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The True Voice of our Animals - Akshaya Kawle

The True Voice of our Animals - Akshaya Kawle

Akshaya Kawle reveals the secret of Animal Communication to MysticMag and how through her communications “she understands animals better, which helps her to understand herself and our world better”. Her passion starts with helping others to do the same and being part of their journey.

Akshaya, how and when did you first start communicating with animals?

For as long as I remember, I felt like I had a special connection to animals around me. Right since when I was a toddler, about 3-4 years old – I would be friends with the community cats around my apartment complex. I remember spending time with them in the afternoon, having conversations with them. As I grew older, I slowly forgot about these conversations. And whatever little I could remember I would dismiss it as a figment of my imagination.

Much later in the year 2015 – I came across the video of one of the senior most Communicators – Anna Breytenbach – communicating with a black leopard who was renamed Spirit upon his request. That video instantly reminded me of Sweety, my black feline best friend from two decades ago. And that’s when I realized that all those conversations were real! I intuitively started communicating with my own dogs as well as the ones I fostered, soon noticing great positive changes in them. After a couple of years of communicating intuitively, I pursued several courses with communicators all across the globe – and slowly and steadily started taking up consultations and even offering courses in Nature and Animal Communication.

Do you believe that all our pets have a soul purpose in our life?

Absolutely, yes! I believe that every element of nature has consciousness and is sentient. They may interact with their world around them differently than ours. Likewise, our animals – whether companions at home, or the free community ones, or those we know as wild animals – all have a purpose to serve in their physical form. Throughout their earthbound lives, they are driven by their soul’s purpose.
In my several communications with animals and other elements of nature, I have experienced them to be well versed with their soul purpose and contract, and they also have guidance and insights about our soul purpose as well. So when we speak of our companion animals – they come to us with specific learnings and ensure that throughout the time we spend with them – we enable each other to fulfill our purpose and contract with one another.

Your introductory video makes communicating with animals look so easy – is it really so easy to master with simple time and practice?

Nature and animal Communication is an innate ability we all have. I personally look at it as our mother tongue, because we get it as a gift from mother nature. And as a mother – she doesn’t differentiate between her children. She gives all of us the skill equally. As humans, we tend to lose touch with our natural ability to connect and communicate with all that exists around us, since it may not necessarily fall into our understanding or logic and rationality. There is very little tangibility to this communication and hence cannot be objectified much. This often makes us reject its existence.

However with just a little bit of practice, openness to receiving wisdom from nature, and a lot of respect for nature’s ability to communicate – we can all easily tap into our innate skill of communication. We are all already doing it at all times. We just do not acknowledge it as communication but would rather call these experiences as coincidences, guess work, or something that happens by chance. However, it’s all a part of us communicating with nature and vice versa. There is synchronicity to everything that happens around us – irrespective of whether we believe in it or not.

It’s like learning any new language. The more we speak in it, the better we get at it. Practice makes perfect!

What percentage of your work is divided into training and mentoring courses and actual consultations?

I would say about 50-50.

What is your true mission in the here and now?

While I absolutely do love communicating with animals and offering my skill set to others in the form of consultations, my true purpose lies in raising awareness about this innate ability and aiding others in reconnecting them with this art. So the courses that I offer help me in this mission.
Likewise, I believe that my animals push me to help those humans in need, especially when it comes to older animals and their health issues or their passing. Our animals are self-sufficient and they don’t need our help as much as we think they do. We give them very little credit for how sentient and intelligent they are. So I believe my purpose is to help humans to connect and understand their animals better, and not really help the animals. I feel I am the honest voice of the animal so that their humans know and understand them, creating a deeper bond between them.

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