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Evolutionary Astrology with Bryan Colter

Evolutionary Astrology with Bryan Colter

Bryan Colter is an inspiring evolutionary astrologer, encouraging people to live their greatest life through the language of astrology.  In this interview he shares insights to his approach and enlightening points in the connection of astrology and finding personal significance.

How did you first become interested in astrology?

I’ve always been interested in playing with different tools that helped me in the process of introspection.  My Mom has always been into numerology, so I was exposed to that symbol system since childhood.  Later in life, I was drawn to Myers Briggs personality tests to learn more about myself and what are some of my natural gifts and challenges.  This general interest eventually stumbled me into the science of Astrology, and once I found a particular style of astrology that lined up with my philosophies, I never looked back.

What makes evolutionary astrology different from the more traditional approaches?

For starters, what sets EA apart from other styles, is that we always honor the super power that is an individuals free will.  We emphasize core archetypes to be worked with in a given lifetime, and also recognize that there is an evolved way to work with those archetypes, and less evolved ways.  Therefor, everyone’s birth chart has more virtuous expressions, and darker ones, within this realm of duality.

The philosophy at the foundation of this approach is that we are all here, ultimately, to grow and evolve.  As someone works with the higher potentials of their core archetypes, they accelerate their growth rate in this lifetime.  Also, what sets EA apart is that we assume that we are all a lot older than our birth certificates suggest, and so we use the reincarnational model.  We read the karmic signature of charts as well.  This helps us to answer the question of:  Why do we even have the birth charts that we have in this life?  This gives us a sense of our ongoing lesson plan.

Do you think that over recent years people have become increasingly interested in self-understanding and finding greater purpose than in the past?  If so, why do you think that is?

Absolutely.  Interest in astrology, as well as many other similar symbol systems have increased by a large margin over the last couple decades.  In the 20th century, only about 25% of people believed in astrology.  This percentage has grown a lot as the biggest age demographic (millennials) have embraced astrology and 50% of them believe in it.

Neptune entered its own sign of Pisces in 2012, and since then, we’ve seen even more of an influx of interest.  With Neptune in Pisces until 2026, this trend will continue.  This is because Neptune in Pisces represents the evolutionary process of spiritual growth.  As more and more people continue to “wake up” from the intoxicating dream of this world, and get out of fear consciousness, they naturally become more interested in subjects like astrology and many others.  This is because through introspection, and an interest in bettering oneself, we are drawn to these practices that help us along in the process.

How does astrology help us find our personal significance?

In an understanding of your personal birth chart, you can begin to understand so much more about yourself.  It’s a system that can help put into words what it feels like to be you, and why you feel the way you do.  Your chart emphasizes your natural gifts and virtues, challenges, why you have them in this lifetime, and what you are meant to do with them.  In EA, we also focus on what are your core pathways of evolution.  Astrology reminds us what we’ve always known about ourselves but have had trouble bringing to conscious awareness.  It’s a big confirmation, and through that confirmation we become inspired, and that inspiration propels us towards our goals so that we may evolve faster and grow closer to the Divine.

What are some aspects that we can learn from our birth chart?

The entirety of your birth chart is important to understand because it represents the Great Work of this lifetime.  A good place to start though, is to study what’s called your Primal Triad, which is your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and house placements.  If you’re interested in learning astrology and about your chart, I offer readings and classes on my website bryancolter.com

How do you see the practice of astrology evolving in the modern world?

The evolution of astrology is slowly going farther away from more deterministic, fatalistic, descriptive and predictive styles, and more towards prescriptive styles that help people evolve because this is more in alignment with Truth instead of entertainment.

Lastly are there any significant upcoming astrological events that we should be aware of?

The aforementioned Neptune in Pisces is a big one.  To leverage the power of this event, it’s important to deepen your spiritual and meditative life, as opposed to darker Neptune energies of addiction and escapism.

Another headliner of 2021 and 2022 is the ongoing Uranus Saturn square.  Big subject, but it can be nicely distilled into one common theme:  Restriction vs Freedom.  We are seeing this globally of course.  On a more personal level, it represents the current Great Work of individuating, which means becoming a truer version of yourself.  It’s about becoming more in alignment with who you really are as a soul personality, and shedding some of those cultural and familial influences that has become your acquired personality.

This period of time is a major deconstructing of the old way of doing things, so that we may embrace the Aquarian age and evolve humanity to a whole new level.  This deterioration of the habits of the past will continue until 2024 when Pluto enters Aquarius.

There are always important astrological events happening.  If you’d like to tap into the current astrological weather, I invite you to join my on my YouTube channel because I post biweekly videos about what’s happening in the sky, how to work with the energy instead of against it, and I also provide guided meditations to deepen our relationship with the archetypes.

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