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Written by Katarina Todorovic | Updated On May 25, 2023

Spiritual Realm - An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Porter, the Psychic Surgeon Transforming Lives through Resolution and Healing

Spiritual Realm - An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Porter, the Psychic Surgeon Transforming Lives through Resolution and Healing

Mystic Mag has a remarkable guest Andrew Porter, a renowned psychic surgeon who specializes in resolving spiritual problems. With his unique abilities and extensive experience, Andrew has dedicated his life to helping individuals overcome a wide range of spiritual challenges. From psychic surgery and hearing voices to curses, voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, entity clearing, spirit release therapy, and property clearing, Andrew’s expertise covers a vast array of spiritual concerns. n a world where unseen forces can have a profound impact on our lives, Andrew has emerged as a beacon of light and healing for those in need. His exceptional gift allows him to tap into the energetic realms, accessing information and spiritual energies that elude most. By employing his skills, he not only helps individuals find relief from spiritual afflictions but also empowers them to reclaim their lives and step into a brighter, more fulfilling future. Without further ado, let us delve into the extraordinary world of Andrew Porter, the psychic surgeon who possesses the power to resolve spiritual problems and illuminate the path towards profound healing and spiritual growt

What led you to become a Psychic Surgeon? Could you share any personal experiences or defining moments that shaped your path?

My Baptism into The Unseen

Up until the age of 34 I had never realized a Spiritual dimension existed. I had never been religious and didn’t believe in ghosts, entities, or extra-terrestrial energy in the slightest. In fact, normal family life and a laugh was all that really captured my imagination. I didn’t read books and spent my time on the treadmill of life like so many others. Day in and day out I sat on the M4 motorway on the way to and from work listening to the radio in a stupor.

Then, after meeting my wife to be “Jayne”, I moved into a new house in Wiltshire. I had two children from my previous marriage, and Jayne also had two children from her previous marriage.

After a short period of time in the new house, (approx 4 weeks) we started to notice things didn’t feel at all right. There were noises at night, things had a habit of disappearing, especially my car keys, and we noticed the hairs on our arms and body standing to attention as we walked through the house. Not to mention lights going on and off on their own, and the heating also finding a will of its own even when the timer was turned off at the main control switch around 3am in the morning.

The more time that went by the more I felt the house was occupied by something other than just me. Jayne would come over and stay some weekends as she was still living in Devon at this point, and my children would also stay one night in the week and every other weekend. But no one else seemed to feel what I was feeling. Jayne at times would notice something odd going on, but every night without fail I would find myself walking the house with a foreboding sense, the hairs on my arm and neck stood out on end like a wet cat!

Whatever was going on seemed to be my problem, and talking about it was a big ‘’no no’’ to most friends and family. In fact, many of my friends quickly dropped out of my social structure, since I was as one put it “having a crisis’ ‘. How funny that seems now years on, the crisis was an awakening to a reality most people are unaware of.

Every night after work I would walk up to the front door and dread walking inside, and every time I did immediately my nerves would jangle and the hairs on my arms and neck would jump to attention.

One night whilst sleeping I came to, and found the room felt really cold. Upon opening my eyes, I instantly became aware that all was not well in my bedroom. The foot of my bed was two feet off the floor and I was looking at the wall behind the headboard instead of the ceiling. This was the first time in my life I felt what can only be described as “real terror”. I screamed ‘’Put me down and get out of my room!’’, and with that the bed dropped onto the laminate floor with a crash and the temperature of the room instantly returned to its normal level.

I lay in bed with the duvet over my head, and the light on, shaking all night, not sure if it had really happened or if I had been dreaming. If it was a dream, then I didn’t want another one. As sunlight streamed through the windows in the early hours of the morning I could clearly see my bed was no longer in the same position in the room and the bed casters were off to the side.

