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The Magic of Animal Communication - Cathy Malkin

The Magic of Animal Communication - Cathy Malkin

Cathy Malkin from Animal Muse chats to MysticMag about her amazing work with animals. She works mostly with dogs, cats and horses but she welcomes communication with all species. We find out more.

Why do you believe animals come into our lives and do you believe they choose us?

I believe animals come into our lives to help humans remember their spiritual nature of love and compassion and their interconnection with all living beings. I’ve communicated with 1000s of animals who share profound reasons as to why they are in their human’s life. I also believe animals choose us. My animal family chose me and I’ve witnessed my client’s animals who chose them.

How and when did you first start communicating with animals?

I’ve been communicating telepathically with animals all my life.

My first recollection of communicating with animals came at age 3, when my cat Jinx put her newborn kittens into my bed. I always shared a special connection with and understanding with animals in a way that I didn’t share with humans.

However, I didn’t realize what I was doing was called animal communication until I came across Penelope Smith’s book, Animals… Our Return to Wholeness in the early 90s. I knew as soon as I saw the book cover, that I wanted to become an Animal Communicator so I could help animals be heard and better understood.

I adopted my first dog as an adult at the same time as I stumbled on this book, and I went through an awakening that helped me realize how intuitive and telepathic I was. These synchronistic events changed my life. I completed a Masters degree and then went on to study and apprentice with Penelope Smith

For me, this work is all about connecting hearts. The animals put us back to our spiritual nature. I simply open the door and the animals do the rest. Animals are magical creatures who offer wisdom, love, light and awareness.

How much of communicating telepathically involves trusting in yourself and believing it is there?


How do you work with your clients, human and animal?

I work by phone, in-person and via video like Zoom.

Does teaching others to communicate with animals enrich and deepen your own understanding and intuition?

Absolutely. I am always learning from my students and from the animals’ response to them.

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