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Sooth Your Pain And Heal Your Soul With Alex Edgar

Sooth Your Pain And Heal Your Soul With Alex Edgar

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Alex Edgar from All Aligned Healing – a well-known Reiki Healer who kindly agreed to an interview with us. We discussed her beginnings, her vision of Reiki Healing, and what can a client expect from her sessions.

When did you first realize you have a healing gift and how did it come about?

I have always been able to feel when a person or animal is sick. And always been drawn to helping and to healing in some form or other – I wanted to be a Vet as a child. I’ve had some spontaneous spiritual awakenings and remissions in my own illnesses. Then when I studied Reiki, I found that it helped for literally everything and have been practicing ever since.

What types of healing sessions do you offer?

I offer a mix of working with my hands and helping clients shift their mental energies. So I work with Reiki, the meridians, Life Alignment, and any techniques that I have come across that seem to help – I use crystals, flower essences, essential oils, vortex cards, oracle, and activation cards… And of course intuition.

How would you describe Reiki Healing, and what can a client expect from it?

Reiki is incredibly soothing to receive and very compassionate.  It has been clinically proven with multiple scientific research trials to help significantly with stress and anxiety.

I find it helps with everything because in my personal experience it reduces pain and infection and accelerates healing.

However, this is just my experience. I can’t prove anything to a skeptic. Except by working on them directly when they are ill enough to feel the difference for themselves.

Please remember that Reiki is not a miracle cure. It is an everyday, ordinary remedy. Miracles come from the creator and cannot be promised by any person, no matter how sincere.

Also, please don’t use Reiki as an excuse not to go to the doctor for anything that does not clear up within a day or two on its own. Reiki helps everything but does not mean that you can ignore your body’s warning messages that something needs to be checked out.

What does one of your healing sessions look like?

I always start my sessions by leading myself and my client through grounding. Connecting with Heaven. Coming into our hearts and out of our brains and faces. Putting up a bubble of light and love to insulate us from the world. And expressing gratitude for the help and protection of our Divine support groups.

Then I put my hands into the client’s energy field – just to make contact and connect energetically, and then I muscle test to see if we have permission to start work. The process is the same online and in person. By email, I do exactly the same thing but work from a photo.

Thereafter each session is different. Often I scan the person’s energy field to feel for wounds, blockages, pain, or shadows, or areas of weakness. Sometimes healing starts flowing before my mind has even clocked what is going on. Sometimes I first connect with the client’s guides or God or another higher power that is here to send love and compassion and goodness for the client. Sometimes I feel things in my own body or heart or thought patterns.

So then it is about holding what is with compassion and acceptance, finding the fulcrum for the shift, and helping shift the energy to a higher vibration.

So always, energy is to be added, removed, or transmuted.

Are some sessions that you perform more demanding or difficult than others?

Yes definitely. The worst sessions are those in which the client is left in a difficult space and I am being asked to stand back and wait. Some people have had very very difficult lives and are in a lot of pain. And sometimes during an ongoing process, they need to sit with that pain for a while – I can’t magic it away for them – I often find these sessions uncomfortable. Sometimes people just need to be where they are for now – it looks and feels stuck, but I simply have to trust the process and the client to come through to the other side of things.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

I try to always be truthful and honest as much as possible, and still give the client plenty of space to figure things out for themselves.  I nip wishes that I can magically make things better in the bud as fast as I can. I trust in the client’s truth, and learn from it.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love the feelings of bliss and upliftment and joy that we get to share. I love getting blown away by the wisdom and beauty of my client’s deepest selves. I love witnessing people heal and grow. I love the constant surprises that healing can bring to us, and the profundity of it all.

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