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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

The Universe is a Friend of Mine! - Brett Bevell

The Universe is a Friend of Mine! - Brett Bevell

Brett Bevell, author of Psychic Reiki: Divine Life-Force Energy Healing reveals to MysticMag his beliefs and passion for Reiki, the Magical Awakening Energy Healing System and other energy healing modalities.

Brett, what is Reiki for you personally, how were you first initiated and how did it change the course of your life?

Reiki is usually translated as Universal Life Force Energy or as Divine Life Force Energy. I have more of a particular way of looking at it – I call it the Divine Rainbow. What I mean by this is there are different bands of light coming from the Divine or Higher Source, but the light that creates a rainbow all comes from the sun yet the colors are all different.
I view Energy healing in the same way. There are all these different bands of Divine Light and Reiki is one specific band of Divine light. However, there are other healing modalities that are just as beautiful such as Vortex Healing and the Magical Awakening Energy Healing System etc…
Reiki came to me in the early 1990s when I had little money and was in lots of pain ;). My wisdom tooth was giving me problems and I needed it to be removed. Having little money, I ended up getting this done by a dental student at the Dental Center. Needless to say, I was in agony afterwards. Fortunately, my roommate happened to be a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, something which he kept pretty quiet. He offered to do a Reiki treatment on me and as he touched my face, I felt a connection to something that felt bigger than him, bigger than me and more importantly, bigger than the pain that I was experiencing. It allowed me to fall into this space of deep surrender and grace and this sense of knowing that I was going to be ok. This intrigued me and a few weeks later I started my first Reiki degree. Ever since then, Reiki has been a huge personal healing journey.
I come from a very traumatic past and I probably should have ended up a drug addict, dead or in jail. I was going through therapy and other such things which did help a little but Reiki and Energy healing radically changed the trajectory of my healing path. I now have a beautiful life, have a wonderful family and love my work. I owe all of this to Reiki.

What are the origins and benefits of the Magical Awakening Energy Healing System?

It came to me in 2007 when I was in a 12-day training in another energy healing modality – Vortex Healing, on the island of Mallorca. At the end of this training I had a very powerful mystical experience while I was in the pool with my girlfriend (future wife). There was a trickling bright white light in the background of everything I looked at. I had the sense that this white light was conscious and aware and I started to communicate with it. I had the feeling that this light was benevolent and that I could use it to empower others.
The more I looked into it and, having sought an outside opinion, I realized that this light was not Vortex energy but a more feminine, playful energy that I needed to develop. For the next few years it began to show itself to me in the form of images that relate to Arthurian legend, and I began to see it as a grail in the area of my heart center. It developed from here and is now a nine level system (of which the first three I discuss in my book), and is a powerful and magical form of healing.
This form of healing is not yet very well known but I do have a number of clients in Hollywood one of whom had been through many years of therapy. After three sessions with me and the Magical Awakening System, she felt that she no longer needed to pursue therapy.
I believe that people are able to work through their issues much faster with this healing modality but in a playful and jovial manner. Of all the modalities I work with, this is undoubtedly the one I love the most.

What approach do you take when working with your clients?

My healings tend to be very intuitive, and most are done remotely. Usually my clients find me through my website, or by word of mouth. The client will let me know what they want to work on or set their intention and I will send the client my healing late at night for them to listen to just before bedtime. The healing usually takes a person into a sleep space anyway. The next morning the client will find an email from me in their inbox describing anything that I sensed during the session, or any relevant information that may have come up. This is how most clients prefer to work, as opposed to one-on-one.

In your experience, does a regular practice of Reiki or any given energy healing modality alter one’s psyche and impact directly on one’s spirituality and peace of mind?

Definitely. Reiki was a system of enlightenment at its origins. The energy healing was more of a side product. It was designed to show people how to be at one with the origin of all consciousness and how to live in alignment with that energy. It is very deeply connected to a path of spiritual awakening if people are prepared to take a deeper look.
Other healing modalities can also alter the psyche, and in fact when I reached my third level of Reiki I really started to believe in the saying ‘Great Being of the Universe, Shine on me and be my Friend’. I started to feel and sense that the Universe is a friend of mine, that there is a sense of benevolence in the Universe and that there is an intelligence behind all things. This is inherent in Reiki, and I also find it to be true in the Magical Awakening and Vortex healing systems.

How did you find inspiration for your books and which would you recommend as a first read?

The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement is my first book. It came about because I was learning different Hawaian Shamanic techniques at one stage and wondered what would happen if I fused some of these techniques with Reiki, and if I were to do that would it expand the possibility of what one could do with Reiki. The answer was an overwhelming YES. This first book was about getting this information out there.
My next books were more about putting information out there and empowering people. Each of the books that I have on energy healing is empowering to the reader. By putting the information into the book and for people to actually use what they are taught in the book as opposed to having to come to see me in a live workshop for example – not that I have anything against this – this for me is empowering. This way, I can reach more people and bring more light into the world.

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