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“True Wellness is Being Pain and Pharma Free Naturally” - Arthur Cronkhite

“True Wellness is Being Pain and Pharma Free Naturally” - Arthur Cronkhite

Arthur Cronkhite from BioElectra beckons us to enjoy and understand the world of Intelligent Wellness, where being pain free, energized and healthy, can be an affordable, long-term lifestyle. “Our bodies are these giant electrical, mechanical machines that when given the energy they need can resolve any health issue of any kind.”

How and when were you first drawn to Bio Energy?

My wife and I had pretty serious health issues. My back was collapsing, giving me serious discomfort and my wife had been suffering from scoliosis for the previous 30 years.

About 15 years ago, I was working with a 24 year old young man who had just come back from Iraq. He was regularly missing work, going repeatedly to our local Veterans Hospital who thought he might have PTSD, while getting worse and worse – he was dying.

We got separated in our jobs and when I next saw him, he was looking great and in excellent health. He explained that his mother had MS and had been seeing a lady who had cured her of it. He ended up going to see this same practitioner, who found that he had picked up an intestinal parasite in Iraq – she ran programs to kill it off – and ever since then he was 100% fine.

With no further hesitation my wife and I went to see this lady and our health issues were fully resolved. The journey began here.

How can you explain exactly what a frequency is to the non-scientific mind?

Everything in the universe vibrates. Every molecule in every object has a frequency. Like plucking the string of a guitar – that note/frequency is a vibration. Every wave that reaches the shore, when measured over time, is a frequency.

All of our modern technologies are frequency based – radio stations, microwaves, TV’s, cell phones… Everything we enjoy today in modern technology is from an invention of Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant scientists/inventors the world has known, and who has over 600 patents to his name.

He said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrate.” — Nikola Tesla

Our bodies have some 30,000 different frequencies. In the 1960s, when astronauts were going to the moon, NASA was monitoring these frequencies to ensure the astronauts were remaining healthy.

The Russians have been building Quantum Systems for decades, computer systems that can read the frequencies in your body. These frequencies are digitally analyzed in assessing cellular function. The machine can even identify specific parasites, based upon their frequency (this is what the lady was able to do with the young veteran I mentioned earlier).

Electromagnetic fields are created from energy or vibrations such as the electricity in our homes.

Every atom has an electromagnetic field surrounding it – and this is known as a Torus. A pea has a Torus, an acorn has a Torus, the planet has a Torus which prevents us from ‘solar frying’. The solar system and galaxy have a Torus – everything has a Torus including our bodies – which allows us to interconnect with each other.

The universe is interconnected via Tori. The electromagnetic field is measurable and scientifically proven.

So everything is a frequency – but the 60 hertz around us 24/7, in the form of electricity, can damage us. Electromagnetic fields and cell phone technologies (Radio Radiation), damage our bodies, particularly impacting our brain’s REM state.

This is why electrical linemen have an average life expectancy of 55 years of age, because they have been inside a 60hz (60,000 cycles) field for 30 years, and have literally been fried. The voltage in their cells has dropped and they now have disease, whatever it may be (heart disease, cancer, etc) that is killing them.

This is how frequencies work. They can be beneficial and reparatory, just as they can be harmful and destructive.

Would you describe stress to manifest as ‘restless’ and ‘chaotic’ energy or frequencies in the body?

Let’s break this down. The cells in the body – as Dr Jerry Tenant states – have voltage that normally operates between 20 and 25mV (millionth of a volt), with the outside of the cell operating at 90mV. In electrical expression, the difference between those two voltages is called a ‘potential’.

When the Allopathic industry (today’s medical system) refers to the cell operating at its peak capacity, they refer to it as being at its ‘full potential’.

Within the allopathic industry, it’s recognized that these electrical processes exist, as they are part and parcel of the different systems used – EKG, ECC, ECGs, MRIs etc…

Once  a cell is driven down to a voltage level below 20mV, from whatever reason, there is disease. To resolve any disease, all you need do is bring the voltage back up in the cell for the disease to disappear. It is by design that the allopathic industry does not acknowledge this…

To answer the question, and looking at the physiological causes of burnout, we see a complete chaos between the pineal gland, the hyperthyroid, the thyroid, adrenals and sexual organs. This causes every kind of malaise in the body that we can imagine.

When you resolve this, the ill-ease goes away.

What happens to our frequencies or vibrations once we pass over?

It’s the great question that’s been asked, ever since cavemen watched a dinosaur poop out their buddy’s favorite knife, who had been eaten a few days before.

