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Where Angels Tread - Chrissie Astell

Where Angels Tread - Chrissie Astell

Chrissie Astell from AngelLight shares with us her wisdom, knowing and LOVE of Angels – A true Angel Teacher! She takes us on a journey into spiritual and divine energy – into Light and Love.

For the novice, what and who are Angels, when do they appear and in what manifestation?

The word Angel means ‘messenger’ – it is as simple as that. Angels are messengers from God, whatever God is. For me, God is the Universal intelligence behind creation. This is so vast however, – it is the spiritual essence of whatever we tap into when we are thinking. Within this extremely unimaginable and difficult concept to grasp, there are thoughts, dreams, and there are messengers, divine spiritual entities that can manifest in our lives. My job is to help people decipher and interpret what is ‘angelic’ and connect to that impulse.
I think it is part of this thought stream that reaches a higher level of spiritual or divine energy. This is light and love.
When your soul cries out because you are in dire distress, help comes. When your soul asks for something, you will receive on a spiritual level. You will receive a connection to the Divine – whatever that is.
How does this work? We put out requests, and we get answers. Sometimes we hear them and sometimes we don’t. Depending on our spiritual and personal development, we can see these messages clearly, or we can become more confused than ever before.

Do we all have our own guardian Angels and what role do they play (if any) during the dying process?

I was a hospice nurse for a certain time and more often than not, patients talk of a ‘presence’ during their last few days. I believe that when we pass, there is definitely an Angel that comes to help us pass over. I also believe that ancestors, guides and angels, are there to greet us on the other side. During the dying process, we become so close to the veil, we see who is there, Angels or other – perhaps it all comes down to perception?
I believe that the role of some Angels is to bring new souls into the world – so with every birth there is an Angel that shines over the newborn baby. And by the same token, other Angels are tasked with escorting the passing of those souls into the next realm. However, I also believe that Guardian Angels can be with you at any particular moment in your life – whether or not you believe the possibility is there.

What role have Angels played throughout history and in the different cultures and religions?

Angels appear throughout history (in any Scripture) and there is an Angelic force, or some kind of conduit, that brings messages from God or takes prayers to God. I have found this in every single cultural setting all over the world.

If you could recommend one of your five books, which would it be and why?

It would be my latest book, Seven Steps Into Angel Light. This book came after twenty years of working with people in retreat and workshop settings and facilitating spiritual growth. I believe there are definitely seven Archangels and I believe, that with their help, there is a pathway we can take to enlightenment.
This path is the seven steps: From our first interest or awakening, through healing, self healing, finding love, becoming more loving and transitioning to then being able to help and empower others. It is a journey of seven steps into the light, about getting in touch with the power within us, and how to be the best we can be; less judgemental, less frivolous and more loving.

What can you tell us about your own personal experience with Angels?

The most important and outstanding experience for me was when I had an angelic vision. After my divorce, I was a hospice nurse as I mentioned earlier. I was living alone in London, was running Angel workshops, and had completed numerous healing courses.
After a couple of years, I became a little frustrated as I felt I had dedicated my life to bringing people back in touch with their spiritual nature – talking about Angels everyday but NEVER being fortunate enough to witness any with my own eyes. I was desperate for a glimpse of something.
One day I was reading an Angel book on my sofa in my flat in London. I noticed this cloud that looked like an Angel and it was moving towards me at quite a pace. I was mesmerized. Suddenly it turned into the shape of an Angel with two pairs of wings (one pair folded behind the vision’s back and another pair that went straight up like brush strokes into the ether).
I then saw the fabric moving and two hands came out to me (palms upwards). I couldn’t see a face, just bright light. It was so real. I felt as if I jumped off my balcony, those hands would have caught me.
This apparition then became a streak of white light and simply drifted away. There in the sky where I had been staring was a perfect deep-cerise pink heart. I just wept – the love that I felt at that moment was so profound and unlike anything I had ever felt. The Angel had evidently left me his signature and the message was – ONLY LOVE MATTERS.
My teaching took a radical turn after this experience. It shifted from ‘what can you get out of life?’ to ‘what can you put into life?’.

How did your spirituality (or religion) develop over the years, and as a consequence of having your first visionary angelic experience?

I think I was born religious. My father was a mystic and my mother was also very spiritual. However, both of them went their own ways and were not around to bring me up. I was very religious as a little girl and even without the spiritual influence of my parents still grew up to be very much a believer and doing what I do today. I have always had a very strong belief that I had a life two thousand years ago with Jesus and I very much believe in past lives. I wouldn’t say I have a particularly overtly religious or spiritual lifestyle, I simply try to put what I have learnt into action.

What do you offer your clients in terms of healing?

First and foremost, self-discovery, and trying to understand why and where their turmoil came from. I am a spiritual facilitator, not a psychologist. I try to help people understand that they can do something about it. It’s not about finding someone or something to blame however, it’s about understanding pain and releasing it, with the help of God and the angelic realms.
I also work hands on, and I have my own card set. I start my sessions with the client picking an Angel card and we discuss what messages the Angels are bringing up for them. We use this as a stepping stone and then work out what magic can be worked in terms of healing and spiritual guidance.

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