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Life themes and learning with all experiences with Andrew Anderson

Life themes and learning with all experiences with Andrew Anderson

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Andrew Anderson, a psychic medium based in Chicago. Andrew shared with us his knowledge, story and experiences, including a coma and helping a police case. Check out the interview!

When did you discover your gift?

I discovered my gift when I was about 4 years old because I was able to see things that other people couldn’t. I saw my spirit guide and also spirits around other people. I knew that they were not from this world because they weren’t in a physical form. I asked people if they saw them sometimes and people would say no.

Do you believe that reading a person is also an ability that can be trained and improved?

Being able to read someone from a psychic standpoint is something that every person can learn and improve. We all have an inherent psychic ability and can tap into it. We are all programed from birth by society, government, school and church and taught that the world is a certain way.

We have to rethink the way that we think in order to connect to spirit and guides. There is so much more that we have the ability to tap into. In order to do this though, we have to rethink and hear what spirits and our guides tell us to.

I offer a mentorship program for the purpose of helping others develop these psychic abilities. I teach them to become more in touch with their spirit guides so they can receive messages and guidance directly from them. This can also help them tap into psychic information about others.

You mentioned a medical experience as a turning point in your spirituality. How that experience changed the way you deal with the day to day life and your sessions with clients?

I was in a coma for 11 days, ICU for 36 days and the hospital for 3 months when this happened. I’ve always said that you can’t go through something like this and look at life the same way.

The way that it changed how I’m able to relate to clients is that I’m able to give people hope when they feel hopeless such as those who have lost a child or spouse. Due to my come experience, I can explain where their loved ones are because I was there myself. I was also able to see and communicate with spirits more clearly after my near-death experience.

You believe in life themes and that every person has that purpose. Can you explain that to our readers and how do you do to “designate” a theme to someone?

Life themes reflect on what matters most to us and is a big part of our life calling. Having a deeper understanding of what your life theme is can help you understand yourself in terms of what motivates you. Becoming masterful at your life theme will bring new meaning to your life.

A life theme represents our core values. I can tell someone’s life theme just by looking at a picture of them. My spirit guide, Carl, gives me this information. I also feed off of their guides and spirits that are around them as well.

How did your collaboration with the local police force help your community and also you personally?

A sergeant came to me for a reading in plain clothes. Right away I told her that she was a police officer and started talking about a big case that she was working on.

It was a homicide case and I described in detail what I saw happening. She was floored because she gave me no details about any of this. She told her chief about the reading I had just given her and how accurate it was. He invited me to the police station. He had me sit in a room and had me write down everything that I saw pertaining to this homicide. He said that it was accurate and there were details in there that were not released to the press that were specific to this case. He then showed me pictures of some of his police officers that he suspected of wrongdoing.

I was able to validate what he already suspected them doing in detail which helped him know that he was on the right track.

Knowing that you made a lot of predictions on Twitter, now we are starting to get out and leave behind challenging and dark times in our history. Do you have something in mind for the near future coming out of the COVID-19 era?

I believe that this COVID-19 pandemic is a reset for America and the earth. I feel like a lot of people have grown from within from all of this. Families have become closer than ever before.

Many people have realized that they have a new sense of purpose in this world. A lot of people have stopped taking simple things for granted. As awful as this pandemic has been, good things have and will still come out of it.

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