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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 31, 2023

“Sexuality is Sacred and Intention is Everything” - Anne-Marie Evans

“Sexuality is Sacred and Intention is Everything” - Anne-Marie Evans

Anne-Marie Evans  from The Erotic Spirit is a writer, scholar, and artist who is best known for her groundbreaking work on the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. She explores how sexuality and spirituality have been historically intertwined and how we can use this connection to deepen our spiritual practices. Through her writing and art, Evans encourages readers to embrace their sexuality as a path to greater self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth. Her work has been widely acclaimed for its honesty, insight, and transformative power. MysticMag chats with the Crystal Cave Woman.

What led you to be the Crystal Cave Woman – The Connection Sorceress and what is your soul purpose?

Well actually, Crystal Cave Woman was my medicine name given to me by my Shamanic elder. The Connection Sorceress came to me in meditation to describe the work that I do. My soul’s purpose is to help people live their best life full of pleasure & passion, aligned in Mind, Body, Spirit & Sacred Sxxuality. What led me into this work was my own inner healing and taking my own power back when it came to all aspects of me and my life. 

How would you define ‘igniting inner passions with purpose’?

Igniting inner passions with purpose is all about living a very intentional life with the focus on polarizing what brings passion in your life even when things get hard. In a duality world, being intentional and focusing on love, not fear is life changing. 

You speak of ‘authentic confidence’ – do you believe this to be the key to ultimate pleasure and fulfillment?

I think authentic confidence is about being tapped into your Spirit and not your Ego. It’s being unapologetically you without shame, judgment, expectation & opinion. When we can give ourselves permission and a safe space to be authentically ourselves, we liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs & restraints that may be holding us back in life. 

To what extent do/can old belief systems hold us back, subconsciously or other?

Research states we are only 10% conscious and 90% subconscious. That being said, the majority of the way we show up is subconscious. If we aren’t paying attention and building awareness on how we are showing up, we can’t break old patterning that stops us & prevents us from moving forward in life in whatever way that might be. 

This is why I invite my clients and those that work with me to start to build awareness of the way they show up in thought & emotion. When we can get clear and become more aware of how we show up and why we show up the way we do, we have the ability to change our belief systems program. This takes time and patience. It is simple but not easy.

Is sexuality sacred?

I do believe sexuality is sacred and that intention is everything. I feel like we’ve lost our way when it comes to conscious, intentional, sacred sexual acts in our society but that this day and age is bringing this awareness back. 

Sexuality to me isn’t just about chasing the BIG O, although that is the cherry on top. Sexuality for me is a reconnection back to self, back to the innate parts of us that are powerful and intuitive. It’s our connection to source energy & the divine. It is literally where our greatest power lies when we engage mindfully & deliberately with intent. 

How do you work with your clients and what can one expect to walk away with?

I serve my clients in a number of different ways. I offer 1:1 Sessions with my clients to work in the realms of Mind, Body, Spirit & Sacred Sxxuality. I also facilitate group mentoring programs & courses, retreats, workshops and other events. Those that have worked with me in the past have shared feeling a sense of peace and purpose after working with me. They walk away with many tools in their tool belt to assist them throughout this journey of life so that they can live a more harmonized life aligned in mind, body, spirit & sacred sxxuality.

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