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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 28, 2023

Reset Your Body with Alexi Silance

Reset Your Body with Alexi Silance

MysticMag was privileged to chat with Alexi Silance from Elements of Wellness. Alexi is a natural health practitioner, functional lab specialist, and a licensed audiologist. She also holds various certifications including: health and wellness coach, HeartMath, Bio-Well, and Genius Biofeedback practitioner, Buteyko Breathing practitioner.

With such a diverse background in healthcare, can you tell us about how you integrate audiology, integrative and natural medicine, functional medicine, Buteyko breathing, and HeartMath into your practice at Elements of Wellness?

This is a great question! Thank you for asking. As an integrative, natural, and functional medicine practitioner, I believe that for true healing to occur, we must treat the whole person. Often, in western or allopathic medicine, the patient/ client becomes a number. If a pill can’t fix it, then there’s nothing wrong. Those that struggle with undiagnosed chronic health conditions become frustrated and often feel unheard, leading to a worsening of symptoms in many cases. This is where I use Functional Blood Chemistry analysis to uncover patterns or states of imbalance that can lead to ill health. I like to say I find answers that their physician missed. Our labs hold so much objective information about our body – we just have to look for the patterns. Buteyko Breathing addresses the dysfunction around the biochemical processes in the body. This enhances our production of nitric oxide which assists in oxygenating the blood and scavenging free radicals. It’s amazing how so many of us breathe improperly and with just a little practice we can alter our health tremendously. HeartMath builds stress resilience and is where the real magic happens. Although subtle, the changes to heart rate variability and heart-brain coherence have a positive impact on blood pressure, mood, sense of purpose, joy, and connecting to our higher self. In my practice utilizing and educating my clients on the need to care for all the different levels of the body – from the physical, to the vital, and on to the supramental, is key to creating lasting change. As an audiologist I have incorporated a holistic approach to treating tinnitus. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only audiologist treating tinnitus this way and the results have been amazing!

What inspired you to pursue these different fields of healthcare, and how have they contributed to your approach to wellness?

I won’t bore you with the long version. Shortly after the birth of my second son, I became gravely ill with numerous autoimmune conditions. Despite going to doctor after doctor, there were no answers, no effective treatment. I was told “to put my affairs in order” and prepare for the worst. It was at this moment that my mindset changed. I realized that western medicine failed me – like so many others. I began researching and diving into the ”woo woo” as I like to say. Within about 8 months I felt like normal. I changed my life, went back to college, and the rest is history. My pain has led to my purpose. Guiding others to live their best life – this is my why!

What inspires you the most while working with HeartMath?

I would have to say the most inspiring part of HeartMath is the pure joy and change it evokes in my clients. So many come to me feeling defeated, knocked down, bitter, angry, or with little to no emotion. Through the course of several sessions, I can see walls breaking down, smiles emerging, and a whole new outlook on life developing. To this day it amazes me.

How do you incorporate holistic and natural approaches into your practice, and how do they complement more traditional medical treatments?

While I feel there is a place for traditional medicine, I also believe it is important for people to know that their body is designed to heal. That the power of healing is within them given the right environment and support. Functional blood chemistry analysis allows me to bridge the gap between western medicine and holistic medicine. It’s objective and actionable. Clients see results immediately, but there is no use of pharmaceuticals. I love the shock I see on faces when they reverse diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain – naturally.

Can you share any success stories or memorable experiences from your time working as a healthcare practitioner at Elements of Wellness, and how have they impacted your approach to patient care?

Of course! One of my favorite clients was a 70 year old gentleman that was unsure of my approach. He had been diagnosed for many years with fatty liver disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He had been on insulin for over 20 years and wanted to stop. He knew something had to change. Hesitantly, he agreed to work with me. During our 6 month program, he completely reversed fatty liver disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He also lost 18 lbs. and increased his energy level. The cherry on top? He was so blown away by the results that he was open to trying various energetic modalities such as muscle testing and quantum biofeedback. Every time I wonder if I should narrow down my approach, I remember this gentleman and the awakening he experienced.

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