We know there are frequencies beyond what we can measure today.

As the planets move about in our solar system, their electromagnetic fields influence each other, perpetually “tuning” the frequencies of everything celestial. Not only in our solar system, but quite possibly the universe – the study of which is referred to as “Astrology”.

It would be nice to believe that we continue with our accumulated knowledge, because having to start over again is a very depressing thought.

When you die, the electrical process leaves the body and the last things to shut down are the heart and the brain – two of the most electrically active parts of your body.

With your electrical system now turned off, the clean up crew moves into action. Trillions of bugs right now in your body, just waiting for their dead-man’s switch to be activated, begin the decay process.

This leads us to the esoteric question of spirit and spirituality and whether there is something after…

Do you believe we have a Soul, and in a Spirituality that allows for existence after life as we know it? 

I came across a video of David Icke talking about how we are trapped within the visible light spectrum. This is it  – there is no more for most people. However, outside of that frequency range, are a phenomenal number of other frequencies and these frequencies could be entities that can interface/leak into our world.

Most religions and cultures on the planet believe in an afterlife and spirit world. There must be some truth in this as throughout history, stories of “supernatural” experiences have been repeatedly expressed, including possession of people.

The Mask of Sanity is a book by Hervey M. Cleckley which talks about a major part of our population wearing the mask of sanity – this part of the population is not fully human, because they cannot empathize. Empty vessels that will be filled with something… I will leave you to make up your own mind on whether we have a soul or not!

What can one expect from a session with Arthur, and what therapies do you offer exactly?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy) is a simple and easy process that you rarely even feel.

Fully clothed, you lay down on a mat that has 6 wire coils inside. Think of these coils as speakers, and you’re taking your body’s 75 Trillion cells to a huge concert with massive speakers.

As the system is generating the vibration/frequency through the coils, your cells are rocking and rolling, absorbing the energy and getting excited by the tunes/frequencies they are listening to. In less than an hour, most people will experience complete relief, for almost any health problem. NOTE: most PEMF systems cannot do this in such a short time, but can over time resolve many health issues.

It is rare that we fail to resolve any given health issue.

We then encourage them to purchase a piece of frequenced jewelry, that has 11 permanent frequencies embedded in the metal.

By perpetually supplying the body with critical wellness frequencies, via the Torus field of your body, you can remain healthy for years to come – depending upon your level of exposure to Cell Phone/WiFi Radiation.

It’s a horrible business model. Eliminate the problem, keep the body stimulated through the frequencies it needs to remain healthy, then never see the client again. Except when they stop by our booth at an event and enthusiastically thank us for helping them years before, as the potential client you’re talking to, begins to back away with a look of; “these folks must be carnival people trying to con me”.

In practical terms, what process happens when you practice PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Systems) on a client?

As the system generates energy/frequency waves that go through your body, your cells absorb those frequencies and begin to vibrate, increasing the hydrogen production and therefore voltage inside the cells. A critical thing, considering that “Healing is Voltage” – Dr Jerry Tennant.

What can you tell us about the benefits of owning a PEMF therapy system?

Life happens!

Sprain your ankle; get on the system and run “Sprain”. Break or fracture bones; run Fracture. Get sun burnt; run Sunburn. Depressed; run Depression. Stressed out from life; run Stress. Get up some morning stiff and sore from something strenuous you did the day before; run Muscle Strain then go and enjoy the day pain free. etc.

Do you believe one day we will be able to eradicate Electrosmog (Electromagnetic Field pollution) from our world or are we already on a downward spiral?

It doesn’t look good.

We’ve been on a downward spiral ever since Tesla invented 60hz alternating current in 1888. It’s just now become massively lethal. We are facing a technology that literally is frying our bodies; we are frogs in a pot being boiled alive.

The 5G technology is an ongoing extinction event. Biological life forms cannot withstand the microwave frequencies that 5G uses, and immediately begin dying when exposed to them.

We will begin seeing massive numbers of health issues explode over the next few years as our cells are impacted by 5G microwave radiation.

In certain parts of the world, they will capture monkey’s by tying down a coconut shell with a hole drilled in it and food in the bottom. A monkey will reach in and grab the food, but because the hole is so small, it can’t get it’s fist-full of food out, is captured and their brain eaten fresh and warm.

The same thing is happening today as people hang on to the very thing that is killing them. Demanding more and more of the same, as their dopamine levels are constantly being stimulated through contrived designs that program addictions.

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