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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Biological Decoding and Holistic Health Coach - Cathrine Silver

Biological Decoding and Holistic Health Coach - Cathrine Silver

We have the pleasure of chatting with Cathrine Silver, a Holistic Health Counselor who practices biological decoding and grief counseling to help her clients achieve their goals.

“Deep inside, you know what is best for you. All the answers are within us already. I help guide you to uncover those answers. In order to be well, we need to make informed choices for us, and to be authentic. It is about mind, body and spirit working together: decoding our emotions. We are not mechanical beings. The mystics and ancients knew this; I bring this to you. Ultimately, it is about balance in all we do.”

Who is Cathy Silver and how did her journey lead her to where she is today?

I wrote a book two years ago, Riding The Light Beam – How any woman can find the Hero Inside, which pretty much explains my life journey and answers this question completely. It all started when my now ex-husband filed for divorce, completely out of the blue. My life fell apart and I needed to find myself within. This is the first paragraph of my prologue:
“My name is Cathrine Silver and you have probably never heard of me. I am a woman just like many of you. My life is probably much like yours, the requisite share of ups and downs, gracefully and beautifully accented by pain and joy. This book started out as a series of blogs— the stories of life—my life, and then grew into the dream of inspiring others. Along the way I began to understand the deep need that women have for reassurance and the real reason for completing this task became self-evident: our modern society is in need of real heroes. But I came to discover that the real heroes in life do not exist outside of our own inner being, and that is something not many of us are taught…”
What is important to me is that things make sense. I like to simplify the complicated and make a difference in the world to all those that cross my path. I want to inspire and empower others to see their magnificence – and to find the hero inside.
My life experiences were a gradual process leading into what I do today. Each step led me closer to looking at unresolved emotions, conflicts and traumas as the basis for all disease and illness. I believe everything is a vibration and it is carried inside of us until something comes along and triggers it.
Starting out working for Pfizer in 1979, I believed I was going to make a difference. I soon realized that health and wellness stemmed from very different sources and so my career path started to take a very different direction. I believe that soon the world will come to realize that big pharma is perhaps designed to keep people sick, and they will soon look for other alternatives. My life journey has set me up for when this happens.

In your experience, how common is it to rely on someone else for one’s own happiness, joy and well-being, and why do you think this is so?

It is impossible to rely on someone else for your happiness. True happiness is something you discover inside yourself. My ex-husband, who I lived with for 31 years, is a prime example of this. He was very successful in the medical world and went from strength to strength and achievement to achievement. However, he was NEVER happy. He always accomplished each step that he wanted to take but still remained unhappy inside.
Many people persistently look for something external that will bring them happiness – the new fast car, clothes, shopping, the latest and greatest (whatever you think)…This usually provides about 10 minutes of satisfaction.
Joy and happiness are all about us and an indicator of how we feel fulfilled. This lies within our beingness and is directly related to self-worth, self-love and self-esteem. I also feel it is all about how we perceive life – whether we see the positive or negative in what we experience – glass half full, glass half empty…

What is biological decoding and is this something anyone can benefit from?

Biological Decoding looks at all unresolved emotions, conflicts and traumas as the trigger for all disease and illness or imbalance, not only from this lifetime but from past lives and potentially our lives as ancestors. If we die before the conflict is resolved, we come back to heal it. Disease and illness is a state of imbalance.
Biological Decoding helps the person see what is underneath the surface of their physical manifestation. I like to say, it is a message from us to us that says we have this unresolved issue. The good news is, if we created the issue, we can solve it and that’s an empowering place to be in. In the current medical model, the physician takes responsibility for your health. In this model, you take responsibility for your vitality, and well-being or illness.
We are self-generating, and everything we experience exists within us and there are different patterns that can evolve. Take diabetes for example – this is all about love (or lack of), hence the slang term for diabetes ‘give me some sugar’, meaning give me some love. Heart attacks are all about territory loss, and studies have even proved this.
Everything is an indication of something deeper. What is it in us that creates this experience? If the initial conflict has never been resolved on an emotional level, it keeps repeating itself, over and over again. When we are able to acknowledge, resolve and release this energy, it loses its power or hold as it is no longer ours. Once cleared, it is cleared forever, for ourselves, and for future generations.

As a Health Coach, how do you proceed with a client, generally speaking?

We start with a little paperwork, and I then listen to their story, their concerns and illness or imbalance. I take them through something called ‘Healing in the New Energy’. They must give pure intent and a verbal yes. It takes three things: work, self-worth and a vibrational shift. I am only the channel for this to take place, they have to heal themselves.
I take the biggest unresolved conflicts, emotions and traumas and we start with this. I listen to what they are telling me – I hear it in their voice and in their story – and we try to rewrite that story from a more empowering place. I work with both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Do you believe healthy nutrition to be the first and most important step for any kind of healing or well-being?

I have known people who are avid gym goers, green juice daily and take ultra-care of themselves, yet have died of cancer. In light of this, it would appear that it is actually our feelings, emotions and attitudes which seem to trump healthy nutrition, surprisingly. Don’t misunderstand, how you eat, how much you eat and what you eat are all indicators—after all food = Love. (Our first experience after birth being held and nursed.)
So, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do we self-medicate with food? If we are stressed or there is some underlying issue present, most of us turn to food for comfort. Hence the term “comfort food.” So, do emotions control or trump healthy food choices? You decide. (How many people, when upset, reach for the ice cream or another glass of wine?) With that said, nutrition is a key element in building and maintaining good health. But so is exercise. Being outside in nature boosts our immune system and good water is critical.
Healthy relationships are important. And last and certainly not least – loving ourselves, which is probably the most important relationship in the world. Can we be our authentic self, and do we own our magnificence?

One last thing I would like to say to all your readers: I would invite you all to be open to these concepts because what we are doing now isn’t working. Einstein said after all, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.