King size beds are heavy and moving one is not a mean feat on your own, so all doubt left me instantly that I could have been dreaming. It had really happened and there could be no doubt. The realization sent a shiver down my spine, this was real and I was in deep trouble. Things moved on quickly from that point. Whatever had taken up occupancy in my house had made me a target for some reason and was ‘after me’. Every night I would sleep with the light on in the bedroom and out on the landing, but I could still see shadows moving around outside my bedroom door every night and would hear the most horrendous sounds.

This was like living in a real life horror film.

As the weeks passed I became more and more tired. Everywhere I walked in the house at night I would be followed, the hairs on my arms and neck were always sticking up, and I felt like a scared cat. The house felt possessed and cold, not one room felt OK to be in on my own. I could feel my health starting to suffer and work was becoming really tricky. The worst part, of course, was not being able to talk to my friends about these problems for fear of ridicule.

Jayne and I would speak on the phone at night until the early hours, then I would hop into bed as fast as I could whilst still on the phone, and hope for a good night’s sleep. I would ask for protection from anything out there that is positive, to keep me safe from whatever was roaming around the house and threatening my sanity.

Time and time again, I would wake up to feel and see the sheets in the bed moving and know something was trying to get into bed next to me. My skin would crawl and I knew deep inside that this was a very negative energy and something must be done to solve the problem. This ‘it’ was not going to just ‘go away’ as I had hoped.

One night, I woke up around 3am to find myself wet with sweat. It was summer time, and already warm, but the house was intensely hot. I could hear the central heating pump running and then felt the hot radiator in my room. The heating was on even though it was not programmed to come on and I was streaming with sweat.

I ran downstairs to look at the heating controller and found to my amazement the light was off, which meant the programmer had not turned the heating on. This was impossible and beyond belief, and surely these things only happen in Hollywood films. I opened the windows and turned the power off to the heating pump and then lay in bed praying for help.

Things felt as though they were escalating and I decided to put the house on the market and move. I could not stand to come home anymore and stayed out whenever I could. Around this time Jayne had invoked the help of a lovely psychic from Devon, called Christina, who frequently came into the hair salon Jayne worked in as a receptionist. Christina spent a few weeks working with us to clear the house and to remove all the nasty energies that it held. We made regular visits to her house for lessons on Spiritual protection to develop a greater understanding of this new world we were now part of. We both felt a better understanding that would help to protect ourselves from this unseen enemy.

After a few months Christina had removed around 23 different Spirits from the house and a very nasty ‘screaming banshee’ (as she described it). This was some sort of negative entity, and was the entity that had made our lives miserable for the past six months. ‘She’ had taught both Jayne and I how to experience real terror.

From this point onwards, I decided that all of my spare time would be used in a positive way to learn about and understand this new world that we had been exposed to. Books were delivered from Amazon and any second-hand bookstore we passed would be scoured for interesting books on anything to do with the unseen. My thirst for knowledge was remarkable! Bear in mind six months before I had had no interest in any of this ‘woo woo’ at all, and would have been at the front of the queue laughing at any talk of ghosts, Spirits and aliens.

Jayne kept saying ‘’All I want is a normal life like everybody else!’’. But I had the feeling the word “normal” would never again be part of our lives and to this day that has been the case, although of course now the terrible experience we had suffered is being used in a positive way to help others.

To fully understand how negative energies can affect the lives of people and places, you must experience this first hand yourself, and our initiation into the unseen has been an invaluable tool and learning opportunity for the work we now find ourselves doing. Looking back, we laugh at the things we tried to do to help ourselves, but like all things in life, learning the hard way gives you the best grounding into your subject matter.

A defining moment.

Spirit Possession

Whilst working on a client that was hearing voices on the healing couch, the clients’ eyes changed colour to jet black, and the voice completely changed. The client started to become very aggressive, very possessed and then physically put his hands around my throat and tried to strangle me. I could see my wife Jayne cooking Sunday lunch through the window and remember thinking to myself “Wow – she won’t be happy if I pass away in the summer house”

A defining moment.

