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A Spiritual Odyssey: Brian Longhurst's Journey to Inner Peace

A Spiritual Odyssey: Brian Longhurst's Journey to Inner Peace

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with Brian Longhurst. From a young age, he felt the pull of the Realms of Light, leading to establishing profound relationships with the living Jesus and the Creator Spirit. Join us as we explore the extraordinary path that has shaped Brian’s spiritual quest. MysticMag has the pleasure.

What was your professional journey like and what led you down this spiritual path in life?

My spiritual journey has always been entirely separate from what I did for a living. Since 1992 I worked from home until I retired in 2009, so my worldly circumstances worked alongside the progress of my spiritual journey, with no conflict.

Awareness of my connection to the Realms of Light, of Spiritual Reality, began when I was about 5 or 6 years old. This is described in chapter 1 of my first book, “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”: ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus:

…This sequence of repeated events, which came from somewhere very deep within me, was an upwelling soul-awareness of the great, cosmic, universal, creative, intelligent Force, or Being, communing with me. This was intangible, invisible, but built up palpably inside me repeatedly every few months – over a period of several years – until I felt It was silently calling me, filling my every sense to the point where all else was subordinated by it. The only way I could satisfyingly respond to this calling was to go up into the woods on the farm on which I lived from age five to twelve, away from all other human contact, and reach upwards to Heaven, not just physically with my arms but with my heart and soul, crying out to It to bring understanding of what this was all about, seeking to enter into a state of never-ending union with It.

All things that were of the ‘Earth mind consciousness of humanity’ were impediments, somehow getting in the way of this communion, and I had to separate myself from them, including the very clothes on my body. I would stand there, ‘alone’, naked, reaching out in body and soul, heart bursting for oneness; tears of wonderment, joy, love, and longing pouring down my cheeks, calling out to this Universal Life Force that was invisibly, lovingly embracing me, drawing me upwards into Itself, overwhelming me with Its Love that was far, far beyond the understanding of this pre-pubescent boy. Eventually – after perhaps half an hour, maybe more – the great, insatiable yearning inside me would slowly subside, if never fully, at least to a level where I could ‘rejoin the world’ of what I now realise is illusory, consensus reality until the whole process started and built up to a crescendo once more. I have no recollection of just how many times this took place, but it was numerous. It was only in later years, after I began to understand more about the eternal nature of the human spirit and its relationship with the Creator Spirit that I have gradually come to know more of what this was all about. No doubt there is still much more awareness to come as my understanding of eternity continues to grow toward the fullness of spiritual awakening.

How can you help a person seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life?

In 1967 Jesus manifested to me in his celestial glory (as detailed in chapter 2 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”: ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus, and I have been in Loving connection to him – and others from the Realms of Light – ever since, and then from the early 1990s, with the Creator Spirit, Who invited me to address Him as ‘Papa’ in 1996. This has provided me with more than 5 decades of spiritual tutelage that I am inspired to share, as evinced by this loving admonition from Jesus in March 1968:

Do not go out looking for people to speak with and share your message, since you know not their hearts and minds. Rather, I will bring them to you. For I know the hearts and minds of all, and will bring only those who are ready to hear your speaking, and will inspire you and place in your mouth the words to speak to their hearts.

This can begin in one of several ways: Often by someone they know telling them about how they have been helped by contact with me. This can be by exchange of emails, or by them reading my books, and ultimately, serviceably, by dialoguing face-to-face on Skype, or WhatsApp – with anywhere in the world. This is usually one-on-one, but occasionally it can include an additional one or two others where appropriate and beneficial.

It is my joy and purpose in this life to share of this, the priceless Love and wisdom of Jesus and untold others in the Realms of Light functioning within Christ authority and empowerment. This has brought comfort and practical help for many experiencing anxiety, doubt, guilt, fear, and also answers to matters arising in their hearts and minds concerning spiritual/eternal reality; our true relationship with the Creator Spirit; who is the REAL Jesus and how he differs in a number of crucial ways from institutionalised Christianity and its false doctrines – such as on sacrifice, guilt, sin, retribution, ‘death’ (no such thing) and hell. For example, Church canon has congregants saying about Jesus en masse in their services ‘… he is coming again to judge the quick and the dead…’. In stark contrast, he is quoted in the scriptures revered by orthodox Christians as saying: “I have not come to judge the world, I have come to save the world.” (John 12:47).

We are eternal Beings of Love and Light, but widespread unbelief in this causes great fear of ‘death’. I am blessed to have been able to help untold numbers of souls to freedom from their fear and find inner peace and joy in acceptance of continuity beyond the laying aside of their temporal bodies. This includes helping souls, grieving at the passing of loved ones, to become aware of, and establish two-way contact with them. More important than that is helping departed souls lost in spiritual darkness to open to help from Jesus and others in the Realms of Light – always freely given simply in response to asking – and rise into the Light, while still able to communicate with those left behind, thereby bringing them peace, joy and hope. My books include numerous examples of this.

