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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 09, 2023

Sexual Energy and The Sacred Feminine - Amrita Grace

Sexual Energy and The Sacred Feminine - Amrita Grace

Amrita Grace from The Sacred Feminine School explains the importance of sexual energy – the natural life energy that extends into every part of our being and empowers every aspect of our life.

What is your definition of Sexual Energy?

I love this question! Most of us have been taught, throughout our lives, that sexual energy is this secret, shameful thing that should be kept in a box and only taken out for sex in the context of marriage. But that is incredibly repressive and limited and I believe it’s led to some of the biggest problems on our planet. The truth is, what feels like sexual energy is really the spiritual life force energy that animates our bodies, keeping us feeling alive and healthy and passionate about life and giving our lives meaning.

When we shut down this life force energy, such as when we’re not in a sexual relationship, we cut off the natural life energy that’s crucial to our existence. This can lead to health issues, illness, relationship breakdowns, depression, and general unhappiness and discontent. There’s a strong tendency to cut ourselves off from the waist down so we don’t feel our sexual energy, but in doing so, we cut ourselves off from life itself.

And that’s what I mean about some of the biggest problems on our planet. When we disconnect from our own bodies, we disconnect from the earth. Instead of feeling Gaia’s energy moving through us in a reciprocal relationship, we cut ourselves off from her and she becomes an object of exploitation instead of being acknowledged as the living, breathing, highly evolved being that she is.

How did the discovery of your sexual energy transform your life, and in what way?

Interestingly, my discovery of my sexual energy initially set me up for a lot of challenges and difficulty, because I was sexually abused as a child. The way I dealt with that as a young adult was to decide that no one would ever have control over me again. I saw sexual energy as a power I could wield and did so indiscriminately and addictively for many years. I left a lot of damage in my wake because I was not using my energy consciously.

This is the other side of the coin from shutting down our sexual energy, and it shows up in so many shadowy, disturbing ways in our society. Like pornography, sex in advertising and media, sexual violence, and spiritual gurus getting called out for sexual misconduct. Because sexual energy is generally taught as something to be repressed, it’s driven underground, but never loses its power. Instead, it emerges as dark and unhealthy expressions.

When I found my way to high-integrity sexual healing, I learned how to reign in, recirculate, and manage my sexual energy in healthy ways rather than unconsciously spilling it out all over the place. It took some time and practice, but it was very worthwhile because it had a huge impact on my relationships. I went from attracting addictive, codependent relationships to drawing in a deep and true beloved marriage. And that’s just speaking into my romantic relationships. All my relationships became deeper and more meaningful, and every aspect of my life was positively impacted.

Several years into my sexual healing journey, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the skills and tools I had gained, I had a truly amazing experience of dancing with breast cancer, using my life force energy to help me go from diagnosis to cancer-free in less than three months. I used my sexual energy as a healing elixir along with getting the best natural and allopathic medical care. I’ve been cancer-free since 2013, with no chemo or radiation.

What can you tell us about the Community of Women and the Sacred Feminine?

It’s amazing what happens when women come together in community with a focus on the Sacred Feminine. They feel safe and held in sacred space that is devoted to their healing, their transformation, and their freedom. Freedom to begin life anew with a clear and open heart, mind, and body. And freedom from the sisterhood wounds that are so pervasive in our culture. It’s in this kind of community that women help each other heal and transform into their very best selves, all carefully guided by skilled facilitators.

Once women go through the experience of Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing®, which is the process I teach, they are blown away by how simple and powerful it is. It’s a potent process for releasing trauma and learning how to receive, which can be very challenging for most women. We all have trauma to some degree… even those who had a perfect childhood. It’s embedded in our culture, handed down through our ancestral lines, and carried in our souls from past life experiences.

Why are we conditioned to believe that sexual energy is solely for sex?

We must look to patriarchal organized religion for the answer to that question. The earliest religious leaders sought to suppress the power of the feminine by reducing women to chattel, to be owned and ruled by the men in their families, their fathers, uncles, and husbands. These leaders recognized, on some level, the incredible power of the feminine, the power to carry and give birth to new life, as well as the power of feminine sexual energy… and that did not serve their agendas one bit.

This suppression of sexual energy and feminine energy has been in place for eons, for millennia. In more recent times, it’s been expressed as shaming sexual energy that is not contained within the boundary of marriage between a man and a woman. This shame keeps so many people cut off from their life force energy, and it’s time to change that!

Do you believe this conditioning is the cause of unhappy relationships, health issues and other common disorders in our modern world?

I have no doubt about it. As I mentioned earlier, it’s the cause of a great disconnect from not only our own bodies, but from the earth herself. Shame gets handed down through the generations, grandmother to mother to daughter, in perpetuity, until the cycle is broken. And that cycle is broken when women find the courage to do their sexual healing work and create a new paradigm for the next generation and for themselves.

What do you offer your clients, and do you only work with women?

What I offer women is the rare opportunity to slow down, recharge, and learn how to truly receive more love, connection, and support. Women tend to be chronic over-givers, that’s how we’ve been trained and indoctrinated for generations. But that leads to burnout, martyrdom, and exhaustion, and no one can give from empty. By inviting women to let go of taking care of others for just a few days and step into a safe, sacred sisterhood space, I offer them the chance to release unconsciously held energetic wounds in a unique way that bypasses the mind and invites them into their bodies.

My personal calling is to work only with women. I find that bringing women together for a weekend workshop or weeklong retreat brings a healing and restorative energy to the space that isn’t often present in a mixed-gender workshop. Different energies get stirred up with mixed genders. There’s lots of room for mixed-gender sexual healing and plenty of people offering it, but in my experience, it tends to have more of a “learn to have better sex” vibe, because that’s what sells. That’s not what I’m teaching, though it’s often a natural by-product of sexual healing.

Women have long-standing sisterhood issues they are working through now that are many generations old, dating back to what is known as The Burning Times, when healers, midwives, and wise women were persecuted as witches. This was yet another way to keep women in line and repress their power. During these times, women were forced to turn each other in to the “authorities” to save their own families, setting up an ancient sisterhood wound that women now have the opportunity to work through in community.

2022 is my last year of teaching workshops and retreats as I pass the baton to my Certified graduates. I’m teaching my last three retreats but will maintain the Sacred Feminine Mystery School website indefinitely to support the next generation of teachers and healers trained and certified in Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing. I also offer an introductory self-guided online course that will be available indefinitely as well, offering people a gentle, yet powerful way to get started.


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