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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On May 28, 2023

From suicidal to healing with aki Energy Healer

From suicidal to healing with aki Energy Healer

After decades struggling with mental issues, aki found her purpose in life and started to help people heal using various methods, such as Energy Healing and Hypnosis. In this interview for MysticMag, she explains to us how she healed, what are the first steps in that process and the modalities she works with.

You have a very challenging journey until you’ve found your purpose in life. Do you know what changed and how did you discover that you wanted to help people?

Thank you very much for acknowledging my healing journey with kind compassion. 

For over 40 years, I was suicidal. I always had this empty, bottomless sadness and I felt alone. No matter who was there or not there, I was lonely. Later in my life when I was in a relationship, I was still feeling all alone. I couldn’t fill the void I felt in my heart and I was drowning in the sea of sorrow.

As I spent my days alone, I was naturally in and out of a meditative state. By being young and alone, I learned to trust my gut feelings for “guidance” and I believe this helped me stay connected with my intuition and psychic senses. I was always keen on the energies around me. I was also drawn to hypnosis, but back then in my native country, hypnosis wasn’t received well or so I sensed. 

In my thirties and forties, I became very aware of what happened in my past life that was affecting this current life. One day I finally decided to have a past life regression, and this one session released the years of suicidal ideation.

It took many more years of painful healing, but I learned to open myself to receiving help. In my spiritual journey, I was helped by many souls who guided me, encouraged me, and believed in me. We continue to heal but when I healed myself well enough, I had this fiery desire to help others heal as I was helped because I believe that nobody deserves to suffer alone.

You offer a wide variety of alternative modalities. Can you present some to us?

I love all the modalities I use and whichever I choose to use, my mission is to help people heal from the inside: The emotional wounds. I call my approach “Inner Child Therapy.” When you heal your inner child, you are healing yourself in the most powerful and profound way.

My favorite is Past Life Regression. It is fascinating how your soul communicates with you. Past Life Regression helps you understand what is beyond this lifetime and where the issue might have originated. You will also learn what karmic lessons you have and this understanding will lead you to Healing. There is no loophole when it comes to karma. It’s probably a good idea to balance it out in this lifetime so you don’t have to come back with a bigger heavier lesson in the next life! After all, energy is timeless and spaceless. 

Energy Healing is absolutely profound. Everybody is spiritual. It is only a matter of accepting yourself as spiritual. When you choose to believe in yourself, you can experience powerful healing such as soul retrieval and reunion. Reiki/Energy Healing also gives you beautiful relaxation. When you relax, you slow down and you will be sending a message to your body that it is safe to relax. When your body is relaxed, it finds a way to heal. Your body has a natural healing ability and when you are in a relaxed state, you are highly receptive to the healing energy that is readily available to you.

You mention in your website that you help people decide what works best if that’s what they want. What do you observe before you give your opinion?

Energy speaks before the person speaks! After I connect with their energies and listen to what their logical minds tell me, I offer what I believe would most resonate with them. I also offer other options if they want to explore them, but they will soon find and feel what modality they are leaning towards. In addition, I always open my Akashic Records for each session so I will be guided in the best interests of each client.

What is RTT Hypnotherapy?

RTT Hypnotherapy is phenomenal. RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy, founded by Marisa Peer. Hypnosis is powerful and RTT Hypnotherapy is extremely powerful. Whether or not you have emotional issues or physical conditions you want to heal from, RTT helps you get to the core of the issue and get it out of your system. You will meet your inner child and as you nurture your inner child, you will experience deep healing.

I offer RTT Hypnotherapy as a program, and I create a personalized self-hypnosis recording for you. This self-hypnosis recording will reinforce the incredible internal breakthrough you make during the hypnotherapy session. You need to listen to this recording every day, at least once a day for 3 weeks, and the message starts to sink in deeply around 2 weeks.

Yes, you have to do your part but when you do your part, the result is all-pervasive, permeating, and permanent.

What should be the first steps to truly start a healing process?

This is a great question, Miguel, and I shall be the “bad guy” to tell the powerful truth about healing that may hurt someone’s ears!

It was never your fault that something terrible happened and you received wounds. However, now as an adult, you want to be 100% responsible for your healing. This means, no longer who said or did what. Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen, you choose to heal yourself. This brave decision to take charge will give you full self-control and when you have self-control, you get yourself out of victimhood. You are no longer powerless or helpless. And then, you find yourself standing in your enormous power to heal yourself and create the life you desire.

Healing is your birthright, but you have to want it, choose it, and claim it. This is, I’d say, the first step towards your profound healing.

Do you have a special message for our audience in these challenging times?

Yes, I do. You were created with unique gifts to make you the original you. There is no need to compare with anybody else or be somebody else. You want to be you. I believe everybody has extraordinary power within, and you are no exception. If you are struggling, remember that you have enough strength to overcome the struggle. You are meant to be where you are before you reach your destination. Embrace yourself. You are greater than you have ever imagined. Accept yourself. You are enough just the way you are because you are perfectly imperfect. Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

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