There have been hundreds of comments from readers’ on this ‘Kingdom’ series of books, but this one has been echoed by many:

Brian has an extraordinary gift for explaining deeply esoteric truths in a way that renders them straightforward, easy to comprehend, and assimilate. An invisible bonus is that the reading lifts us up in a spiral of joy and delight. I totally and unequivocally recommend his seven-book Kingdom series.

John Barkovich, London, Canada

You mention 3 sections of the presentation of the Communion devotions ritual. Can you tell me a bit about each of them?

The first section is Introductory Comments, setting-out a broad description of the Communion Service procedure and its value and help to our inner peace and the spiritual illumination of our mind, connecting it with our heart – the seat of our eternal, divine soul. Here is what Jesus said to me about Communion in 1988: 

All that is sincere from the heart, which is the seat of Love, and which is a selfless act of giving, is acceptable. Communion is more than an act of devotion; it is an act of At-One-ment with the Love, perfection, and uplifting power of God, our Heavenly Father, so that you may both receive of its blessing and give out of that blessing and Light, focused and magnified in you, to all who desire and are in need of its blessedness.”

~ Jesus, January 24, 1988

The eternity that is Heaven is our true and only Home, in the endless joy, peace, Love, and bliss of holy (i.e., Whole, complete) communion with our Father Creator. Jesus of Nazareth was constantly in that state of awareness and communion during his earthly mission two millennia ago. Meanwhile, our experience of seeming separation from our Source in God, and the resultant pain, suffering, loneliness, conflict, sickness, and ‘death’ appears to veil, or block, our awareness of the Truth of our undivided, unified Being in Him. This Service of Mystical Communion with Christ is a devotional device for restoring us to remembrance, awareness, and experience of the eternal reality of our Oneness in God, by establishing mind-to-mind communication (or communion) with the living Jesus, who will gladly, gently, unthreateningly, lovingly, patiently, one step at a time, lead us back to God … if, when, we are willing to follow his leading.

I am blessed beyond measure to be able to bear personal testimony to the efficacy of this method for establishing an enduring, one-on-one contact with – connection to – the living Jesus, who said to me in 1968:

“I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.

The second section is extensive background information, commentary, and explanations of the Service objectives, for an in-depth grounding. It also speaks of the importance of establishing a home sanctuary for prayer, and in which to practise the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. This section can be helpful to any seeking a comprehensive understanding of heart-mind to Heart-Mind unity and relationship with Christ’s consciousness, as exemplified by Jesus.

The third section is the actual Service procedure itself, including the bodily actions, hymns, and prayers, leading the communicant one step at a time into a state of harmony and sense of awareness of/connectedness with the ineffable joy, Love, blessing, and guidance of Jesus and others in the Realms of Light who are, along with him, committed to the manifesting of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Can you share a memorable success story of a client of yours’ spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is a one-step-at-a-time progressive journey. I believe that many who have contacted me have been/are being helped on their journey by us connecting. One such person is Mark, with whom dialogue on Skype has been taking place regularly since 2022. Such connections usually establish a strong sense of Loving, mutually trusting, spiritual brotherhood (male and/or female).

Mark had been on a fairly recent (since the beginning of 2020) journey of Awakening, moved by a deep inner yearning. As he journeyed, Mark listened to a number of interviews with spiritually awakening people and studied the lessons of A Course in Miracles. Among the many books he read was Lychgate by Lord Hugh Dowding*. After a second reading, Mark had a profound sense of desire for spiritual fellowship with whoever could help him to establish awareness of Jesus (from which orthodox Christianity was falling far short). This desire was so strong that he fervently asked to be brought into contact with such a person. He later told me this was the most powerfully heart-centred prayer he had ever prayed.

When he finished his prayer he was prompted to watch the latest Batgap (Buddha at the gas pump) interview. There was a new search facility on the Batgap website in which one types a word, or words, and it finds all references to that, for ready access and viewing. Mark was inwardly prompted to type one word into the search engine – Dowding – and it instantly brought up that name, which in many thousands of hours of conversation, in hundreds of interviews, appeared only once. That once was in my Batgap interview.

Mark says that his connection with me has deeply assisted him on furthering his journey of Awakening. He is now able to experience, as a daily reality, the connection, peace, bliss, compassion, and Love enabled by living from the Heart, irrespective of what is occurring in the “outer” world.

* See chapters 3 and 6 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus for information on the synchronistic connection between Hugh Dowding and me.

As a successful author, what books have you written and why would you recommend them to our readers?

The books I have written are as delineated below. There are seven books in this progressive, sequential series, taking us on a seven-step journey-of-the-mind from the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23) to the summit of the Hill of the Lord (Psalm 24). The seven steps equate with the seven titles, which were given to me by the Holy Spirit, and are as follows:

“Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus (book 1 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_1_SYFK.htm

Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity (book 2 in the series) – https://honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_2_FKW.htm

Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality (book 3 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_3_EKW.htm

Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity (book 4 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_4_LFKW.htm

Sharing the Kingdom Within ~ Ascending the Hill of the Lord (book 5 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_5_SKW.htm

Extending the Kingdom Within ~ None Shall Be Excluded (book 6 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_6_XKW.htm

BEING the Kingdom Within ~ Journey’s End – And a New Beginning (book 7 in the series) – honest2goodness.org.uk/Book_7_BKW.htm

* All 7 books can also be found at sixdegreespublishing.com/brian_longhurst.html

The titles begin with Jesus’ injunction to Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus (book one). If we remain steadfast in our seeking – within – it is inevitable that we will arrive at the next step, namely, Finding the Kingdom Within (book two). Having found the Kingdom within, the subsequent step is Entering the Kingdom Within (book three). Upon entering, we commence Living FROM the Kingdom Within (book four).

