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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 31, 2023

Reiki with River Healer - Alison Lowther

Reiki with River Healer - Alison Lowther

Alison Lowther is a certified Reiki practitioner and the founder of River Healer, a wellness practice that focuses on energy healing and spiritual growth. Based in the UK, Alison has over 15 years of experience in working with energy and has trained extensively in Reiki and other healing modalities. She offers private sessions both in-person and online, as well as workshops and classes for those interested in learning more about energy healing and Reiki. Alison’s approach is compassionate, intuitive, and deeply rooted in the belief that healing and transformation are possible for everyone. MysticMag has the opportunity to chat with Alison

How did Reiki first find you and how did it change your life?

I first found Reiki in 1990 when a friend was learning Bi Aura healing which is another form of energy healing. She had heard about Reiki and told me about it. Synchronicity was at work because a few weeks later I happened upon a book about Reiki in a charity shop and felt strongly about buying it. I read it and knew then in my heart that I wanted to do Reiki. However my life was in a mess at that point, so it was not the right time for me. In the following years my life and circumstances changed for the better. I then moved house in 2006 and was ready for a new start. It was then that I felt the time was right to learn and be attuned to Reiki.

It changed my life as it became a healing journey in itself. I had gone for a few Reiki healing sessions before training in it. And so my own healing continued and I have learned a great deal about myself and my own emotions and responses which further enables me to help others with theirs. I have also developed spiritually and am more connected and aware. I now have an inner knowing that I never had before and trust in my gut and my intuition. Ultimately Reiki has enabled me to find and follow my own truth and I can honestly say that I am happier and more at peace within myself now than I have ever been.

Did the practice of Reiki help develop your psychic abilities, and if so how?

Yes it definitely did. When I began working with Reiki and healing others, I began sensing things within their energy field. I also connected with my spirit guides through Reiki and learned how to communicate with them. I became more aware of the energies of people around me and my perceptions and intuition were heightened. As time went on and I progressed to master level, I began picking up energies of spirit around people especially during healings and sometimes in tarot readings. When you find Reiki and are attuned to that energy you also begin meditating if you haven’t already done so. And of course the more we meditate the more – and deeper – we connect with our higher selves, guides and Source. Therein lie all the answers we may seek both for ourselves and for others.

How does Reiki enhance your psychic tarot reading sessions and do you always combine the two?

I don’t normally combine the two. I only do this if a client books for reiki healing and a tarot reading which does happen. In such cases I always do the tarot reading first then finish with the healing. Reiki itself does not enhance the tarot reading. However, because it did enhance my spiritual awareness, psychic ability and connection, it has been instrumental in my progress giving readings.

What other services do you offer your clients?

In addition to Reki healing and tarot readings I also teach and attune students to Reiki at all levels. I offer Indian Head massage, Thai foot massage, and bespoke services combining two or three of my services as required following an initial consultation. These include Reiki healing, focused meditation sessions on specific issues as required e.g. inner child work, anger issues, forgiveness etc, psycho-therapeutic and intuitive counseling, counseling in addictions, life coaching and tarot reading for guidance and direction.
I am qualified in all of these and also qualified in Colour Therapy and Body Mirror System of healing both of which I use alongside Reiki, in meditations and in guidance sessions. I also offer online services for those who cannot come to me in person. These are email tarot readings, distant healing, cord cutting and an answer to a question. When people come to me for healing, I also give guidance as appropriate to aid their journey. Every ailment whether physical or mental has its root in the emotional body. Medicine treats the mental and physical but does not get to the emotional root (cause). For example you cannot kill a plant by cutting it from ground level – if the root is there it will regrow. Similarly, physical and mental health cannot fully heal if the emotional root is not found and healed. All dis-ease (unease) is caused by tension which stems from the emotional body. Through Reiki and my discussion with clients, I endeavor to enable them to find the emotional cause.

What is the secret to self-empowerment?

Self-love. We are all beings of infinite love, and when we acknowledge that love for ourselves then we unleash the power that we seek that was within us all along. Love heals all. However, before we can fully love ourselves, we must first find our own truth then forgive ourselves and accept ourselves. This involves a healing journey which is where Reiki can be of the greatest help. When we love and accept our true selves then others will follow, as will true happiness. As within, so without.

What do you believe your soul purpose to be?

To enable others to heal. I now know that this is the reason I endured the traumas in my own life. Had I not been through so much myself then I would not have taken this path. Hence, I did not begin to fulfill my purpose until I was 52 years old. To heal others, we must first heal ourselves although we are never fully healed. It’s an ongoing and never-ending process but progress is the goal.

My purpose has also involved writing. I have always used writing to vent feelings and when I started in my healing business I began writing inspirational quotes. I wrote poetry and verses as part of my healing journey and had a book published in 2020. It is called Indigo Moods (poems, musings and ramblings from the soul of a moody Indigo).

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