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Take the Path to a Better life with Carly Adele

Take the Path to a Better life with Carly Adele

Carly Adele from Carly Adele Wellness shares her passion for helping people transform their lives and live their best life possible by healing and letting go of any traumas and wounds that may be holding them back.

Can you describe your journey to becoming a Certified Health Coach?

My Journey to a Better Life – Absolutely! I am very passionate about helping people heal from the effects of being in abusive, toxic relationships because I healed myself and know firsthand that it’s possible to heal, move forward and live a life full of joy, bliss, and happiness.
I believe all trauma begins in childhood. In fact, the birthing process alone is a traumatic experience that rarely gets addressed. Feelings of abandonment occur as we are taken from our mother shortly after we enter this world. If there are any complications with the birth, there are sure to be trapped traumas or imbalances associated with that too.
As I entered my teenage years, I carried my childhood traumas with me, and, just like many, experienced more traumatic events. Some were natural occurrences of growing up while others were forced upon me by what seemed to be an ungrateful and cruel world. That might sound dramatic, but it’s true. LOL.
Add in things like overactive hormones, severe acne, allergies, low self-esteem, and a broken home environment and you get a depressed person who grows into a self-destructive adult who ends up spinning out of control. That was me, and it was ugly!
That state of being depleted me of energy and motivation. I was overwhelmed and nurtured unhealthy relationships because I didn’t feel worthy of having a normal, loving relationship. I ended up in a bad marriage with no clear direction on how to break free from the old limiting-belief patterns, the old ways of being, negative thought patterns, and trapped emotions that were keeping me from feeling true joy and happiness.
Even worse, I started to believe that this unhealthy version of myself was who I really was. That somehow, I was just cursed with this reality. Addictions developed as a way to cope. The only time I felt good was when I was consuming alcohol and drugs and was the life of the party. I was numb, but knew I deserved better. I was stuck and didn’t know how to move forward until……. I stumbled upon the Emotion Code healing modality.
Let me backup a little bit here. Before finding the Emotion Code, I tried so many conventional ways to heal my physical and emotional issues. I went to therapy, juiced fresh vegetables daily, read self-help books, journaled, ate “clean”, eliminated red meat from my diet, grew and juiced my own wheatgrass, took expensive vitamins and supplements, exercised like a maniac, meditated, and nothing worked.
So, I coped by doing things like overworking, over drinking, people-pleasing, putting my needs last, and always being busy. At my lowest point, I had no will to live.
I was ready to give in and accept my fate of “life is hard”, “these are the cards I was dealt”, “I give up!” Looking back, I now realize my body was talking to me through illnesses, skin disorders, and emotional/mental imbalances. It had always been talking to me. I just wasn’t listening.
In 2018, I had enough. This is when my healing journey began. My life-long passion for good health and nutrition naturally led me down the path to become a Certified Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Educating myself and others on the importance of being healthy in the four areas of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.) was changing people’s lives, but there was so much more to learn and discover.
As a Health Coach, one of the first things I discovered that really helped me was beginning the healing process with a physical, full body detox because our bodies absorb so many harmful toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens, and more) on a daily basis.
They do a ton of damage to our health and well-being which is why I made physically detoxing the foundation and the first step to getting your health and life back! After detoxing myself on a regular basis, I started feeling better. It gave me clarity and opened the doorway to bigger and better things – every step building more power to give me back control of my life. My skin started glowing, my eyes were brighter, and I had more energy. It was a great starting point, but something told me there was more to the healing journey than meets the eye. I had to dig deeper, and I did.
One night while lying in bed searching for things to watch on my computer, I came across an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson, Founder of The Emotion Code. His information gave me that “AH HA!” moment. The light bulb went off in my head. That’s when I began to explore the idea of detoxing not just the physical body but also the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects that often get neglected. Detoxing on all levels is the ultimate game changer!
The Emotion Code focuses on releasing trapped emotions from your body that cause things like pain and illness. I was intrigued by this new (yet ancient) method of healing and dedicated myself to detoxing my own emotional health. The more trapped emotions I released the more joy I experienced.
With each session, the dense negative energy was lifting. I was watching myself evolve and transform into a happy, healthy person. THAT inspired me to help others because every single person on this planet has the right to feel as much joy and happiness as I do too. We don’t have to suffer. We just need help getting there.
That is when I decided to become an Emotion Code Practitioner to help adults, children, families, and even animals! When I started, I practiced releasing trapped emotions from my cats. That was super interesting. I released trapped emotions of abandonment from the time they were taken from their mother. I was so happy to be able to help them in that way.
As if The Emotion Code wasn’t amazing enough, I then learned how to change negative limiting beliefs with the Theta Healing modality. My mind continues to be blown with each modality I’m introduced to. It just keeps getting better and better. With Theta Healing, I was able to change beliefs that were holding me back. Beliefs such as ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I don’t deserve to be in a good relationship’, ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘Money is the root of all evil’, etc.
There are many limiting programs built within us stemming back to childhood that no longer serve us and need to be changed. That’s what Theta Healing does. We find those limiting programs and beliefs and remove them. You’ll notice the changes when you start thinking and acting differently.
These tools are such great gifts to have and use. Each modality has its own area of focus to detox. They are all important because to be completely happy, healthy, and whole, you must address the traumas on all the levels: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Think about it like this. Imagine you go to the gym and work out every single day. You are the most physically fit person in the world; however, you go home and eat fast food and pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. You look great on the outside but on a ton of medications.
In this situation, your internal organs and systems will fail and create disease if you don’t address your diet. What is the purpose of looking good on the outside if you don’t truly take care of every aspect of your being? To be fully healed and healthy, it’s imperative to address all the different levels of trauma, programs, and imbalances on all levels.
Because I healed my traumas on ALL the different levels, today, I feel amazing, powerful, confident, and energetic. I am happy, healthy, feel a ton of joy, on zero medications, and 100% free of depression. I am no longer stuck! You know what? We all go through bad times, but you don’t have to stay there. It’s important to clear your body free on all levels so you can start feeling happiness and joy too. If you have never detoxed on all levels, do it! It’s amazing!

