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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Eliminating excuses and creating with clear intention with Cheryl Andrea

Eliminating excuses and creating with clear intention with Cheryl Andrea

Cheryl Andrea is a clairvoyant/medium and holistic practitioner/massage therapist and yoga instructor that refers herself as the Intuitive Nomad. Do you want to find out why? We talked about that in this special interview for MysticMag!

When did you notice that you had an intuitive side and could help people with it?

I knew very early in childhood but never considered it as a lifelong ‘career’. As a young adult, I realized I could serve humanity best by offering my intuitive services – as a clairvoyant and medium. This later morphed into “wild soul coaching”, which combines intuitive abilities with human coaching to help others align with their soul path AND awaken as a soul having a human experience.

This work is the greatest I’ve offered to date and the most fulfilling because it supports others in becoming self empowered, awakened and aligned with their life purpose! I will be adding End of Life Doula services this year to assist others and their loved ones face death and all the human aspects of the dying process. My intention is to take what I learn and offer it to those who wish to live NOW instead of when they are faced with possible death and only then choose to “live”.

You had a very big decision in the pandemic. Can you share it with us?

Yes! As soon as I recognized the underlying energetic patterns of COVID-19 and the impact on our daily living, I made a bold decision to save both my businesses (Dallas Psychic Fair and Cheryl Andrea Intuitive) by selling everything I owned and buying a TINY hard shelled Aliner pop up camper that I could tow with my current car and explore the United States.

I did this for several reasons; namely to financially restructure in the face of complete shut down for an unknown period of time. I also recognized that it was an opportunity for me to dive deep internally and discover and better align with my personal beliefs.

And finally, I also knew I was angry about external circumstances having such a HUGE impact on my life after striving for 25 years to be independent and autonomous so such outer forces wouldn’t impact me. That was a big part of my choice to remove myself and focus on personal development. So, I consolidated everything, packed a few necessities and took my two dogs, cat and parrot on the road full time!

We’ve had an AMAZING time and are still living ‘on the road’, although we visit Dallas monthly to produce Dallas Psychic Fair’s monthly event.

You have a focus worksheet for the phone session that is very interesting. In your experience, what topics are the answers for your first question (The topic most important to discuss during our session is)?

The most common questions from a client are:
1. What is my life purpose and how come I can’t seem to figure out how to live it?
2. When I can expect to find “the one” or “my soulmate”?

Since you started, more than 25 years, did you notice a shift in your clients, being in age, gender or concerns/issues?

Absolutely! I have found that our clientele used to be women ages 30-60 who held fears about various matters in their life and wanted predictive information to calm themselves. Over the past 15 years though, that demographic has shifted dramatically to now include men (approx 25% of my business) and a much younger group – as young as early teen age and all the way to the elderly (approx 75-85 yrs old)!

Additionally, I find a very large part of my clientele (75-80%) are self-aware and understand they are responsible for what the future will become because they understand the Law of Attraction governs us; meaning that which we give attention to, will be drawn to us. This allows us to work much more authentically and powerfully in the direction of soul alignment instead of erroneously believing life is happening “to me” and I’m a victim of the world around me! What a huge and profound shift in humanity’s self awareness.

In your website you mentioned about the different roles that you had in life and you see it as something positive. In your view, how can we serve those roles but not let them define you or limit you?

The best answer I could give is when one knows the difference between self-awareness of our highest self (soul) and the human illusion, we are able to recognize a role as a human function instead of “who we are” in the world. We are Souls having a human experience and when we interact with the world around us, we are viewed as a ‘mom’ or ‘wife’ or other named role because it helps one to understand expectations (our own and the other persons), thus we have a certain amount of order in our interactions.

If we identify as that role and forget the higher truth (that we are a soul having the experience) then we are able to navigate and play many roles that help us become more self aware WITHOUT losing that awareness.

When we forget this truth, we find ourselves jostled around and ping-ponging from experience to experience, reacting unconsciously to life instead of consciously choosing our response. And if we are reacting without conscious awareness, we will feel as if life is happening TO US instead of THROUGH US as a channel for the Divine! This means the difference between feeling a victim of circumstances and self empowered!

Do you have a special message for our audience in these challenging times?

The message I would love to leave our readers with is that YOU are a magnificent co-creator in a beautifully divine world. BE your greatest vision, here, NOW. Whatever excuses you are giving yourself, do the self awareness work around that to empower yourself. This will lighten you and your path in ways you cannot fathom from your current perspective.

Trust and Faith are imperative companions for the journey so be sure you grow those within you – do not seek those externally as they will not remain if they are not cultivated internally. And finally, with these new awareness and stronger faith and trust, you will discover you have always been exactly ‘where’ you were meant to be – you just didn’t know how to see and trust that until now! So much love for YOU and all you are in our world…many blessings to you!

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