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The meaning of life, purpose and mediumship with Chloe Miguel

The meaning of life, purpose and mediumship with Chloe Miguel

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Chloe Miguel, a psychic medium based in Alaska. Chloe shared with us her story, how she does her readings and also some really important messages that are worth reading (and absorbing).

When did you discover your gift? Do you believe every person is intuitive or is it something limited?

I have an identical twin sister and we both had experiences as children, as you read on my website. Those experiences were scary to me and dismissed by my parents.  For most of my life I really was not sure if there was any afterlife or spirit world or anything at all. I did not want to think about it because I was scared of it. So I pushed it away. So essentially I spent most of my life being scared of something I was not sure existed.

When I was in my early 40’s I was working as a massage therapist. I began to see small flashes of light when I was working on clients. I had been introduced to some new age concepts and so I thought they were spirit guides or angels. When I saw the flashes I would thank them for coming.  One day I was working on a regular client and I just knew her grandmother was there. Information started flowing. I was very comfortable with this client and knew she would be open to it.

The evidence her grandmother gave was correct and my client verified it all.  This experience did not feel scary at all to me.  It was fun and also funny and loving. Her grandmother made jokes and was a pleasure to visit with. She expressed parts of her personality that made my client recognize immediately that her grandmother was there.  I began to wonder if I was a medium.

Very shortly after that I had a new massage client in my office. She came into my massage room and began explaining her neck pain to me. As she was talking I saw one of the flashes of light right next to her. But this flash was larger and brighter than usual. Information came right away. I knew it was her mother. I did not know this client at all and I had the choice whether to take the risk and tell her there was a spirit person who wanted to talk with her.

It’s a risk because you don’t know where she is with her grieving or if the information is even correct. But this spirit connection was so strong I decided to go it. My client was overjoyed to hear from her mother and the information flowed. She confirmed everything I said and the reading gave her a great deal of closure. That was the first time I really knew I was a medium.

However, I am very skeptical and it took me years and many, many more readings and experiences to truly believe that these experiences are happening to me and that I am a medium.

I believe that we all have the ability to be intuitive or psychic. But being psychic and being a medium are two different things. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. And everyone can develop their psychic ability to some extent.

All of us will have experiences with intuition. We will have experiences where we know someone is going to call or we have a gut feeling we should do something, then we don’t do it and it turns out our gut was right. Then we feel like kicking ourselves. The more we use our intuition the stronger it becomes. Many of us choose to ignore it.

Many people will also have experiences with loved ones who have crossed over. Our loved ones on the other side frequently send signs like feathers or coins. They want to let us know they are ok. They will often send dreams to those who are grieving.

These dreams are real contacts.  But true mediums are born not made. So I usually compare mediumship to playing basketball. Everyone can shoot hoops but not everyone is going to play professional basketball. It’s the same for mediumship.

How does your reading work? Can you share with us a reading that sticks in your memory?

When I do a reading for someone I open up and tune into them. I address whatever their greatest need is first. The reading will then open and revolve around that with a bigger message. So when I open up if there are people there from the spirit world who want to connect I will go there first and make those evidential connections. If nobody steps forward then I move to the psychic and see what is going on with my client in their life. Usually an issue presents itself and we talk about that.

Sometimes a message from their spirit guides comes through first. Usually a reading will have some psychic and some mediumistic and more frequently, lately messages from guides. I trust that my guides and my clients’ guides will give me what my client needs. A reading isn’t always what my client thinks they want. But it is always what they need.

A reading that sticks in my memory…There have been so many beautiful, poignant, funny readings. I don’t even remember most of them. Once I was reading for a mother and daughter. The father/husband was in spirit. I kept getting a specific mix of breakfast cereal. I was seeing that he would mix two specific brands of cereal together. They denied it. I saw it pretty strongly. But I was fairly new at this so even though it felt right I thought maybe I was wrong.

After the reading the mother admitted to me that she had a new boyfriend and that was the exact cereal mix he ate. So the father/husband in spirit was acknowledging the new boyfriend and the mother/client didn’t want to admit it during the reading!

Here is another more recent one.  I had a spirit person come through but it felt like a spirit guide. I thought “That’s odd. She’s coming through like a spirit person but she feels like a spirit guide.”

When  I started giving the evidence to my client, she identified the spirit person almost right away as her high school guidance counselor whom she had been close to. She was the “spirit guidance counselor” coming through from the spirit world to still offer her guidance for my client. How loving is that?

Often the readings are very layered with many levels of meaning. I personally experienced this recently. I was on the phone with my cousin, who is a developing medium since it runs in our family. Suddenly our step-grandmother was there. I was able to feel her just like a regular spirit person because I didn’t know her at all. So I made the mediumship connection. Our step-grandmother was very unkind to our side of the family in life and was coming to ask my cousin for forgiveness. When my cousin forgave her she said “oh that makes my heart so happy like the bluebird of happiness”. My cousin said she had seen a bluebird the previous day and knew someone was there but she did not know who.

I thought that was such a specific reference there was something more than just the bluebird she had seen. The very next day I was scrolling Instagram and one of my friends posted a piece of artwork she made titled “Bluebird of Happiness” she had made for her mother who had passed. I knew right away this was what my step-grandmother was referring to and I needed to contact my friend.

My friend told me that the bluebird of happiness was something special between her and her mother. So I read for her right then and brought her mother through for the first time since she passed. It gave her the healing she needed. So my step grandmother, who was awful in life,  was facilitating healing for my friend and her mother from the other side.

What does your clients look for more: purpose, something to look after or connecting with a loved one that passed away?

When my clients come for a reading I ask them not to tell me anything so I don’t know what they’re coming for. I also ask them to come with an open heart and an open mind. I will explain to them how my readings work before the appointment. When you book with me you don’t get to choose if you want psychic or mediumship.

I’m sure people often want something specific. I give them time to ask questions and I will try to reach a specific person if they don’t step forward on their own. But that doesn’t always work. I can’t control the spirit world. I can control when they come but I can’t control who comes or what they say.

Can you please share a message with us in these challenging times?

Each one of us is here for a purpose. You may not know what your purpose is. But you are serving it. Often your purpose is just to be you. It is not always something big, it is often in the little things we do each day. But if you are still here you have a purpose. You are not here by accident.

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