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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On January 30, 2023

Being a medium in New York City and the benefits of Zoom with Ana Lisa

Being a medium in New York City and the benefits of Zoom with Ana Lisa

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Ana Lisa, a psychic medium from New York. Ana moved to the city to be a nurse but found that her gift could help people (including by Zoom). Check out our interview!

Please present yourself to our audience.

My name is Ana Lisa and I am a certified psychic medium, certified energy healer, and a certified seance conductor. All of these are part of being a reverend in the Spiritualist Church.

I have a background as a registered nurse, which is why I came to New York City in the first place, as a Travel RN. I am not a doctor, so while I am not diagnosing someone, I think that my medical knowledge allows the spirits to give me medical information of the physical, energetic, and spiritual situation of their body. I’ve been giving readings professionally for 13 years as a psychic medium, though I’ve been doing it for my whole life without realizing it.

Why do you think New York was a “mystical trigger” for you?

I was born and lived for 14 years in Texas, then I moved to Wisconsin for high school and college. All of this is in the Bible Belt, which is very rigid about how you think about God. Even when I was young, I searched to figure out what this connection was. I knew I had experiences and that God was something I could feel when in church, but didn’t connect with the religious aspect of Christianity.

I came to New York as a travel nurse, and I didn’t want to look back on life wishing I had tried travel nursing. The city offered an opportunity not to be judged for having different ideas about what being connected to God was in comparison to what the Bible or Christianity said.

Everyone is accepted here and it was freeing to go to the New Age section and not worry that somebody was damning me to hell.

New York is not often depicted as a spiritual place. Did it bring more opportunities for psychic services than Texas?

Interestingly, I received my first reading in Texas. My clients are from all over the world and even evangelical pastors come and secretly get readings from me!

I think being a nurse and seeing all different walks of life and seeing people at their most vulnerable states leads you to understand that people coming for a reading are in their most vulnerable states and you just sit without judgement.

When I first came out of nursing school, they said ‘you can’t be judgemental’. That is a very interesting thing to think about: how do we not judge someone who has abused a child? Or who’s allowed their partner to abuse the child? So, how do I not judge a client whose lifestyle is completely different from mine or one that I wouldn’t choose? What I have learned is how very similar we all are and this leads to a different level of compassion.

Being in New York offered me a different variety of people, but then also being a nurse offered me a different perspective too.

What do you see as your clients’ main concerns and curiosities today?

They are the same as they have always been! You’d think there’s a pandemic, so people would be more concerned about finance and other topics… But it is literally the same: love, career, health, spiritual connections and looking for a sense of connection to something bigger and knowing that they are part of something bigger.

My business has grown, and I don’t know if it is because of my word-of-mouth because I typically don’t advertise. I don’t know if it is spreading and the snowball effect is happening or if more people are becoming more spiritual and opening up to the world being much more magical than we have thought in the past.

Do you believe that a reading via Zoom loses something compared to meetings in-person?

Zoom allows people to log on and see that I am going to be here instead of ringing me up, as it might happen on Skype! So, it offers a nice boundary.

First, I would go to people’s homes, since I did not have enough clients to pay for the overhead of the rental of the space. In their homes clients would get nervous if I was comfortable or judging their home. I would end up reading their house and animals. It took up a lot of time, so I’ve been doing reading since well before the pandemic.

Zoom became this really beautiful thing because people could be in their PJ’s and just show up, in their most comfortable, sacred and special place without worrying about me seeing everything inside their homes or worry about my comfort. It automatically takes a level of energy and nervousness out of the session.

Please share a special message with our readers.

Everybody is thinking about the pandemic as challenging times but if you look at human history, there’s always something, right? Something challenging dragging you down is the plight of being human, either on a worldwide or on a personal level.

I think one of the important things right now is to find balance, maybe a little of the spiritual, making sure you are eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle.

The other part is focusing on reprogramming the belief system that we get taught: that you are not worthy, not valuable, that you need somebody else to validate you and tell you that you are worth something.

Once you reprogram it, it shifts your energy and you start bringing in bigger things and start to realize the whole story from Buddhism and other religions, about understanding that you are whole and complete on your own. That is the truth of enlightenment. Everything else brings joy but you are not lost without it.

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