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The A-Cloud of the Universe

The A-Cloud of the Universe

Lisa Barnett of Akashic Knowing is an internationally recognised author, teacher and healer. She was summoned by the Akashic record keepers to start the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. We chat with Lisa to find out more.

‘In our digital age, the Akashic records could be considered to be the Internet of the universe. However, these archives are not merely an abstract metaphysical concept, but are an integral part of existence itself. They are a subtle part of life; one that has been and always will be present, regardless of our awareness of it’.

What are the Akashic Records exactly?

My definition of the Akashic Records is the recording of your soul’s journey throughout time. When we first individuate from Source and go on a journey, then everything we ever do, everything we feel, every place, plane or dimension is all recorded in the quantum field of Source. 

Another concept is that each and every soul has their very own personal Akashic library. Every book on the shelf is about a lifetime that you have lived. One of the great gifts is that we each have our very own personal librarian that is in service to us, or Akashic record keeper to help you find the information that you are looking for in your Akashic records. 

Science, religion or philosophy? 

I wouldn’t say it is a religion, but rather a combination of science and philosophy. The scientist, Dr Ervin László, wrote a book called Science And The Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, and I believe another three or four books about the Akashic Field, which he also refers to as the A-Field. He believes this to be part of the quantum field, and as the Akashic Record Keeper said to me a long time ago, it is part of the Information Arm of Source. Ervin László says something very similar in his books about the A-Field. 

There is more and more scientific information which changes the way one looks at the esoteric information. Philosophically, it is very connected to the idea that we live many lives, and that there is indeed such a thing as reincarnation. One of the reasons why we reincarnate is to learn and grow as a soul. 

Past, present and future? Is this all ONE?

There really is no such thing as time and space. This is how I found I could really go into people’s past lives, heal trauma (a gory death for example), and it will change their feelings and sometimes their beliefs. It will influence their ability to do something in this life because there is no time and space. 

If I go into the quantum field and change the outcome of what appears to be, say, a life in the 1400s of a witch being burned at the stake, I can clear that emotional pain and trauma, and that lifetime energy shifts so that that person was never burned at the stake. Now in this life, that fear of speaking in public will have been cleared and released because we are no longer afraid of being seen, or burned alive for saying what we think, say or do. 

The same can be applied for future thoughts and beliefs that have been projected from childhood fairytale fantasies, for example. 

One of the things that the record keepers always say is that nothing is written in stone. What that means to me is that we can change the past, and the future, and both of these in turn can change the present. 

Would you describe knowing the Akashic Records to be a life skill?

Learning to access your own Akashic records is, I believe, one of the greatest empowerment tools on the planet today. When you access your Akashic records, you can access all of the information, wisdom. your gifts and talents, you can heal through the quantum field and you can transform old pain and trauma. 

As we heal a lot of pain, we are opening the door to new possibilities, to the infinite possibilities of the Universe. Often this may mean a new relationship or a new job offer, new health opportunities or ways to heal your body if you have illnesses. 

It is a very profound way to start to transform your life. It is an empowerment tool and something you can use everyday for the rest of your life. Most people have between one and three sessions with me for an Akashic reading but learning to access your own Akashic records is such a great gift because you can use it every time you reach a crossroads in your life, or every time you need to make a decision.

How does one tap into the Akasha plane? Is formal training needed or are some more gifted than others?

The Akashic record keepers asked me to start a school many years ago. When I agreed, they gave me what I now refer to as my ‘five step wisdom prayer system’. There are five simple steps taken to access your records that I teach in online workshops. The steps are simple because they use a vibrational key, or a sacred prayer, that helps you to shift the energy into the high vibration and into alignment with your own personal Akashic records and to be able to communicate with your own Akashic record keepers. 

Some people have learnt to access the Akashic records through guided meditations or visualisations. Some people stumble accidentally into them because of the vibrations that they are (I was one of them). 

Please tell us about your books

I am the author of two International best-selling books. 

The first is The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. This book explains how to access your Akashic Records. Many people go on from this and do workshops with me to deepen their understanding. 

The second, which is probably the one that should be read first, is called From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life. This book teaches about the Soul’s plan, about why we would pick challenging families, and teaches 73 prayers for different needs. 

This is a great place to start to learn more about the Akashic Records and to start doing some kind of energy healing.

How and when did you first come to learn of the Akashic Records?

As I mentioned a little earlier, I was one of those people that stumbled into the Akashic records. In fact, I was a psychic and intuitive energy healer. I knew about the Akashic records, and I would go up to the gates of Akasha and ask the Akashic record keepers to give some new energy to my client once I had healed and cleared their wounds. 

I did this for years, and I would see the energy flow into their bodies in some sort of symbol or other. With some clients, I would also hear a booming voice giving forth extensive information. I didn’t realise this was actually the Akashic record keepers talking to me. 

In the end, when I asked why they wanted me to start a school, they informed me that I had actually been one of them, an Akashic record keeper, when I first individuated from Source.

Please tell us a little about your next workshop.

Access Your Personal Wisdom

I believe we are infinite soul, each with a plan. In this program, you will learn to access your own Akashic Record and to ask questions about your life so that you can have clarity and deep insight into your personal issues. This will assist you to have confidence in the decision you make and next steps to take in your life.


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