person. Maybe they’re sitting in a restaurant, or in a library; either way, you need to mentally cut around their essence, and separate them from their surroundings. This allows you to focus solely on them, and not on any other distractions in the background (such as books, or other people).

Step Three: Focus

Here comes the fun part! Once your subject has been cut out and removed from their surroundings, start focusing on their face. Hold your eye contact with them for 10 seconds – not too long so they become uncomfortable, but not too short so that you don’t connect.

After the ten seconds have passed, break the eye contact, and start feeling the energy you’ve received from them. Their feelings, emotions and thoughts should come flooding into your mind.

Although this isn’t mind reading, this is where the process begins!

Step Four: Go Deeper

Once you’ve established that initial connection after focusing your energy, it’s time to take things deeper.

You might experience a rush of thoughts about what they’re thinking and what you want to ask them. Let the thoughts guide your conversation – these are coming directly from your energy connection.

One thing to mention here – these thoughts might be nice and fun and lighthearted…or they might be deep and dark and potentially scary. Whatever the thoughts, embrace them, and stay open to discussing them with the other person – it might just be what they want to discuss.

Stay receptive to what is being discussed – it’s mind reading, not ‘mind decisions on what to talk about’, after all! This can take a little bit of practice, but this is truly what mind reading is all about. 

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Quick Tips to Help You Learn How to Read Minds

Reading minds is all about intuition and energy connections, and really is nowhere near as hard to learn as other psychics abilities.

There are also some very basic real-world skills you can sharpen up in order to improve your energy flow, and therefore learn how to read minds more accurately and quickly.

Work on Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is all about reading people’s emotions correctly – and there’s a very easy way to improve it. Look at people, try to work out what they’re feeling: this can be done by –

  • Reading their body language
  • Hearing what they’re saying, and the way in which they say it
  • Listening to the content of their words

Once you can understand someone’s emotional level and their feelings, you can intuit and mind read more easily. 

Strengthen Your Listening Skills

This is a life skill, and a pretty important one: maybe you’re hearing people talk, but not really listening, or maybe you are listening, but just not hard enough.

In any type of relationship, listening is the absolute foundation of communication, and even more so in mind reading.

Listening to understand someone is entirely different to listening to respond to someone, and it’s a fundamental skill to learn for life.

Try listening more than you talk in a conversation, and see where it gets you.

Focus on your Emotional Connections

We all have certain levels of empathy, but nowadays, thanks to depersonalized communication, long work days and more, it’s super easy to ignore any empathetic feelings we might have.

Tie in to your own empathy by focusing on your feelings, then, once you’re comfortable with these, try to understand other people’s feelings, and how they understand and react according to these.

How to Read Minds – Learn From a Psychic expert

Whether you feel ready and comfortable with learning how to read minds, already have made some progress in mind reading or are ready to get started, there is an easier, expert shortcut:

Seeking a professional psychic mind reader on a site such as Califorinia Psychics.

Whether you’re wondering how someone feels about you, what someone’s thinking or if they’re hiding information, psychics with certain skills are highly trained to read minds. 

There are so many psychics reading sites out there (and I’ve reviewed over a dozen to help you get started), with all kinds of budgets, specialisms and introductory offers, it’s a really great way to get started with mind reading.

Personally, I learned how to read minds for myself by going to an expert mind reader. I’d advise anyone looking to learn to read minds to do the same – and then focus on honing their own skills. 

Learning how to read minds isn’t that difficult, but it does require a lot of patience and trial and error.

Remember to focus. Remember to breathe, and remember to connect – this is about the person whose mind your reading, not about yourself.

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