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How to connect and let things flow - Interview with Cherokee Billie

How to connect and let things flow - Interview with Cherokee Billie

This week MystigMag talked with Cherokee Billie, an animal communicator, Reiki animal healer and also spiritual advisor.  With almost four decades of experience, Billie presented her work to us, how she helps people to remove the blocks in their lives and also told us who is her spirit guide. Check out the interview below!

How did you discover that gift of talking with animals?

I always did, but I didn’t realize it was something unique and special. Then, as I developed myself spiritually and then started doing work as a psychic and a spiritual advisor, people started asking me about their pets and I started tuning in and getting answers.

I’ve learned and developed thanks to one of my cats. She taught me how to do energy healing work. I’m certified in it, but it was really my cat who was the teacher.

Does your work involve specific animals or is it for all of them?

All animals. I don’t see them in person, I do all my work remotely. I just did today. In fact, a lady has two kittens with two different problems, so I did both healing. The second cat’s very sick and she saw immediate change after the healing session. But again, I always attribute it to Archangel Raphael doing the work. I’m just the instrument.

Did any remarkably hard treatment or session stick in your mind?

Well, today’s session was quite complicated. Doing two cats, same family but separately. There are big health issues involved and they’re all challenging. When it comes to health, a lot of people contact me when their pets are dying. I do the energy work, which helps them to pass more peacefully. There are many stories.

Let’s talk about your work with humans. You mention in your website that people have blockages that don’t allow them to achieve a satisfied life. What do you believe are those blockages?

It’s just living. Life is very, very hard. You’ve got to admit it. Since this pandemic started, life’s gotten even harder for everyone. I feel people need to heal, but they’re actually getting worse. People are not connecting and not healing themselves. They didn’t take the time when they were locked down to do healing. Their fear was overriding what they could have done spiritually.

You don’t just tell people what they want to hear in your readings. Are they surprised with your straightforwardness?

Yes, but they’re not happy. I’ll give you an example of that. There was a man 12 years ago who came to me about a love reading and he was in love with a woman and I told him the relationship was not going to work and explained to him why.

He was blown away and not happy. So, I told him about the woman I saw coming into his life, described her down to every detail, physical and spiritual. And I didn’t hear from him again because I knew he was upset and I knew he had gotten engaged to that woman. I kind of followed him through social media.

Last year, after 12 years, he contacted me for a different reason. But, first off, he said it didn’t work out with the other woman and he found the woman I’d described. He married her this year and he’s very happy.

I could make a lot more money if I told people what they wanted to hear. But I figure: Hey, you want to hear the truth? Here it is. If you don’t, then call some psychic line, and they’ll tell you anything you want to hear.

You create content in a very active way, for example your post about Jim Morrison.

Yes, I was surprised that he is my spirit guide. He’s been with me now since 1984 as a guide, That’s really awesome. That’s a long time and I’ve gotten to know him.

He really is a fascinating man and what he wrote and spoke about so long ago has all come true. There’s an article of mine with quotations from Jim Morrison – “You Are Being Controlled!”. He said That over 50 years ago and they have come true! Whoever controls the media controls the mind.

You think about the internet, He didn’t know all these things were coming, but he was trying to tell people not to be controlled by what you see or hear – it is not the truth. The point is to go back inside for that truth.

He really had great, great insight. Besides his songs, I know a lot of his poetry. I’ve read all of his four books. For a man who lived only 27 years, he accomplished a lot.

Another spirit guide I have is Michael Jackson. I don’t write much, but I’ve been feeling lately like I want to write, but I just don’t know what. I keep getting a message that I want to say something, but I haven’t taken the time yet.

So, how do you keep your flow creating content? Many professionals start to create posts and stop it. How do you keep that flow?

I just know that, if I don’t write, I have nothing really to share with people. It’s good to be doing my work as a spiritual advisor, energy work with pets, but people need information and it’s always there. It may not always be on a topic people want, but I’m always trying to give material. I write, that’s all I can say. I’ve written 9 books.

How do you choose a subject for an article?

Well, the one I’m writing right now has to do with the person I’ve been working with, who has dementia. That’s how I’m getting the inspiration for that. A lot of my articles come from work that I do with people, the things that happen during our sessions.

Do you have any advice for our audience on how to achieve prosperity and success and eliminate the blockages that you mentioned earlier?

If you’re a spiritual person, it’s never easy. Prosperity and things come easier for people who are not spiritual. Like Jesus said, give away all that you have and follow me. That is not an easy road to take, believe me.

I don’t know what to tell people, except to follow your instincts, which are usually from the Divine. Trust them and try to follow them, and try not to listen too much to other people. Everybody’s going to have opinions and they will distract you from your personal truth, what is right for you. That’s the purpose of getting quiet.

With meditation, you don’t have to be quiet trying to hear, but you could be sitting outside, going for a walk in the park. Listening to music is a great way to get in touch spiritually. Just let things flow to where you start feeling a sense of connection, and then the answers should come.

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