Female client unable to feel her legs

I had a client visit me who was unable to feel the lower part of her body. She could walk fine and had been to many consultants and scans to figure out what she thought was a neurological problem. Whilst working with her in one session “Chen” took her into a past life meditation whilst she was on the couch. In that meditation “Chen” showed her a scenario from a past life where she was sat on the back of a horse and cart with her legs dangling off the back of the cart. From the side of the road a wolf ran forward and scared the horse, the horse then bolted and the cart fell backwards and upwards cutting her in half, she died in agony without her legs attached to her torso. This memory immediately changed her conscious state and as she remembered what had happened in that past life the feeling came back into her legs and she could feel them again. This was a pivotal session for me, as “Chen” used a past life meditation to resolve a current physical condition.

A defining moment.

Female client with torn abdominal muscles after pregnancy

Dear Andrew, hope you are all well, I have finally written my testimonial and I am looking forward to reading Chen’s teachings. After my pregnancy and birth of my baby, I was told by the midwife that my abdominal muscle had torn. My GP had confirmed and referred me to a surgeon to determine if it could be corrected by physiotherapy or by surgery as I was in pain. My consultation with the surgeon was a turning point for me. He had confirmed that I had a “wide divarication of the rectus abdominis muscle”, and told me that it could be repaired but it was a major operation with a long scar and that recurrence is possible and that it will not be improved by any form of exercise.” I was not willing to be operated on as I also have just had a new born baby. My decision to meet Andrew was a pure gamble. No one I knew had seen a psychic surgeon. I had weighed out my options and had more to gain IF this psychic surgery thing worked and if it didn’t, it would only be a small financial loss. My appointment with Andrew was amazing. When Chen and his Team were working on me I felt warm and I did feel a bit of tugging on my tummy (and as this was my 1st appointment with Andrew I was still a bit skeptical and convinced myself that it must have been Andrew’s hand moving). I felt great after the appointment and could feel an immediate difference with my abdominal muscles. When I had next made an appointment to meet my GP I had not told her anything about my healing at first and was curious to see what she would say about my condition. She was in shock and confused as to how this could have healed as she had previous cases that did not…

I am so grateful to Andrew and Chen and his Team for their help and I look forward to their teachings and future association. HXXXX”””

A defining moment.

Female client with Trigeminal Neuropathic pain

I chose Psychic surgery because I was really up against a brick wall in terms of having any pain relief from anything else at all, whether it be conventional or in the field of alternative medicine. I was really so desperate and not even powerful drugs such as Morphine were able to touch my pain. I had several surgical procedures over the last twelve years and earlier this year I went to A and E just begging them to either knock me out completely or find something else to try and help relieve my pain. Unfortunately, they were unable to offer me any help and just sent me home. I thought what have I got to lose so I started seeing Andrew and Jayne from June onwards on a monthly basis. I have been suffering with Trigeminal Neuropathic pain for twelve years now.

This is a condition of the Trigeminal nerves in the face and is so agonising that it is often described as the “worst pain known to humankind” or the “suicide disease” as sadly many people take their own life as there is little help out there for people with this condition and it often just gets worse over the years. This condition started after maxi-facial surgery went wrong almost twenty years ago. I have found it a very interesting experience when Chen and his team of surgeons have been working on me. I have felt very little if any physical sensations, possibly because I am often experiencing such intense pain anyway.

Andrew’s hands are always very warm during the session and I have not felt any further discomfort during the psychic surgery than I am already experiencing. The experience is very relaxing and it enables the client to go very deep within themselves. Chen always has so much to say and it is sometimes difficult to take it all in. He often asks me lots of questions, normally relating to how my condition has been since the last session, but he also talks about plenty of other topics, past, present and future that are taking place. After the session I try to write down a few key things that Chen has advised me to do or told me about.

Since my second appointment with Chen in July, my condition has improved no end. For the first half of this year and for many years before, I have been bed bound and I sadly lost my part time job due to ill health at the beginning of this year. I was extremely debilitated by my condition almost 24/7 and the effect on my whole family has been devastating. I have gradually felt better and am experiencing less and less pain over the last six months. I think people should be aware that they may have to be patient and see Chen for a few sessions, especially if they are suffering from a long-term condition. I think sometimes the healing can be a gradual process if the condition is very deep, but of course the experience is unique for everybody.

