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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Being a late bloomer in mediumship and "visits" with Carolan Carey

Being a late bloomer in mediumship and "visits" with Carolan Carey

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Carolan Carey, known as The Psychic Medium of Sarasota. Carolan presented her story, told us about her online presence and how she received visits from a few known names, including an ex-President of the United States. Check it out!

Please present yourself to our audience

My business name is “The Psychic Medium of Sarasota”. This name came from my international clients who refer to me as “that psychic from Sarasota”, not because I am the only psychic in Sarasota nor the best, but I will say I have the best ratings!

How did you discover your gift? How did that happen?

I am a late bloomer in this field. I had psychic experiences as a child like most of us do, but it wasn’t until I had studied Reiki for several years I became more and more aware of spirit presence during healings.

When I moved to Sarasota, Florida fifteen years ago, I had the opportunity to study mediumship which really thrilled me. I had been reading about mediums and the spirit world for years but to get the opportunity to study this work in depth really helped me find my soul purpose. I will always be grateful for that opportunity and I truly love what I do.

You created the possibility of Zoom, Chat and Facetime psychic readings. How does the dynamic change compared to an in person reading?

When I first began this work 15 years ago, I did not have many in person clients so I had people I knew in different states refer me to their friends and family across America. My work as a spirit medium via phone grew and I began reading for clients in Canada, Vietnam, The UK and Brazil. Doing readings via phone is my preference because I am not distracted by a person’s presence. I don’t have to “please” them. I can say directly the information I receive without worrying whether they are accepting or not.

With the challenges of the Covid virus I began doing Facetime, Zoom and Google meetings of groups instead of attending in person. The dynamic changes a bit but I found myself adapting quickly. Sometimes I don’t make eye contact with the client during the reading at all as I am watching Spirit as they appear to me. I have learned to tune out everything including the “sitter” as I communicate with departed loved ones. Now, it really makes no difference to me except I prefer to read while in my pajamas and no make up on.

However, I do make myself presentable for video chat! Spirit will make the connection whether it is via phone; email; youtube comments or Facetime.

You have an interesting multimedia presence, with radio interviews and a live broadcast. Do you connect with people that are skeptics or less intuitive and how do you deal with that?

Once in a while I will have a client who is joined by their reluctant spouse or family member . It usually doesn’t take very long into the reading for the reserved skeptic to begin asking questions. I allow time for discussion and try to explain the work as much as possible to them.

Although many people who reserve judgement may not be entirely convinced, they have no doubt I know things about their families that would be impossible for me to know. They may not be true believers – yet – but they are at least open to the possibility that a spirit world exists.

As far as flat out skeptics, they usually do not seek me out and I don’t spend time trying to convince anyone. I can only explain how I work and what spirit gives me. Their job as a “sitter” is to return validation that what I am saying is correct. That is the proof of spirit connection. I don’t try to convince people but if I feel I have expanded their horizons a bit, I feel I have done my job.

In your blog you mentioned a “visit” from President Eisenhower. Do you have those experiences frequently and what they bring to you?

Yes I often have unsolicited visits from historical figures and celebrities. This is thanks to my Doorkeeper; Walter who encourages my pursuit of historical research as well as a dear friend; Arlene, who passed away two years ago. Both Walter and Arlene introduce me to people they find interesting in the spirit world. A musician in spirit; Jeff Hanneman, guitarist of Slayer, was referred to me by my deceased ex-husband.

Another musician; Bryan Lee “Braille Blues Daddy” I met during a private reading with his family. The historical political individuals such as: John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Robert Kennedy were brought in as a group by Arleen. She enjoyed speaking with this group and thought I would find their personal perspectives on civil rights interesting.

I was also honored to speak to JFK Jr regarding his plane crash and the death of his family on board. President Eisenhower presented himself to me unexpectedly as well and when I called him General Eisenhower he gently corrected me by saying “Commander in Chief”! It has been an incredible experience speaking with such notable personalities.

Please share with us a special message in these challenging times

I found myself very discouraged by the destruction of our country and the vandalism of our war memorials and such. I think this may be why some historical individuals of the past have come through to me offering encouragement and to help bolster my faith in our great Nation.

I can only share my personal belief that it will take all of us to heal ourselves, our neighbors; our communities and our families from the ravages of Covid and from political strife. I think we all realize it will take all of our effort, faith and courage to do our part to maintain democracy and safety for all. Keep the faith and do the little things that make life more beautiful for each of us. Prayer works.

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