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Modern Day Medium - Casey Mackey

Modern Day Medium - Casey Mackey

Psychic Medium Casey Mackey, is the ultimate reference when it comes to the modern day medium. She shares some snippets of her journey and her views on contemporary mediumship.

What would you describe a ‘Modern Day Medium’ to be?

A modern day medium is someone who is aware of the current climate – the current spiritual climate. I think in today’s world with social media, one can find oneself in a bit of a rabbit hole where one can go into denial and ignore any pending issues. A modern day medium allows us to connect with people in a way that we couldn’t before, has come into spirituality at quite a young age and has grown up quite quickly in that spiritual awakening. 

It is being aware of your own energy and gift and trusting in it without over thinking or assuming that it is something else.

Did you find understanding and learning to live with your psychic abilities challenging and if so, how did you overcome this?

Yes. Being young and being around people in a pub for example was quite strenuous. I was picking up all kinds of energy which at the time was pretty impactful on my wellbeing. It was heightening my frequencies and I realized I had to implement some healthy spiritual boundaries in my life. 

I made sure that I took time to meditate, walk in the woods, and gave myself the time and space to get to know who I really was. Implementing healthy spiritual boundaries helped me to grow spiritually and become more confident in what I needed and what my gift needed to develop further.

How hard did you have to work at your natural gifts to become the Psychic Medium you are today?

I had to work pretty hard even though I had the gift as a young child. Going into development, learning and practicing, was another story however, especially from a confidence point of view. This is something I often see with my students too. 

Building confidence requires work. I had to practice a lot outside of my circle – on ‘fresh meat’ so to speak. I would do readings on anybody who was willing and this really allowed my confidence to grow. When I started readings, the recommendations just flowed in. My trajectory has always been totally organic but did require a lot of hard work.

Can you elaborate on the three essential principles of the psychic’s world: Energy, Intuition and Boundaries?

Whether a believer or not, we all have an instinct and intuition. We all have boundaries, no matter where they are. Sometimes they slide depending on who we are allowing in, but it is about reading those boundaries and those of others. This comes down to energy. 

We need to listen to our intuition and trust the energies that we pick up on. We deal with these elements day in and day out and being able to analyze and become aware of these in our everyday lives is of the essence, whether we believe in them or not.

Does Mediumship intrinsically involve communication with Spirit?

No it doesn’t. The core crux of it does, but mediumship also aligns with communicating with one’s soulful self – so it could be a higher self, a past life or a guide. It goes a lot beyond communicating with a grandmother that passed on. 

It can also be communicating with the person’s core energy. Perhaps the person in question is unable to listen to it because they are flooded with emotions but a medium will be able to intercept this. I always say to my students that we are the postman to the spiritual world.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching your skill to others?

Seeing students find their own closure and healing, and finding their own inner voice is the MOST rewarding aspect of my work. Watching a student go through that development process is amazing, albeit quite a responsibility, but seeing them have that lightbulb moment and realizing that all the messages and feelings that they are picking up on and have actually experienced their whole lives can now be trusted, listened to and carried out in a safe haven. 

They can find healing and closure for themselves, and then go on to work the same magic for others. In all my teaching experience, I have never known a student to not achieve this.

Spiritual development – a way of life?

I have always said to my students that once you start a spiritual awakening journey, it becomes a way of life. I have never met a person who has retracted from this. Our gift is both a blessing and a curse. A curse – because we are no longer able to run away and hide from our issues and forget about our problems until tomorrow… 

A spiritual lifestyle is very much taking on board what you say to others and actually acting on it and meditating – your spirit will ask you for this. Once you start opening up yourself, you see how much damage is being done and the problems simply can’t be ignored. 

Leading a spiritual life will change you and the things around you. Embrace it and don’t shut it away. One piece of advice – let it be organic. If you are unsure as to when to start your spiritual development journey, it will come to you when the time is right. The Universe will make sure of this!

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