Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On November 29, 2022

Purpose, sensitivity and a new age with Corrine the Coach

Purpose, sensitivity and a new age with Corrine the Coach

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Corrine Alphenia, or Corrine the Coach. She explained to us her methods, how she helps people finding their purpose and what makes someone be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Check out our chat!

Please present yourself to our audience.

I am Corrine Alphenia, aka, Corrine the Coach! I offer spiritual guidance and coaching to people that feel lost and need direction to figure out where they are going in life. This might include personal goals, professional goals or getting more spiritually connected.

Although most of my work consists of guidance and coaching, I also do Tarot and Oracle card reading. I do energy clearings for spaces, either in offices or homes, when anybody feels their energy is bogged down in the space they’re in or when they move into a new space and do not want to have residual energy that was left by the previous occupant.

I am also an officiate, so I conduct weddings, and I’m working on running a women’s retreat in the coming future. Once we are able to get together, I want to be able to have women come together for either a long weekend or a week and feed them good, cleansing and healing vegan food, offering the work of massage therapists,  energy work, such as Reiki, group meditation  and a healing environment for women to participate in.


Please share some of your experience helping people discover their purpose.

When I was trying to find a direction and recognize what my passion was, I needed help from someone to point me the right direction. So, that’s what I like to offer to other people. If they are feeling at the point they can’t see through how to get to their next stage, that’s where I come in, helping them to make a plan and get there.

Firstly, we focus on self-love and self-confidence exercises. Once we are in a space of truly loving ourselves completely, we can let go of everything else, which frees us to start finding our passions and moving in a direction true to ourselves.


Do clients look out for more professional or personal help?

Definitely, more personal help. Sometimes professional help can link into that, but personal life is where I connect more with people: feeling stuck, unmotivated, lost, overwhelmed. I help people break up life’s events in tiny chunks and work on them to get the client through those stages, so everything does not feel so overpowering for them.


What is Sensory Processing Sensitivity?

The everyday term is HSP – Highly Sensitive Person. It’s a sensory trait featured in 20% of the population. Dr. Elaine Aron pioneered the research into the HSP trait. We are more heightened to what is going on in our environment. Personally, I have a strong noise sensitivity: bumping noises, banging and others make me jump, cause me to feel stressed and have anxiety.

Learning how to manage that in a very noisy world can be really hard. Other people with the trait are more sensitive to physical vibrations, or a heightened sense of touch, or sounds such as someone else crunching or smacking their lips while eating, not to mention it causes us to be more in tune with other’s emotions. We can pick up on the feelings of others to such an intense degree…it can present in a variety of sensitivities.

A lot of people don’t understand they have a heightened sensory experience in the world. Many HSPs go to doctors, therapists and psychiatrists and can get misdiagnosed. Make no mistake: if you are having mental health challenges, go to see a doctor. But often people with the trait are misdiagnosed with something else. The trait developed throughout human evolution and people with it have to learn how to manage that and learn that it is also a gift. If I didn’t have this heightened awareness, I wouldn’t be able to do the sort of work I do.


How to establish a relationship based on trust with your clients in times of online meetings?

For me, it’s about being as transparent as possible. I send an agreement form to everyone that outlines how I work, and I am very open with people if they have questions. It takes time, people don’t necessarily automatically trust someone. People want to feel heard to trust you, so I always want to give them a space to be listened to and then move forward and build the trust.


Would you like to share a special message to our readers in this difficult time?

We have entered a new age for Humanity. We were in the Piscean age and have now entered the Age of Aquarius, which brings a lot of change but also a lot of beauty. Last year was rough for everybody. We all went through it in our own ways.

Here we are today and we need to get into the Aquarian mentality, of collaboration, community, working smarter and not harder. Aquarian energy also favours technology, so we are going to see different sorts of things come into play in the next several years, that will be really fascinating advancements.

But we have to keep a balance, because if we get too far where we have technology doing everything for us and not using it as an appropriate tool, we are going to lose our humanity, including connection and collaboration.

So, my main message for everyone is: look for opportunities to connect and work with other people, be open to people you may usually refuse. As we connect more with each other, we’ll be able to build ourselves – whether businesses, purposes or our self-esteem – better as a collective group than as an individual. We are herd animals, made to connect with others, and it is exciting to see this energy coming throughout the whole planet right now.

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