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Removing limitations and emotional baggage with Clairvoyant Jess

Removing limitations and emotional baggage with Clairvoyant Jess

Since she was a child, Jess King knew she was different. Today Jess is a clairvoyant medium, intuitive coach, and has a masters level in multiple modalities of energy healing. Check out our talk with her for MysticMag’s blog and know more about Jess’ story, who does the sessions work and how you can start to remove limitations and deal with emotional baggage.

When did you discover your gift?

I’ve known from an early age, probably 3 years old, that I saw things people didn’t. In the South, where I live, it wasn’t something accepted. It was against the status of the Bible Belt, so I was told I had an “overactive imagination”.

Then, I dealt with a lot of spirits and messages throughout the years that caused me to shutdown my gifts many times because it was rather alarming or disturbing. About 11 years ago, I chose to fully accept and embrace my gift and I’ve been doing it professionally for 5 years now.

When people reach you for help, what are their main alleged issues?

My frontrunner has always been wanting to connect with the departed. It is what started me on this journey. I do know that, when people lose someone, especially someone to whom they didn’t get to say goodbye or if there are unresolved issues on one side or the other, that’s something very important for them to have peace they can maybe not find in any other way.

I think as we’ve gone through the last few years, a lot of people have started having more time to focus on their own emotional baggage and have realized there’s a lot of unresolved trauma that they may have tried to kick under the rug for too long and don’t know how to face.

Even though they may do traditional therapy, they are struggling with finding what they need from it. With me, they don’t have to go through this, I can just tell them what is going on by reading their akashic records to help them out.

Did you notice a spike of interest in people reaching you during the pandemic?

My business has been growing pretty significantly over the last couple for years. I think it is partly because of the pandemic and also partly because I stopped treating it as a hobby. I had more than 20 years in corporate America and had gone back even after I started my business. But I was brought back to the present path again and I was told that this is clearly where I am meant to be.

How does your session work?

More than 95% of my sessions are similar to what I’ve put on my website. They are in the form of a video chat, just because it’s easier for me to reach people anywhere. I ask for a photo of the person with no previous details about the specific loved one to which they want to connect.

I work with psychometry, which means that I can hold or look at objects and get messages or information from them, so sending me a picture helps me to connect faster and make the most of the time.

Do people have something in their mind and want validation when they reach you or do they come completely open for new?

I’ve had both sides. I ask them to try to come with a blank canvas because the more they are open to how the messages are going to be delivered, the more powerful the session seems to become.

If they come in with a lot of preconceived notions or expectations, then it’s almost like forcing somebody at a party to talk about a topic they don’t want. I think that’s the best way to explain it.

You also mention in your website about removing limitations from people’s lives. Can you give us some tips on how to do that?

I think it’s the mind-set. Limitations are all right between our ears and it’s what we have as expectations for ourselves or others. If you think all you are going to have or accomplish is living day-to-day, then that’s exactly what you are going to do!

But if you actually stay open to how much can be done and how much you can be blessed through day-to-day love and know your own self-worth and what you desire, then it’s limitless.

I say that the biggest thing is you can’t only just speak it. You have to make the steps to get yourself in a direction and be aligned with your own energy to know that you are worth and what you desire.

Please share a special message with our audience.

Find your peace. No matter what it looks like and how you have to obtain it, find your peace because there are so many people right now struggling with letting go of things that are not meant to be held on to any longer. You are not meant to hold onto pain, trauma, things from the past that keep you trapped in a place you are not meant to be.

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