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Faith and Animal Communication - Anne Angelo Webb

Faith and Animal Communication - Anne Angelo Webb

MysticMag has the pleasure of chatting with Anne Angelo Webb – The Animal Intuitive – about her work and holistic practices.

Anne, what do you believe your mission to be in this lifetime?

Well, I know that this may not be the expected response from an animal communicator, and hang in with me if this isn’t your thing, but my faith comes first. Secondary though, is my work with animals and their people. I believe that is actually an extension of my faith because I believe it is at least part of why I was put on this Earth. My mission with animals and their people is my commitment to helping give animals a voice and to improve their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in ways that are as enriching, holistic and uplifting as possible.

Also, to share with pet parents tangible modalities that provide hope and concrete methods for how they can make their time here with their previous pets as joy-filled and as long as possible.

Could you define your role with animals as a ‘facilitator of their own self-healing’?

All forms of energy work are based on the premise that the body just needs a little help sometimes in order to heal itself. So, I may find from communicating with an animal or perhaps as a result of an acupressure or massage assessment, that there is an energetic blockage, that might even be causing what is referred to in the West as “illness” or “disease/dis-ease” but I like to think of it as the body being out of balance. I believe that my role at that point is to use my skills to assist the animal’s body in its own ability to move that energetic block, thereby helpfully resulting in a return to balance and resolution of the problem.

How beneficial is animal massage and acupressure in the lives of our pets?

They can be incredibly beneficial. These modalities are so gentle but yet so powerful. And they have no “negative” impact per se. The issues that they can help to improve are endless. Everything from anxiety to supporting the animal’s body to heal itself through major imbalances.

Would you say that you work more closely with animals or their parents?

I believe that their parents are an integral part of any work I do. I draw at times from my counseling background, especially with animal communication consultations; the idea being that the family is a connected “system” and that once I’ve done what I am there to do, they need to be able to use the information discussed and gathered during the consultation in a practical manner.

I never want people to feel dependent on me, that is not going to be helpful to them in the long run. As far as animal massage and acupressure, there are tips and also practical things that I show pet parents that they can do at home. I have a library of videos on my YouTube Channel (The Animal Intuitive Channel), in which I show people how to do acupressure, massage, energy work, animal communication and more, so that people can feel empowered to help their pets.

How does your intuition relay messages from the animal kingdom and do you believe anyone can learn to do this?

I take measures to become very grounded before my animal communication consultations, usually through meditation. I clear my own energy and thoughts so that I can clearly receive information and relay information to the animals. There isn’t actually much more to it than that. It’s really just about being in the right energetic space.

I have found that anyone can who has the desire and willingness. So, as an example, if you have ever thought of an old friend who you haven’t heard from in a long time, and then they call, it’s that same connection. It’s the same kind of “matrix” so to speak. We are all connected, but we can open ourselves up to that connection as much as we want to. And it’s just a matter of being open to the energy of and information coming from that animal.

In my animal communication courses, I have never had a person not be able to recall a time when they have communicated with an animal. I just help them recall those experiences that they may have not recognized as interspecies communication. Communication with animals is happening all of the time and the animals are so happy to have humans finally hear them.

Sometimes people will think they may have received communication from animals or that an animal has understood them on a telepathic level, but they dismiss it because they don’t believe it’s possible. I’ve also never had a student in one of my classes not be able to communicate during the class. And that’s simply because people just need the right kind of supportive environment, the knowledge of how to do it, and the energetic preparation to do so at will.

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