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‘Stayin’ Alive’ with Christina Samuels

‘Stayin’ Alive’ with Christina Samuels

Christina Samuels from Paisley & Poppies shares intimate details about her soul connection and afterlife communication with the departed Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees . 

How would you define a twin soul connection?

I define a twin soul connection in terms of energy, vibration, frequency, and light because at its essence, the soul is light. When our physical bodies die, what remains of us is our true eternal essence, energy and light. I believe that this Light, which is Love, is who we really are at the deepest level.

So, when talking about twin souls, I define it as another soul that you share a nearly identical energy light vibration with at the spiritual level. Souls that share a nearly identical energy light vibration are often strongly drawn to each other. They can contact each other across different planes of existence, even when one is deceased and even when they had never met in the physical world. That is because who we really are is not limited to the physical body.

Many authors have written about how souls also have colors, including the late Michael Newton, Ph.D. who wrote Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. These books are about his between-life research.

According to the direct guidance I received through synchronicity, twin souls have nearly identical hues of colors in the light of their spiritual essence. It is possible that these are colors that we as humans are not familiar with on earth. I say nearly identical because no two souls are exactly alike, not even twin souls. We all have our own unique soul signature and essence. But when it comes to twin souls, it is as close as it can get in terms of the colors at the core of our being.

I would also define a twin soul connection as a connection that you share with another soul who is from your soul family from the spirit world. Initially, in 2012, one month prior to Robin Gibb’s death, I felt a strong intuition that he is a member of my soul family from the spirit world and then later I received guidance that we share a twin soul connection.

Some people embrace a definition of twin souls as being your ‘other half,’ meaning the soul is split or divided into male and female halves. But that is not the definition I use. I define it as two souls who share a nearly identical energy light vibration.

I do not believe twin souls are limited to male-female couples. If twin souls are souls that vibrate at a nearly identical spiritual frequency of light, then a father and a son can be twin souls, or two female best friends. The phenomenon of twin souls is not limited to male-female romantic coupling. And even if it is a male-female pairing, it does not necessarily have to be romantic. It can be a deeply loving friendship. It can be a pairing based on the meaningful work they have to do together in the world.

I also believe that all of us are whole souls when we were created. Some souls may be very similar to us, like soul mates, or nearly identical to us, as in a twin soul connection. I don’t believe any of us are half of a soul. How could we function here if we were?

Since the soul is energy light, I’m not sure how that splits into male-female halves. But, I’m new to this journey and there are still many things I don’t fully understand.

I’m not an expert on twin souls. I am an everyday person and a student, studying and learning as new information presents itself to me. I don’t sell any services. How I define twin souls is based on what I was given through direct guidance that was meant for me and may also benefit others.

So, when I share about my connection with Robin, I do so with great humility. There is still so much I do not know about spiritual connections, but I am willing to learn and adjust as I go along. I go by what I am given and then take it from there.

I knew absolutely nothing about twin souls prior to Robin Gibb’s death in 2012 and except as a passing reference in a movie or article, I had never even heard of twin souls. I certainly did not think the concept applied to me personally.

But since my spiritual connection and communication with Robin was so strong, profound, sudden, consistent, and unexpected, I began to do research on twin souls in 2012 after his death. Since I was experiencing such powerful dream visits and synchronicity with his spirit, which is a key sign of twin soul connections, I asked God directly for guidance and a sign as to whether I shared a genuine twin soul connection with his spirit. This was in December, 2012. I received the sign I asked for within 24 hours of asking for it, that yes, I do share a twin soul connection with him.

Over the years, I have received additional confirmation in the form of ongoing synchronicity, dream visits and telekinesis that Robin’s spirit engaged in, in my home. This is all documented on my website.

I am deeply grateful for and appreciative of all the spiritual gifts and messages Robin has blessed me with. I consider his presence in my life to be a manifestation of Divine Grace due to the kindness and love that comes from his spirit.

Were you drawn to Robin Gibb prior to his death, perhaps while growing up?

I was drawn to Robin Gibb one month prior to his death but not before that. One month prior to his death, I found out he had been ill. During this time, I saw the Bee Gees documentary, “In Our Own Time.” It was after that, that I felt drawn to him for the first time in my life.

