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Astrology and Navigating Your Daily Life with Astrologer Bella Arora

Astrology and Navigating Your Daily Life with Astrologer Bella Arora

MysticMag had the pleasure of interviewing Bella Arora from Astrology in Daily Life, who presents an entirely new approach to Astrology – opening up holistic, philosophical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

What brought you to the field of astrology?

It was Destiny that brought me to the field of Astrology. I have had fulfilling stints as an Educationist, CCO with a startup, Counselor and Life Coach. I had always been enthralled by the ancient Indian mystical and spiritual perceptions. The search for answers to many life questions led me further on this path. I had always been an avid reader and a deep thinker. I have this habit of analyzing whatever I read – that too very critically. I did find mention of Astrology in the contents related to ancient healings, Ayurveda, Spirituality, etc. and was eager to know more about this branch of knowledge. I often wondered how could planets decide and affect the happenings in one’s life. And then one fine day, my mother announced that she wanted to learn Astrology! (We share many similar interests). I accompanied her to the Astrologer. He was a very knowledgeable person from Benares – well versed in Vedic Jyotish/Astrology. After listening to him for 15 minutes, I just decided I will learn Astrology from him. It finally turned out that my mother would not be able to devote the requisite time required to Astrology. I would say she acted as a medium for me to be initiated into the deep world of Astrology.

Astrology is what I have been researching and practicing since the past 10 years. I am well versed in Vedic Astrology, Horoscope Analysis and especially Remedial Astrology and Past life/Pending Karma Readings.

Besides using Astrology to shape and improve daily life, I endeavor to use it to get insights into the purpose and patterns of people’s lives and to align their energies with the energies of the Universe to lead a happier and more satisfying life.

How would you describe your approach to astrology?

My approach to Astrology is very practical. Astrology is a very ancient and deep study – it endeavors to interpret and understand the language of the planets and stars. Astrology encompasses astronomy, geography, life science, physics (the correlation of time and space), psychology, natural healing, study of elements of nature and their impact on human life, color therapy, gem therapy and what not! As I delved more into this subject, I realized that the answers to many of the life’s questions can be found through Astrology. I believe that Astrology is not about the FUTURE, it’s more about the PAST; it is about our past Karma and its impact on our present lives. An in-depth analysis of the birth chart helps us to understand why we are the way we are and thus it can help us to grow materialistically, philosophically and spiritually.

I see an astrological reading like a weather report. A weather report tells you what the weather conditions are likely to be in the future. For e.g., it tells you that it is likely to rain. But then it is ultimately YOU who decide to use this information or to ignore it. You may decide to go out ignoring the warning and without any preparation and get wet or find yourself jammed in a difficult/unpleasant situation. Or you may decide to take an umbrella or a raincoat with you and stay dry or you may postpone your going out to another day! So you see, the choice is totally yours! So also in Astrology, one can guide you as to the likely events that may take place in your life, it can help you to understand your purpose of life in a better. Many times, by clarifying the reasons of why things are happening in your life, it also provides you solutions in the form of remedies which will help you overcome the unfortunate events or at least face them with preparedness.

What are some of the more common aspects or problems that clients approach you with?

People from all walks of life have contacted me for some reason or the other. Most of the times, they turn to Astrology as the last resort. Also, most of the questions relate to relationships and marriage. In relationships, they often want to know whether the relationship will succeed or not; whether it will culminate in marriage or not, etc. The married one turn to Astrology to know when and how they will be able to overcome the problems they are facing in their marital life. In relationships too, it is not always about a couple’s love affair; people are eager to improve relationships with their parents, in laws, siblings, bosses and friends too. There have been girls who wanted to know how well they will get along with their in-laws too.

The next main reason why people approach me is Career. Parents want to know what would be the best career choice for their children. The unemployed wish to know when and where they would get a job. The employed want to know about changes in job, promotions, transfers, placements abroad, etc.

The third reason which comes very close to Career is Health. Nowadays, people are very conscious about their health and wellness – especially after the COVID pandemic. The unwell want to know when and how they shall be healed while those in better shape want to ensure a healthy and carefree life ahead.

Then, people also wish to use Astrology to know the auspicious times to finalize important events in their life, to match horoscopes for compatibility, to know ways of being relieved from debts and loans. Another interesting thing: people nowadays are very much interested to get their Past Life and Pending Karma analysis done so that they understand their present life better and can improve it further.

What are some of the more common aspects or problems that clients approach you with?

How can people best utilize astrology in their daily lives?

Astrology can actually be used in nearly every walk of life to take major decisions and make wise choices. It gives you an insight into your deep, hidden inner self and distinct personality, the reasons why you behave or react in a particular manner, the purpose of your life, the means and timings when you would achieve success, etc. Astrology can help to plan and strategize our day to day activities, to understand the underlying reasons of stresses and conflicts and to resolve problems and personal issues.

Astrology is not a magic wand – it is a tool to know the likely twists and turns your life is likely to take in the future. No astrologer can change your Destiny, but he/she can surely help you to know the good and difficult times of your life, the areas of life where you are likely to face issues – could be health, relationship, career, etc. and also suggest ways and means to deal with them.

Panchang and Muhurta – traditional calendars used in Astrology – help to time the important events of life; be it starting a new venture, getting married, moving into a new house, etc.

Astrology can guide students in making the right choice of subjects and professional courses based upon their latent talents and strong planets in their birth charts. One can make accurate career choices based on analysis of the Ascendant, the 10th house sign, lord and placement of the lord.

Astrology shows you the potential of success in your birth chart; thereafter you can make objective decisions using your own free will and intelligence.

Besides, Remedial Astrology is an important part of Vedic Astrology. It offers remedies and tools such as penance, fasting, mantras, Yantra, charity, gem therapy, color therapy and so on which help to face the adverse situations in a smoother manner. Many times, these simple remedies have helped even avert the unpleasant events.

Thus Astrology acts as a guide, a compass to give you a direction in life.

What are some of the ways that you have found astrology to be a helpful tool for you in your life?

Astrology has helped me to understand myself and others better. Now I understand why people behave the way they do. It also has been an important instrument whereby I can counsel and help people heal themselves in a holistic manner.

I am now not much disturbed by the fluctuations of good and bad times in life. I know now that there is a reason and a time for everything. I am now able to plan things better and schedule them for an appropriate, favorable time.

Above all, Astrology has worked as an important tool in my journey towards spirituality. There were many unanswered questions in my life – relating to relationships, purpose of life, how to use my talents, etc. An in-depth analysis of my horoscope not only provided me many answers, but also helped me carve a definite path and plan for my future life. I have understood how our actions and thoughts create Karma which in turn shape our Destiny. So now I am more careful in using my Free Will since this very free will construct my Karma and decide my Destiny. I am now a much contented, composed and wiser person.

Are there any significant events taking place in the universe this year that we should look out for?

The world will heave a sigh of relief post April 2022. COVID will not be so very scary then. Still, new strains and mutations will keep the medical fraternity and the political rulers on their toes. The good news is that by then, people would have already understood and adapted a healthy lifestyle and better precautions to safeguard their health.

Global warming will increase. Aggressive and destructive energies will be intense during the course of Mars-North Node conjunction. Natural and manmade disasters are not ruled out. Calamities such as flooding and fires will affect life and property.

There will be disturbance in the eastern part of the world with China trying to dominate the region.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune from April 2022 onwards will see a surge in higher learning, creative arts like music and in spiritualism. People will turn more towards holistic means of life betterment.

2022 will be a great years for Libra, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn and Taurus signs.

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