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Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch

Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch

This week we talked with Anne Jirsch, an expert in future life progression. We talked with Anne to know more about what is future life progression, her corporate training work and also really interesting studies she made about the future of London and the world. You can check Anne’s work in her website.

How did you discover your gift?

Well actually the short answer is I didn’t. I worked at it.

My grandmother was a fortune teller and I would stay with her during the school holiday. I would peek around the door as she read the tea leaves for her customers. I was fascinated to hear her predictions that always came true.

I wanted to be like her so I would sit and try to have a premonition, I would squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate but it never happened, not once, even by fluke.

But I knew it worked, I knew being psychic was a thing and so I set out to learn how it worked and to become psychic. Back then India was the place to go, the Beatles went there to gain enlightenment and so I off I set as a naive teenager. I went to various ashrams, but still nothing.

Then one day in Calcutta I met a beggar who became my guru. Each day I would sit with him on his mat by the Howrah Bridge and he would teach me. By the time I returned to England my intuition was flowing. At that time a friend bought me a pack of tarot cards, I picked them up and it was as if they were talking to me.

What is Future Life Progression? Is it something that can be learned?

Future Life Progression is the opposite of regression, instead of seeing the past we mind travel into the future. We go to many time frames; maybe a few years into your future to see where you are living, how your career is going, even who you are in a relationship with. We can travel into a future lifetime and even more than a thousand years. The accuracy has been phenomenal.

When someone comes to your session, do they want to know something specific in their lives or future or is it more of an open mind, give me everything you see?

Many clients tell me they are stuck or at a crossroads in their life. They want some guidance on which direction to go in or if they are going to meet a partner, or what business to start.

We have a fully accredited 3 day intensive training programme. Today we have practitioners in 22 countries and run FLP Practitioner Trainings in 10.

How does your session work? Is it possible to do it online?

Yes we work online, it works incredibly well, it’s as if the client is in the same room as us. We work with people all over the world. We also teach online so that people can qualify as FLP Practitioners.

You released a study about how the world will be in 100 years and also how London will be in 10 years. What was the response for that and how can our readers see the results?

We had a huge response to this. Working with groups in various countries, I also made a recording and gave people a form to fill in – you can check it here. It was incredible how the replies consistently saw the same futures.

What I love about the future is how the human race will finally grow up. We will find ways to make a planet cleaner and safer. The full results can be found in my book ‘The Future is Yours.’

How does your corporate training programme work? What is the feedback that you receive?

I work with a wide range of businesses and have done so for many years; sometimes they hire me as an intuitive; other times to work with their teams to find the best way forward.

Around five years I ago could see the world of work was going to dramatically change, I saw many people being isolated working from home. I could see many established industries fading and disappearing and entire new industries appearing. I could see people would struggle with so much change. This prompted me to write my most recent book, ‘Future Vision Your Working Life.’ It outlines the strategies we need to thrive in the future.

I take the techniques outlined in the book into companies to help people make the most of their working environment. I teach them how to anticipate change and to work and live up to their full potential.

I spend a morning with the company to find their needs and aspirations. Then I tailor make a programme for them. The feedback has been wonderful. Recently I worked for the British government’s own bank. They sent me a message to say FLP had helped them plan their career moves and how they could best serve the company.

I worked with them individually and as a group. They said my time with them helped to draw them together as a team, something they’d found difficult whilst working from home.

The world of work will keep changing. Those who anticipate the change will thrive. Just know whatever industry you are in, it will change. We can help you find your best possible direction.

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