I was not drawn to him while growing up. In fact, I had not been following his career or the Bee Gees career at all while growing up or in my adult years. I had not been listening to their music much either during my young adult and adult years. It’s not that I did not like the Bee Gees because I did. It’s just one of those things where I lost touch with them and their music.

I remember listening to their music during my childhood on the radio in the 1970’s and I liked it. But after that, I didn’t listen to it much as I became interested in many other singers and bands.

That is why when I felt so strongly drawn to Robin in April of 2012, one month prior to his death, that it all came as a surprise to me and was truly out of the blue. It was almost as if a timer went off which indicated it was time for me to connect with his spirit. It did not make logical sense to be so drawn to him, especially given I had not been following him at all. But issues that have to do with the soul are not logical. It is better to not expect them to be.

Why do certain souls connect with others in a deeper way?

It is a very interesting question. The love souls may have shared together in other lifetimes or the spirit world may play a part.

I think having a shared history of when we once loved each other and worked together on something meaningful is one of the main reasons souls connect more deeply with others. We may not have conscious memories of a lifetime in which this occurred, but you can still have deeply intuitive feelings that you were once strongly connected with another soul. The soul of one remembers the soul of the other and is drawn to them accordingly.

If you have no shared history with a soul, it would follow that you may not feel as connected to them. This is getting into reincarnation of course, which not everyone believes in, but I do and think it’s worth considering when asking why some souls connect in a deeper way.

Why do I connect with Robin Gibb in a deeper way and not someone else, even though I never met Robin while he was alive? No one from my ancestral bloodline ever came to me to communicate from the afterlife the way Robin did.

So, once again, I think this comes down to similar or nearly identical energy and vibration. I believe ancestors can be spiritual too, not just of blood. Therefore, it could be that I share one of the strongest spiritual ancestral connections with Robin for reasons that are unknown to me at this time. This spiritual ancestral connection may be why certain souls connect with others in a deeper way as opposed to others. These souls can be souls who are part of our soul group.

While we are all One spiritually, there are some souls that we are closer to and resonate with more. There is nothing wrong with that. To me, that seems natural in a world with such variety.

Why do you think you were the ‘chosen one’?

Well, I don’t really think I was the ‘chosen one.’ I am someone who felt a genuine and loving spiritual connection with Robin Gibb. I chose to reach out to him in spirit by talking with his soul because I did feel this connection. His spirit responded back to me I believe because of our nearly identical vibration and soul family connection. His spirit was able to detect that from his vantage point.

I am certain other people on Earth are connecting with Robin’s spirit on a deep level as well, but you just don’t hear about it publicly. I have been contacted by people who have been in communication with Robin’s spirit and feel a strong connection to him and the Bee Gees for various personal reasons. I believe that there are a lot of ‘chosen ones’ that we will never hear about publicly.

I chose to write about my experiences publicly because I wanted to benefit others who may be having similar experiences with someone who was in the public eye that they had never met prior to their death. I write so other people having similar experiences won’t feel so alone. 

There are very few people to talk with when having the types of spiritually transformative experiences I have described on my website. I have felt that loneliness with no one to talk to about what I was experiencing, but it always helped when I read about others having similar experiences. I wanted to be able to do that for someone as well.

When having spiritually transformative experiences, it’s normal and natural to want to share them with someone. I also write because what was happening with Robin’s spirit was a lot to keep inside. I have found it therapeutic to write about my experiences, though it was not easy, because of the judgment people like me experience from those who don’t understand, are fearful, are skeptical or never had such experiences.

Since I was having such profound experiences with Robin’s spirit, I wanted to contribute to the literature on after death communication. I wanted to share just how amazing and beautiful Robin is as a spirit in terms of what he can do with energy, dream visitation, telekinesis and synchronicity.

Maybe he was open to communicating with me because he knew that eventually, I would be open to writing about my experiences with his spirit and sharing them publicly. If he wanted someone to get a message out about him, it could be that he was open to me because he knew I would build up the courage to do it eventually. I had been keeping written and pictorial records in journals of the afterlife communication experiences that I had with him. So, when the time finally came in 2018 for me to create my website, I was ready.