As we gradually adjust to this spiritually-elevated state of heart-and-mind, functioning in complete unity and harmony, so, commensurately do we become cognisant, one step at a time, of an increasing level of inner discernment – rising effortlessly in conscious awareness above the battleground of Earth-mind perception and experience. With our greater positivity, inner peace, and happiness, others (those who are ready) begin to notice a difference of energy starting to emanate from us and will be inwardly prompted to enquire of us about this new, refined, uplifting energy. From this, we can spontaneously proceed with Sharing the Kingdom Within (book five).

The more we follow this counsel the more others will become drawn to enquire of us. Then, in due season, a tipping point arises in our spontaneous sharing, and it suddenly expands exponentially to the place of Extending the Kingdom Within (book six). The sudden expansion is effected by events beyond our personal control, and with no striving or effort on our part, all being implemented from the living Spirit within us, in response to our desire, willingness and unswerving commitment to being truly helpful and wholly harmless.

This opens the door for our Wholehearted joining in unity and holy relationship and purpose – in a wholehearted endeavour to exemplify the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth from our own within, where It already exists, intact, into the external world – with all who are brought to us for that joining. Only by joining, at the level of unified heart and mind (‘heart-mind’) can the gap of separation be closed and the healing – of pestilence and every form of ill (A Course in Miracles, T-28.III.4:3) that incubates and manifests from within that gap – of mind and body, occur. It is by the sharing and extending of joy, peace, and Love that – again, without any conscious effort of mind or body on our part – the emergence from our own, true, higher Self within the realisation of our BEING the Kingdom Within (book seven) arises.

In a ‘previous’ incarnation in the 1600s, as a farmer named Paul, an epiphany occurred in which it became clear to him that the church (protestant and Roman Catholic) was functioning on false tenets, contra to many Bible scriptures – Old and New Testament – including teachings of Jesus recorded therein. Paul began speaking out against these falsities, for which he had his tongue crushed with an animal castrator. No longer able to speak, he took to writing about his newly dawning understandings. He said to Jesus, “When I leave this world I would like to meet with you to see if there is any way I can help others to know who you really are, and what you really came to Earth to teach”.

Jesus confirmed to me that such a meeting had occurred and a plan agreed between us. Now embodied as Brian, the plan, the journey, proceeded, with many synchronicities, and in the 1990s the writing strategy that had been employed four centuries earlier continued. This ‘Kingdom’ series of 7 books is the culmination of that plan.

They can help people overcome fear of death; understanding and acceptance that there is no such thing as Divine punishment; that, just as Jesus told us 2 millennia ago, we are all the Light of the world; not to hide it but let it shine; that this is our true purpose for appearing in form and the only thing that will bring us true fulfilment and lasting happiness. They set out that in which Jesus has led me, and provide very practical help and guidance for any who feel inspired/have the desire to enter in and climb the inner stairway to the Upper Room of personal, one-on-one Communion with the living Jesus. Here is just one of the hundreds of reactions to reading these books:

A Spiritual Tour de Force

This book is a jaw-dropping account of Mr Longhurst’s relationship with Jesus, which in and of itself is remarkable. Several descriptions are given to how Jesus actually “shows up” and talks with him – these are wondrous to read. The generosity, humour, and sensitivity of Jesus is evident not only during these conversations but in other ways throughout.

The book goes in-depth to describe many mystical visions and experiences that go beyond “normal” human abilities, thus giving insight into the illusory nature of space and time. He encounters people in the ethereal realms – some who have been brought for help and others who have come to provide help.

Mr Longhurst is incredibly open about his own personal journey and describes his own emotional ups-and-downs so vividly, you feel like the author has given a lot of himself.

It is a spiritual tour de force. I called it a “spiritual work-out” to a friend because just by reading it you are expanding your consciousness. It is an uplifting book and chock-full of detail and mesmerizing stories. Mr Longhurst also does not mince words about his views about organised religion which have often twisted the teachings of Jesus.

One read-through does not do this book justice so I am planning to read it again soon.

– Susan Oliver
Is there anything else about your work that you’d like to share that we haven’t covered?

I seek no payment for time in written or video contacts. Jesus counsels, “Freely have you received freely give”. The Kingdom series of books are commercially available in print and e-book formats from Amazon and other retailers.

I have a YouTube channel with a number of videos, including Buddha at the gas pump. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ndphYy21BMKwZGe3ci3Ug


To find out more about Brian and his work, you can visit honest2goodness.org.uk

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