What exactly does a Health Coach provide their clients?

As a Certified Health Coach, I help individuals and families develop healthier lifestyles, and work with them to achieve their health and wellness goals by providing trusted, science-based information, positive encouragement, motivation, and support.

Through coaching, I create individualized solutions and programs that support genuine, lasting lifestyle changes. It’s more than just knowing the science behind nutrition and exercise, it’s understanding how to empower and motivate clients to make the right decisions for themselves, so they live happier, healthier lives.
The number 1 success factor for the clients is really how badly they want to do this for themselves and get results. If they are losing weight or eating better because their partner told them to do it, then they most likely won’t have long-term results. They have to be as passionate as I am to see themselves succeed.

What can you tell us about the symbiosis between Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.)?

These are the 4 pillars of health according to Dr. Sears of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Each one is important on its own. Lifestyle is how we live. Exercise is how we move. Attitude is how we think. Nutrition is how we eat. You can’t ignore one for the other.
In order for one’s body to truly be healthy and thriving, you must work on all 4 pillars at the same time. With that said, the L.E.A.N. acronym is missing a crucial pillar. That’s where the energy healing work comes in.
Health Coaches don’t do energy healing sessions or talk about releasing trapped energetic imbalances. Clearing my energetic emotional body and changing limiting beliefs was the game changer for me. That’s when I started healing, growing, and evolving. It saved my life. That’s why I’m both a Certified Health Coach and a Holistic Practitioner. I work on all the pillars of health for my clients plus do energy healing sessions, so they can heal on all levels of the body. Maybe I need to create my own acronym to include the spiritual and emotional bodies. I’m going to think about that! LOL

How prevalent is healing on the spiritual/energetic levels for the work that you perform?

Well, I don’t think it exists in the Health Coaching world. Health coaches will talk about mindset, which is important, but they aren’t doing energy healing sessions on their clients. That’s probably a little too woo-woo for that industry. LOL. I feel blessed to be educated on both fronts.

What is your preferred work method or is there no set of rules?

Well, every client is so unique and has individual needs. When we start a session, I ask their higher self or divine helpers which modality would be in their best and highest interest to use. I get my answers and we take it from there. If I find the client has a heart wall that needs to be removed, then our main modality becomes the Emotion Code for that session.
Most sessions are done remote either by phone or zoom; however, I do detox sessions and chakra balancing/sound healing sessions in person in Sedona, AZ.
You may be wondering what the heart wall is…During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can get really hurt or injured; this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes our body will form a wall of protection around the heart. This barrier is in the form of trapped emotions.
Heart Walls can keep you feeling sad, disconnected, frustrated, and could even cause heart problems down the road. The good news is that the heart-wall can be removed, one emotion at a time, freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance, find true love, and feel pure happiness. Now that’s what life is all about, right?!

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