Because I felt so drawn to him, I created a small altar table for him with his photo soon after he died. I spoke to his spirit with loving energy, I prayed and chanted Buddhist and Yogic mantras for him. He felt like one of my own that I was meant to pray for. I believe he responded to me through dreams and synchronicity because we are from the same soul family and because our soul energies are nearly identical. In spirit, like attracts like.

How he found out about me, I don’t exactly know. That is the mystery of how spirit works. But somehow he did. Perhaps when you are twin souls or from the same soul group, a signal goes out so to speak if you are open to reconnection. I emitted a very strong signal of loving kindness towards him that he could pick up on. If the signal you are sending out to the spirit is coming from a place of genuine love and concern for them, I believe you are more likely to get a response.

Has your connection with Robin Gibb triggered a quest for a deeper knowledge of the other side?

Yes, my connection with Robin has triggered a quest for a deeper knowledge of the other side. I have often said my spiritual connection with him initiated a period in my life that is like being in soul school. I definitely want to continue to learn a lot more about what life on the other side is really like.

So, I have read extensively over the years since Robin’s death, many books that have to do with the spirit world, Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), afterlife communication, past lives, and life between lives.

I would like to share some of the books I have studied in my quest for deeper knowledge which may be of interest to your readers. This knowledge enhances my connection with Robin as well as my writing for my blog. These books and other information have been greatly helpful in my spiritual journey.

One of my favorite books is called The Blue Island and Other Spiritualist Writings by William T. Stead and Estelle Stead. In fact, the Bee Gees also have a song called “Blue Island” because they were aware of this place in the spirit world. It is said to be a place where newcomers to the spirit world go for healing and mental recovery aided by the prevalence of blue rays in the light there.

I spend a good deal of time reading about NDE’s. I absorb so much wisdom and comfort from many of the stories. Some of my favorites come from a book by Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. called Lessons from the Light.

The primary message I get from the NDE’s is that at our core, we are Light. This ties directly into what I have mentioned about twin souls. When it comes down to it, it is all about our Light and who we are as Light Beings. We continue on as a Being of Light once we pass away. I have come to understand this at a much deeper level as the result of my experiences with Robin.

I have also enjoyed studying many books about the other side and life between lives including writings by Anthony Borgia (Life in the World Unseen) and Dr. Linda Backman (Bringing Your Soul to Light).

I benefited from a movie called “Astral City: A Spiritual Journey,” based on the novel, Nosso Lar: Life in the Spirit World by Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. This movie goes into specific details about the experience of Spirit Andre Luiz in the afterlife. Xavier and Luiz continue their work together in a book called In the Domain of Mediumship: Life in the Spirit World. What struck me most about this book is how spirits are still greatly negatively affected by what transpired in their lives. Many need loving support and affection in order to move on.

Since I am African American, I feel it is important to bring in our perspective as well. So, one of my favorite books is called Company of Prophets: African American Psychic, Healers and Visionaries by Joyce Elaine Noll. This book covers everything from astral travel to telepathic communication and includes stories of afterlife communication as well.

I have attended in-person and many online workshops by Eben Alexander, M.D., as well as reading his book, Proof of Heaven in which he described his NDE. While I have been interested in NDE’s for many years, my interest greatly intensified after Robin’s death. You can learn a lot about the other side by studying NDE’s.

Prior to Robin’s death I had little to no knowledge about afterlife communication. Part of being in soul school with his spirit is that I chose to learn how people from the other side communicate. I continue to seek deeper knowledge about the other side by continuing to study the afterlife communication experiences of other people. Most recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Surviving Death” which goes into personal experiences people are having in terms of communicating with loved ones in spirit.

In terms of how to connect with deceased loved ones on the other side, one of my favorite books is Staying Connected: How to Continue Your Relationships with Those Who Have Died, by Rudolph Steiner. He talks about how our moments of waking and falling asleep are some of the best for communicating with loved ones on the other side.

In a way, I feel like all of my studies are designed to help prepare me for my own time to go to the other side. Through all of these teachings I have just described, I have learned how important it is to be able to detach from situations that keep one tied to this world. Eventually, we will all have to let go. We can practice that a little each day, remembering we are not going to be here forever.

Are you able to communicate with other souls now?