I would recommend anyone suffering in any way to go and see Andrew and Jayne and have a few sessions with Chen. Andrew and Jayne are extremely friendly and welcoming and always show compassionate concern. You will feel at home with them very easily and you definitely have nothing to lose in giving this type of vibrational medicine/healing a go. I always feel quite comforted by Chen as he seems to appreciate the extreme pain that I have been going through, more than any person, GP or consultant ever could and this in itself is very helpful.

Hope all is good with you both

Warm wishes, RXXX

How did you first establish a connection with your spirit guide, Chen, and how does this partnership assist you in identifying the spiritual sources of problems during Psychic Surgeries?

As the years moved forward, I joined various psychic circles and realized that my Spiritual path led me to healing using Reiki, which soon had great intentions for self-development. Whilst sitting in a Reiki master course given by our good friend Ann, I was introduced to a new Spirit guide who called himself “Chen”. “Chen” explained that he would like to work with me on healing, this type of healing he called Psychic Surgery. He explained that whilst going to my now regular psychic circles he would like to start practicing coming into my physical being and taking full control whilst I was in a meditative trance. This training went on for about one year before “Chen” was fully able to come through, take full possession of my physical body and speak through me. The rest is history as they say. “Chen” is still my main surgeon, although he works with teams of surgeons and other entities in the spiritual realm depending upon the condition being treated, and rather like our hospitals each surgeon and entity has their own specialty.

I now literally entrust my life to “Chen” while he takes possession of my physical body and performs the various modalities of Psychic Surgery that we perform on a daily basis. Whilst “Chen” takes over I have no real memory of the actions he takes or the conversations he has with my clients hence trusting he works with integrity and honesty whilst using my body is essential.

What type of services do you offer?

We perform Psychic Surgery on many physical problems and ailments and we also use Psychic Surgery to help people remotely that have a wide range of spiritual conditions such as curses, witchcraft, black magic, entity attachments, discarnate spirit attachment, out of body experiences, intrusive thoughts and Schizophrenia ( people that are hearing voices).

How do you perceive and access the energetic or spiritual realm in order to perform Psychic Surgeries?

Since I work as a professional Psychic Surgeon every day, my normal day generally starts with a protection check from a spiritual perspective and then moves into contacting my Spirit guide “Chen” checking he is from the light and positive, not another entity masquerading as him. Then we discuss the day ahead, the clearing and work we have lined up and any other conversation that seems appropriate. For me as “medium” it’s like talking to your best friend every day and for that I feel extremely grateful.

Since the work is performed by “Chen” and his team in spirit I am not really involved. We often laugh as I say effectively, I’m a glorified “PA” to a discarnate Chinese man.

How do you determine if a person is a suitable candidate for Psychic Surgery? Are there any prerequisites or assessments involved?

We don’t really have any prerequisites for clients.

We offer a range of spiritual help and clients find us as required. Most of our work now comes via “word of mouth”, after we clear or work on someone, they feel better and then recommend our services normally to their whole family. A while back we started to perform “spiritual health checks” and for this we scan the clients etheric field and remove any negative energy and low vibration, including negative entities and discarnate spirits that may be attached, any curses, resolve grounding problems, resolve any “OBE – out of body experiences” that can happen during medical surgery or trauma, and resolve soul fragmentation issues. This check is very popular and many clients book them regularly to maintain their spiritual health.

How do you balance your reliance on Chen’s guidance with your own intuition and expertise as a psychic surgeon? How do these two aspects complement each other in your work?

These days I rely on “Chen” 100% of the time, working with his team he has access to information about the client’s condition that I don’t have and the days of me standing on his toes are well and truly behind me.

My intuition works in different ways and this I use whilst running workshops, training session and meditation and protection courses.

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