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Living it up with Brittany Lynn McCann

Living it up with Brittany Lynn McCann

Brittany McCann from Brittany Lynn Wellness is a ​​CNP EMP Somatic Release Coach. Once upon a time, she changed her relationship with food and herself and as a result, her life was completely transformed. She gives us some insights into the complex world of healthy eating and how she helps others achieve their goals and live a sustainable, healthy and happy life.

What does being ‘high on life’ symbolize for Brittany?

While being high on life is feeling the greatest you have ever felt in your body – finding hormonal balance and nourishing correctly – I believe the biggest contributing factor is feeling that you are in line with your purpose – finding your purpose, and waking up everyday feeling like you are in alignment with what you are supposed to be doing here. That is a life that is 100 % energized all the time.

Do you believe that food can rule our lives – for better or for worse?

100%! I think it has everything to do with the programming around food and what generation a person comes from. It depends on each individual’s food story – how food was talked about, and how it was used in the family – whether it was used as a reward system, for example. It is different for everybody.
If you are one of the many, who have fallen into the diet culture, food can simply rule your life every single minute of every single day. I try to help women liberate themselves from the shackles of dieting.

What role do hormones play in weight loss or gain, and is this forever shifting?

Hormones are everything – right down to cellular activity and how our cells use glucose. I am simplifying, but this is the principle of how we gain weight and how we use energy – AKA how we don’t gain weight. Hormones are 100% responsible for this.
This is constantly changing as we grow older, and due to environmental factors. Toxins in our environment are different and our stress threshold is different. Stress at the cellular level- any type of stress – is the root cause for imbalance resulting in weight gain.
Our intake of toxins and outside stressors are forever changing. We can see this in facts like the average age for symptoms of perimenopause menopause these days is late thirties early forties, and infertility is at an all-time high. This is again due to our lifestyle, stress and environment. We are so out of line with the overall system and therefore it is becoming harder and harder to find balance therein.

Hormones and emotions – key players in our relationship with food and self?

When we look at the human and approach something from a holistic lifestyle, I need to look at both the physical and emotional aspects. We are emotional beings, and nowadays we are able to measure emotions. We can measure heavy, dense emotions such as fear, guilt and shame and we can measure lighter emotions such as gratitude, joy and love and how it has a dramatic impact on the cellular activity in the body. Our emotions have an absolute direct relationship to our nervous systems which connects to our hormones which consequently affects how we feel.
If we have negative programming around food, or an emotional eating pattern (such as turning to food when feeling guilt) then there will absolutely be a connection. In the same way, if we have learned to use food as a numbing tool, because we have never been taught to properly feel and process emotions, there will be a connection. We have never been taught to deal with the low emotions the same way we deal with the high emotions and this concerns 99% of the population unfortunately.

How do you work with your clients and what results can they expect to walk away with?

I take a dual pathway approach. I first work with the physical and we will go over all the important aspects such as hormones, gut health and thyroid optimization…and then I take the emotional approach and I do what is known as somatic therapy. This helps people to learn to use and process their emotions. The person can acknowledge the emotion or trauma, and it can then be removed from the body so it not only takes away the internal stress but also changes their root behavior towards food which was a pattern up until the present.
Clients can expect the physical to come into balance which I would say is 50% of the equation, but they can also expect to manage emotion, release emotion and self-regulate, all of which we are lacking severely in this day and age.

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