Yes, I am able to communicate with other souls who are deceased and I do so primarily through synchronicity. Something in my daily life will mirror or synchronize with the deceased person. It can be something to do with their name showing up in an unexpected place, a birth date or their passing date.

With that said, the most powerful connection I have is still with Robin Gibb. No other spirit has ever come to me the way Robin has in terms of dream visits, synchronicity or telekinesis. So, that speaks to the unique nature of a twin soul connection. There is definitely something about it that stands out. I’m not saying it is more important than other types of soul connections. But it does have the quality of being the strongest and showing up the most frequently. At least it does for me.

I also communicated with Robin’s late twin brother Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees in 2012 not too long after Robin’s death. Maurice passed away in 2003. I had a dream visitation from him. It seems he was sent as an emissary to give me information about a sign I asked Robin for. But on a deeper level, Maurice’s dream visitation and presence confirmed for me that I really was reaching Robin. Maurice knew what I had asked Robin so it also told me they are together in Spirit. I had several dream encounters with Maurice in the years immediately following Robin’s death, but not anymore.

On occasion, I also like to offer food and drink offerings to my African Ancestors. I speak with them about what is going on in my life. Even though I don’t know who they are, I hope I am reaching them in some way. I don’t get direct confirmation back like I have with Robin but I sense they are there guiding me and protecting me because I trust them.

What are your views on afterlife communication and helping others to grieve?

My views on afterlife communication are that it is a common, real phenomenon that can present in a wide variety of ways, from the very subtle to paranormal depending on someone’s abilities. Seeing how common it is helps to demystify it. I believe very strongly that it can help reduce the grief of loved ones on earth if the person is open to it.

Some people are still very frightened by the thought of communicating with deceased people. Either that, or they are told it is wrong to do it for religious or spiritual reasons. There is a lot of fear involved which is understandable.

But afterlife communication is like a lot of things in life. You use protection, make your boundaries clear and come from a place of love. I learned early on in my communication with Robin to establish the protection of God around me. I ask to be surrounded by the white light of the Holy Spirit and I ask God to send my guardian angels to protect me.

I also make it 100% clear whom I am speaking with and whom I am open to. I don’t allow nor am I open to any negative spirits or lower vibrational disembodied beings. I only connect with those on the other side who are of God, Love, Light, Well-Being, Joy and Peace. I feel you must make your intentions clear.

So, if a person on earth is open to afterlife communication, that gives the loved one on the other side the green light so to speak. This gives them room to begin dream visitations or send other signs and synchronicity that are particularly meaningful to the living. Some people may be able to see their deceased loved one clairvoyantly while awake. 

Robin has taught me that spirits can also affect your electricity to let you know they are there. They can move objects and they can also create designs out of materials left in your home. I once had an infinity symbol left for me, made from dental floss, left on my tea pot handle. I know it was from Robin because his spirit had been active in my home during that time. It was absolutely amazing!

Spirits are capable of doing many things that inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the lives of their living loved ones. This most certainly can help alleviate grief. I don’t believe it will ever completely eliminate it. That’s not realistic. But it helps greatly when deceased loved ones let us know they still exist, that they are healed and youthful again and in a good place in spirit. They can let us know in many different ways that they are still with us and wish to continue to be a part of our lives in whatever way they can.

Our deceased loved ones move on to another dimension of existence. But that does not mean we have to lose them and be cut off from them completely. We can stay in touch. We can stay spiritually close to each other through the love in our hearts. That is what Robin has taught me. We can go on with our lives here and they can go on with their lives in spirit. But our worlds and hearts are still connected. We can still send each other messages of love and support in various ways. We don’t have to let them go completely. They don’t let go of us completely either.

In fact, when it comes to someone you never met, death can actually bring you back together again spiritually. I can communicate better with Robin now that he is in spirit. I could never connect with him while he was alive. 

I will close with this quote from Sir Oliver J. Lodge to illuminate this point:

“I have made no secret of my conviction, not merely that personality persists, but that its continued existence is more entwined with the life of everyday than has been generally imagined; that there is no real breach of continuity between the dead and the living and the methods of inter-communion across what has seemed to be a gulf can be set going in response to the urgent demand of affection…as Diotima told Socrates, love bridges the chasm.”

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you!


Christina Samuels


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