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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On April 01, 2023

Balance Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Energy Bodies with Bonnie Dysinger

Balance Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Energy Bodies with Bonnie Dysinger

This week MysticMag heard from professional Esoteric Healing Practioner and Instructor, Bonnie Dysinger who shares insights of her professional journey and tips for finding balance and maintaining a positive energy.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey into energy healing and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

In 2008 I found myself at a point in my life where I was once again trying to figure out and understand who I was. My journey started with learning about angels and asking them for help and guidance. The angels led me to a weekly meditation group at the Institute for Bioenergy Studies in Okemos, Michigan. Esoteric Healing classes were also taught at the Institute by the late Dr. Barbara Briner DO. At the Institute I was asked if I would like to take an Esoteric Healing class. I had no idea what Esoteric Healing was, but I signed up anyway.

During the philosophical lectures of the very first class, it was like Dr. Briner was talking about my life. The information being shared related to my life experiences and challenges. I learned things that helped me to understand myself and others. I had no idea the depth of our being as humans on this earth. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more.

We learned and practiced how to apply Esoteric Healing in the energy field. I was fascinated to learn the metaphysical meanings of an imbalance in the energy field as it related to a particular body organ or system. This imbalance sensed in the energy field may be expressed as physical pain, an emotion, or a limited mental belief system.

When I’m teaching Esoteric Healing classes, one of my favorite stories to share is about my dad after I completed my first class. He was limping because of a sore toe. He agreed that I could practice what I had learned in class on him. I began and finished in ten minutes. He got up from his chair and he was no longer limping; his toe felt better! It’s like Spirit was showing me, this is what I was meant to do.

What healing modalities do you focus on?

The energy healing modalities I use are Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and Fields of Consciousness. It is, however, Esoteric Healing that is my “go to” modality. With this modality I am able to bring in higher spiritual energy (the client’s soul) to help balance a client’s energy – not just into the physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies, but also into the personality energy body and the higher spiritual energy bodies. These higher spiritual bodies are the soul, spiritual triad, and the monad.

How does Esoteric Healing differ from other energy healing methods and what issues does this generally address?

There are several ways that Esoteric Healing differs from other energy healing modalities:

  1. Alignment and Attunement. Here the practitioner aligns themselves with their own soul energy and Source. Then the practitioner connects their soul to the client’s soul. This allows for the energy of Source and the client’s soul to guide the energy of the healing session. The practitioner is the facilitator of the energy from Source and the client’s soul.
  2. All healing is done according to the Will of the client’s soul. Esoteric Healing practitioners understand we must obtain not only a client’s permission to provide an Esoteric Healing session, but also permission from the client’s soul. It is the client’s soul that is the true healer of the form, not the practitioner.
  3. Next is the use of the Ajna in an Esoteric Healing session. The Ajna is the focalizer of Heart Center energy, Soul energy, and Source energy into a client’s energy field. The Ajna then is the motivator for change to balance energy. So, we use our Ajna to send higher spiritual energy into a client’s energy field as well as to perceive energy in a client’s energy field. We do not send energy through our hands. Our hands are used to only sense the energy we’re balancing.
  4. We create triangles in the energy field to facilitate a balance in the energy bodies. These are energetic triangles created within the energy bodies. Practitioners use their Ajna and both hands to hold the energy of these triangles to facilitate balance. Triangles work consciously and constructively with the power of thought; triangles direct thought. Energy follows thought.
  5. Esoteric Healing practitioners use Ray energy to assist in balancing a client’s energy. A Ray is a particular force and type of energy emanating from the one Life. Using this Ray energy adds potency to an Esoteric Healing session.
  6. We are trained to balance the energy of the body within the Crown Center. People may know this also as the thousand petalled lotus. The petals are an energetic representation of the multiple levels of consciousness that exist within the Crown Center. Within the Crown Center is a blueprint of the physical body.
  7. Because Esoteric Healing is a totally hands off the body energy healing modality, it is perfect for distance energy healing sessions – from anywhere in the world!

Here are a couple of links where you can watch short videos that give more information on how Esoteric Healing differs from other energy healing modalities: or

Practitioners of Esoteric Healing are able to address all kinds of issues. This is because they are using the alignment and attunement process and bringing in soul and Source energy to help direct the healing process. The practitioner helps to facilitate a balance and flow of the energy within their client’s energy field. The light and energy of a client’s Soul does the actual healing.

Being an Energy Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, are there any practices you use personally to maintain your self-care?

We are called energy healers, but it is not the healer actually healing the other person. The Esoteric Healer is facilitating a flow of energy within a client’s energy body. Yes, many times people feel better after an Esoteric Healing session, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally, and experience a deep sense of peace. But that is because the practitioner has helped to some extent re-establish the flow of energy within the client’s energy body.

For myself, I receive Esoteric Healing sessions on a monthly basis to help me stay balanced and continue to grow on my spiritual path. My daily practices include meditation and prayer, asking my angels for guidance and blessings, and being in gratitude for all the blessings that surrounds me. Also, multiple times a day I have an alignment practice that aligns my own heart and soul energy with Source energy. I love my monthly massages.

Lastly, any tips to share with our readers on finding balance and maintaining a positive energy?

It is important for your readers to be actively engaged in their own spiritual healing journey. Doing the best a person is able to do with nutrition, sleep, and exercise is helpful. But spiritually helpful is meditation, breathing, positive thoughts, and being kind to others. There are many ways a person is able to help themselves.

  • Do an alignment process every day to connect your heart and soul with source energy. This builds and strengthens the antahkarana (rainbow bridge) and helps us to open up to more soul light energy. To learn this Daily Spiritual Alignment process, watch this short video at
  • Breathing – there are many types of breathing exercises. I recommend to clients Squared Breathing or Hong Sau Breathing. These help to open and expand the energy of the chakras. As that energy flows, healing is able to begin.
  • Talk to your angels and request the most benevolent outcome! We all have angels around us just waiting for us to ask them for help.
  • Look up! When you look upwards with your eyes, you are allowing key points in your energy field to open up and allow your spiritual guidance to flow in. Looking down shuts you off to spiritual guidance.
  • Say prayers for others and yourself.
  • Start a gratitude jar. Write somethings on a small note paper that you are grateful for. You don’t have to think of something new each day; it’s ok if you repeat a gratitude. With practice, you begin to recognize more things in your life you are grateful for.
  • Start a meditation practice. Even if you can only begin with 2 or 3 minutes each day. It is better to do a short meditation everyday than to do a longer one once a week to make up for time. Daily is showing commitment to connect with your soul and spiritual growth. There are a lot of free guided meditations on YouTube and free meditation apps.
  • Begin to have Esoteric Healing sessions.

If you want to change your life, seek out Esoteric Healing sessions or take Esoteric Healing classes. In a class you will learn how to balance yourself and begin to understand yourself and others at a deeper level. Your life Will change!

For more information about receiving an Esoteric Healing session, visit Bonnie’s website at Or visit the National Association for Esoteric Healing website at and visit the Find A Practitioner tab to search for other Esoteric Healing practitioners.

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