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MysticMag Interview with Angela McGhee - The Afterlife's Guide to Living

MysticMag Interview with Angela McGhee - The Afterlife's Guide to Living

Angela McGhee, International TV Medium and Author is renowned for her spine chilling appearance in the classic worldwide  documentary TV series ‘Psychic Investigator’.  Her clairvoyant abilities and natural empathy has led her to work directly with Police forces around the UK.  In this interview Angela shares insights into her journey, how she experiences her visions  and more on her latest book, Crime Scene Psychic – Evidence of the Afterlife.

How did you first discover that you had psychic abilities?

There was never a set time or date so it seems. It was almost a window of hindsight that trailed through my life and self-discovery.

I always felt and recognised I was different from all my peers and most of my family. No child likes to be different. I believe I was born an open to ‘channel’ as it has always been a part of my personality so it seems. The experiences were all a reflection of what I had around me and the ‘gifted’ grandmother’s connection was part and parcel of the realisation, so it all naturally developed my awareness of the spirit world. I had my first ‘visions’ when I was just 4 years old, possibly even earlier. 

I once told my mother insistently, that I ‘saw’ a neighbour being taken away in an ambulance. She dismissed the statement as she’d said she had just spoken to them. But sure enough the ‘vision’ I had came true, as the very next day exactly what I ‘saw’ happened.

My mother almost in complete denial dismissed it again but this time came to some sort of contradictory acknowledgment as it was coupled with a reassuring pat on the head, telling me I was getting more like my grandmother every day. It was only in hindsight when I realised what it really meant… getting more like my ‘Gifted’ Grandmother’ so I found out in later years. 

What led you to start working with police investigations?

Here stands a woman who never wanted to be a Psychic let alone a Medium who works alongside Police Detectives on real-life Murder and missing persons cases. I had a life’s plan but those in spirit knew different. It was after a series of life’s events that placed me in a position where I got invited to the scene of a Murder. 

I had met a woman 10 years previously for a short period of time. She was a client who I helped as I had successfully prophesied over her life. Little did I know we’d be drawn back together for greater purpose and reason by an incident of Murder known to her. Where she begged for my help. It was with reluctance I attended. It was then I received a serious barrage of visions that pieced together each step of the Murder and its outcome. It became the pivotal moment towards my Psychic Detective work., as shortly after Detectives were led to me by sheer Fate, as one would say, but we know different. 

Little did I know at the time that the experience would be turned into a TV drama-documentary in the TV series Psychic Investigators and circulate the globe, three years later. It was that landmark involvement that lead to even more murders and missing persons cases by invite.

 The momentum was building but I owe it to the Detectives and families as they became great advocates, by confessing that they had been complete skeptics before ‘discovering me and being a witness to my ‘Gifts’. I felt so humbled and blessed and still do. 

I realise all that has happened was set in stone and a big part of my destiny to reach who I was to become. My gifts of the spirit have been labelled many things over the years but now I had gained yet another by being acclaimed as ‘The Psychic Detective’. Call me what you will I’m just an ‘ordinary’ woman with a number of extraordinary gifts! 

How do your visions usually come to you?

I often say with a smile … It’s like Martini – Any time, any place, anywhere … It can happen during the night or day, at any time or circumstance or arena, after all, I was a child who was infamous for my daydreaming states just before I would say strange things to strangers, of which all, seemed to make perfect sense. 

Whoever I directed an inspired statement to….. it would hit the ‘nail on the head’

I didn’t realise the impact or the full extent of the meaning to it all but yet again in later discovery, I knew I was being totally ‘instrumented’. 

Do you ever feel fear or unsafe when you have these visions?

A usual ‘vision’ comes in a recognisable guise and from an altered state of mind. 

It is set in frontal lobe view before me, in my mind’s eye, and always appears set in an illumination of ‘bright daylight’. It’s like watching a real-life video recording, set upon a see-through silkscreen just before your eyes so it seems, as you are always still able to see its physical surroundings. 

At night time, the same experience often wakes you up, so you will physically not forget details of what has been reenacted or played out in front of you during the ‘dream state’ communication. 

The vast majority of the time there is no fear attached as the right spirit will give you a feeling of peace, detachment, and upliftment. 

You do get to see the finest details at times but in all cases, whenever you work it has the impact later when you come down off the ‘security ‘ of the higher vibration, you will feel the full impact of the emotional side of the experience. But like any difficult job, we work hard and we play hard. 

Yes, I’ve had physical fear, personally, when I was shown my own traumas and tragedies, knowing I couldn’t change things. 

But my work is not doom and gloom. It is ‘soul’ nurturing and a compromise of self-developing learned experiences. 

It should always be enlightening and mostly, uplifting for you and your client, that should be your aim. Even answers in extreme cases do leave an element of relief in just knowing the answer. If only for that interim period during that outer world connection and communication. I always say you will be told what your soul needs to know. It is knowing that you have helped people in some way, touching people’s souls, giving them answers, love and comfort, and most of all hope. 

What are your thoughts around everybody having a certain degree of psychic power?

Everybody is Psychic, the word derives from the Greek word meaning of ‘soul’

It is such a natural part of our being as much as every other sense. But it is with spiritual understanding and experiences etc, we learn that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. Scientists are just men exploring the awe of God’s wonder. 

It is recognisable and understandable that as we have evolved on earth, ideas of Science and somewhat westernisation has suppressed that part of us.

So many people dismiss that part of themselves, through lack of awareness and ignorance. But I find they soon will question the true meaning of life especially after the loss of a loved one. Which is the greatest of life’s Lessons and it is this, that opens us up. If only to question.

We are created of mind, body, spirit, and soul without that knowledge we are missing that vital evidential piece to our existence. 

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book, Crime Scene Psychic – Evidence of the Afterlife, and what readers can expect?

The subtitle reads – “Evidence of the Afterlife” which is exactly what it is. An evidential document of proof of the continuation of life… but it highlights the most moving, profound, and subtle ways in which the ‘gifts’ of spirit has impressed and worked in my life, during many amazing and soul-wrenching experiences. You will gain an understanding of the various ways that communication from the spiritual world presents itself, to give real answers and comfort to those who have sought my help. Most experiences have been validated and endorsed by people from all walks of life. Like most of my books- endorsed by Police Detectives. 

I call it my evidential document but the general public has called it the ‘Sceptics Converter’ you will see, as you adhere to the aspect of the combination of the logical and high tech work of a Police Detective and the paranormal powers of a Psychic. 

It will put you on an emotional roller coaster followed by the peace and understanding, gained by those who I have encountered. In true fact, the awareness of who we truly are. Spiritual beings of which being Psychic is a part. 

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book, Crime Scene Psychic – Evidence of the Afterlife, and what readers can expect?

What do you love most about your profession?

I love nothing more than to serve others.  There is a great joy in giving. 

An even greater joy, knowing you have given peace and understanding to bewildered and troubled souls on both sides of the veil. It’s the fact that people come from all walks of life with various needs and you are able to give them the words they want or need to hear. I love helping and developing people along their own journey too. 

Being able to recognise their souls’ purpose in a small nurturing way or in teaching, mentoring them, passing on knowledge to enable them to grow their own awareness of spirituality and enable them to do so in turn. 

When we ‘shine’ we enable others to shine too. 

But Most of all giving people HOPE! 

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